AN: This is a bit of a preview of a short story I am trying to bang out.

Ashes fell from the sky, that night the angels died.

Charred remains of feathers, floated through the air.

The heavens were ablaze, as I watched my love die.

Forsaken for our love, shamed from our tender embrace.

Our parents could not bare to see us, they said they were ashamed.

I don't understand how love could cause so much hate.

That night they found us in our haven, I remember only the rain,

And the sound of his voice, as he cried out to me in pain.

I remember blood on pavement and the sound of broken bones.

Your cries will forever ring in my ears.

This pain I cannot extinguish.

I remember the rain, as if the heavens were crying for us.

I whispered that I loved you as they thrust a knife into my back.

Thirteen times they stabbed me before the cops showed up.

Thirteen times and still I held your body in my arms,

Willing the life back into you, as mine bled out.

They say its a miracle I survived that night.

A miracle.

As if I want to live without you.

No one understands.

They say it is better this way.

That I should move on.

They do not understand that I love you like a body needs to breathe.

Without you the air is stale and lifeless; colors are dull.

My world has turned grey without you here to brighten it.