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[Warning:: Violence, Profanity, and The End.]

Track Epilogue: Fiction Created By Me

"How do I begin this story at the end?
I guess we'll see on the other side my friend…
Is life the scripted plan written for every man
with no control of what the future holds?
'Cause I can't see the ending to my story
if I can't write each chapter of my life
Reality, fiction created by me
and I don't know if it is set in stone."
Better Luck Next Time - 'Chapters'

With a quick twist of my hand, I heard his grunt, feel it through my clawed hand that was now coated in thick cold blood. I sneered, pulling my hand out of the vampires chest, and grimaced as I wiped the blood on the curtain near me.

"Tell that to your master bastard," I spat staring at the hole where his heart should have been. Then to the floor where the blue organ lay. Stefan said they were blue because they didn't live once a vampire was turned, that all parts of the old human died and so did the heart.

"Maelee!" Speaking of Stefan...

He boomed into the room, like his voice did. Within seconds I was in his arms and being rocked back and forth. Kisses rained upon my face.

I smiled, finally kissing his lips and taking in his face. Sure I haven't seen him in three days because I was being held captive by yet another crazed vampire, but he still looked as handsome as ever. The scruff had always been the same since eight years ago on our wedding day. We kissed again, getting carried away as it grew deeper. I missed the contact from him for three days.

I smelled the twins before they got there.

"Mae!" They both called in unison. I groaned, pulling away from Stefan as little as I could. I thought they were going to hug me, but no, they had to hug my stomach.

"You didn't transform did you," William asked rubbing my engorged tummy. I rolled my eyes, "No, just my hands."

"They didn't feed you anything did they," Matthew asked feeling the other side of my stomach.

So yeah, I was pregnant.

And it wasn't until I got my first ultrasound that they started to care.

Because I was having twins.

Stefan growled, pushing their hands away to get on his knees and rub it instead. "Are you three alright?"

Another eye roll. "Did anyone notice the dead body with absento heart right behind us? Yeah I took care of it. I can still take care of it while in labor. Don't worry."

Stefan picked me up effortlessly, carrying me out of the hostage house and into the jeep just in the driveway. Before I even buckled my seat-belt he was already on the roll; "What were you thinking!? Just because you follow the bread trail doesn't mean you have to actually eat it Maelee!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"They led you on, and you knew it. You could have turned away and forgot about it easily, but you took it too far and got yourself caught. While holding children. You know if you change you might hurt them." I heard the twins sniggering in the back.

This isn't the first time. Only the fourth, since I have been pregnant for only about five months. And every time the twins insisted to go, to make sure 'their kind' was okay.

Being half wolf means I'm pregnant for less, and I'm to good for a hospital and their amazing medicine and doctors. I get Sabrina and Olivia to welcome my children to the world.

At the thought my stomach clenched, and I gritted my teeth. Stefan slammed on the breaks, in the middle of the highway. "Are you going into labor, did your water break?"

I glared at him. "Drive. Now. I'm hungry, mad starving crazy; hungry."

No sex. Something I have been living without for five months. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it, but I found eating and just kissing Stefan helps me get over it easily. Like now.

We were laying in bed, watching the tiny television on his dresser while I ate ice cream. Strawberry, yum. The bowl was sitting nicely on my new self implanted table made of two children. After every fourth bite, Stefan would kiss me, and I'd giggle because he'd lick all the ice cream off my lips. When things got heated we'd stop, I'd eat; rise and repeat.

Finally we got sleepy around eleven, ice cream eaten, and laid down with the lights out just talking. He held be from behind, his hands cupping and rubbing my stomach. His fingers would walk over the fabric of my shirt then dive under it to make me sigh in content.

Suddenly, a baby kicked.

It hurt like a son of a gun, but Stefan's breath hitched as he pressed both hands firmly on my tummy. It kicked again, twice as hard. I flinched, trying to smile for my husband.

Damn pain.

"Does it really hurt that much Maelee," he murmured kissing my neck.

Another contraction convulsed inside me. I gasped, trying to calm myself and relax.

"I gotta pee," I hissed, rolling closer to the side of the bed to waddle to the bathroom. Before I rose, Stefan grasped my arms and pushed me back into the bed, fear in his eyes.

"Mother!" He yelled, "Olivia!" I sighed, annoyed now.

"Stefan, just because I got to pee doesn't mean anything is wrong. Calm down. The babies are fine."

The two woman were in the room, alarmed and in their own pajamas.

Another contraction.

I clutched my nightdress, trying to even my breathing.

"Her water broke," he hissed.

Oh hell.

"Push damn it," Olivia was clutching my hand as hard as I was clutching hers. Stefan was wiping sweat off of my face, trying to pour water down my throat. I grunted at both of them, using muscles I didn't know I possessed to push the devils out.

We had been at it for three hours. I was tired, and the pain was almost enough to make me wish I was dead. Tears were constantly streaming down my cheeks, and there were times where I thought that I wasn't going to make it.

"Stefan," I panted, crying hard again, "It hurts. Make it stop. P-please!"

"Baby, breathe. It'll stop once they're out. So just push, push as hard as you can. I promise you."

So I did. Pressing my face into the pillow underneath me, I bit down on the fabric. Holding tighter than before on the hands that were in my own, I screamed and pushed the hardest I had yet. I held it till my muscles cramped and the pain increased, and even through that, until it felt like everything fell through. Two more pair of screams filled the room. I rose to my elbows.

Two tiny, bloody, naked babies were laying on the towel. Both with a full head of black hair. Eyes wide open and teary. "One right after the other," Sabrina panted, flopping into the chair behind her.

Stefan was cutting the oblical cords.

Olivia was wiping blood off one, Nathan the other.

I was trying to keep my eyes open.

Stefan picked me up long enough for the twins to quickly change the sheets.

I was placed in my previous spot, Stefan sliding beside me with an arm around me.

At that moment I knew that my babies would be placed in my arms. Just like the movies with the happy and sappy ending.

And it happened, one on each arm. Each in colored towels. One green and the other yellow. All tension left me in another sigh, as I looked droopy eyed at our children. Our creations.

"What are you going to name them Maelee," he murmured, playing with the nose of the green eyed baby in the yellow towel. It giggled and spit bubbles on his finger. He laughed, snuggling me closer. I looked to the baby with bright violet eyes. I smiled to myself. That's my girl. The green eyed boy's eyes quickly changed to a dark yellow as he bit on his father's finger.

"Ouch!" He pulled it away. A small drop of blood was evident.

I managed to use a finger and pull up the baby boy's lip. Four tiny canines were sharp and glittering in the light.

"Well it seems we have a handful," I whispered. It just giggled and dribbled a little more spit.

Stefan kissed the side of my temple, and then my lips briefly.

"Yeah. A little Damon and Samantha."

I smiled towards him, kissing him longer and more tenderly.

"A little Damon Nathan and Samantha Sabrina Mancini."

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