Hello everyone! It has been a LONG time. I haven't been to this story in YEARS. I haven't had much time to work on the sequel or even start the third book in the series. If everyone is determined for me to finish the second and third book PLESE let me know. I did come across something I was starting to work on while I also worked on the second book.

I started a website for Vivid Survival. It sounds silly but it was just something to do. I didn't realize I put that much effort into the website, and it looks sort of nice. SO I am going to leave the link and would love to hear input from all the Vivid Survival fans. Also if it is something you like, and you also have stories you would like for me to do something similar let me know, I don't mind doing something like this for others, and making Story covers as well.

On a last note:

When I came across the site, I realized I never picked out a picture of someone I could chose to be Stefan.

You would never believe what crossed my mind.

Kit. Harrington.

It totally blew my mind when I came across his picture on the internet just thirty minutes ago sifting through "black curly hair Italian". He is EXACTLY how I pictured Stefan when I was writing this story.

What's even more amazing? He is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones! (For those who didn't connect the dots just now.)

I am addicted to this show (sorry). I just finished Season 4, about to start Season 5.


I was told Jon Snow "dies" in Season 5, but the theory is he is a warg and will be alright; something about coming back as a wolf? But his direwolf is WHITE. He is from the house of WOLVES.


I will stop being crazy now. But let me know what you think! Thanks again for being great fans by reviewing, favoring, and following me and my stories. Your input motivates me.