Michael looked up from his book to see Gabriel staring intently at him, almost devouring him with his eyes. He couldn't be thinking of scrawny, girly Michael with his eyes, that intense, smoky gray, clouded over and his slight smirk making him look dangerously like a wolf, like a predator, come to eat him up.

He gave a light gasp and took an involuntary step backwards as Gabriel appeared before him suddenly, when a second previous, he had been safely across the room from him. His shoulders met the solid surface behind him and made him feel almost caged in by the wall at his back and the frightening vision in front of him.

Those stormy eyes locked with Michael's own green orbs and he found himself enthralled by the internal struggle reflected by those eyes. "Michael," Gabriel ground out in a deep, husky tone. The sound of that voice forming his name sent shivers down Michael's spine and desire to start coiling in the pit of his stomach.

"Y-yes, Gabriel?" He practically squeaked out his answer, something deep inside of him knowing what Gabriel wanted. He trembled as the heat from those eyes started a flame inside of him and his body began to show him how much it enjoyed having Gabriel's eyes on him.

Gabriel felt his erection become harder as Michael's sweet voice answered him. The boy's reaction to him did not escape his notice and it brought a feral grin to his face and doubled the hunger burning inside of him. He could already see the small, frail body and smooth, milky skin waiting for his pleasure under the boy's overlarge clothes.

He felt of satisfaction and possessiveness at having his clothes on Michael and though he couldn't see everything he wanted to, neither could anyone else. Though Gabriel was nearly a foot taller with broad shoulders and the lithe musculature of a runner, he couldn't imagine any other garments looking quite so appetizing upon that body he just wanted to have his way with for the rest of the night than his own.

Michael was finally able to tear his gaze away the larger man's compelling one, only to find his eyes drawn down his body to the prominent bulge in Gabriel's pants. What did he have in there? Surely that couldn't be all him. How would that fit? His mental fretting was cut off by a forceful set of lips across his own much more hesitant ones. His brain stopped functioning properly in exchange for savoring this wonderful, beautiful man kissing the daylights out of him.

When a tongue gently prodded at his lips, his eyes flew open and a small, still functioning part of his brain wondered at what part he had closed them. He quickly parted his lips to allow the domineering appendage entrance to his mouth. His eyes sought the comfort of Gabriel's and found the man already locked on his face, as if he couldn't get enough of him. While their tongues dueled inside Michael's mouth, Michael and Gabriel's eyes held a similar match. Though he knew he couldn't be the victor in this, Michael held out for as long as he could to show the other that he wasn't weak like some girl and that he wouldn't be treated like one.

Gabriel's eyes clouded over when Michael dropped his gaze and gave a low moan. This boy was a burden on his usually excellent self-control. His hands moved from a safe position on either side of the boy's face, trailing down his arms lined with goose bumps to his hips where he pulled Michael closer and adjusted their most private parts so they lined up. He was rewarded be another, louder moan that rose from the boy's throat only to be captured by Gabriel's mouth.

He broke contact with Michael's mouth to place a small kiss on the corner of his lips and kiss and nip his way down the boy's neck to the collar of his shirt which he pushed off his shoulder in order to have more contact with that soft, smooth skin. He growled into the flesh he was currently enjoying when he found the obstruction wouldn't move anymore so he could reach more of that delicious substance.

Michael's eyes opened of their own volition at the sound of his shirt ripping in half and the feel of the cool air on his heated, exposed chest. Well, technically it wasn't his shirt, he had borrowed it from Gabriel and he could do whatever he wanted with his clothing. His mind went back to its pleasured haze when large hands came to settle on his hips again and a strong thigh parted his legs and started rubbing itself on the part of him most desperate for the other's touch. He couldn't imagine anything feeling better at that moment than a release from the relentless ache in his groin.

His head fell back to rest on the wall behind him as the sensations started to overwhelm him. Gabriel had moved from his neck to his chest, licking and sucking until he reached his nipples, which were erect and straining. At the first touch of Gabriel's mouth on his highly sensitized chest, Michael let out a noise somewhere between a scream and a moan. He moved his hands into Gabriel's hair to find some sort of anchor in this constantly shifting world of sensation.

Gabriel brought up one of his hands to play with the sweet nipple not currently between his teeth, rolling it between his fingers. This caused a continuous string of noises to pour from the boy's lips, swollen from his rough kissing minutes before. The boy's back arched under his mouth as if to prevent a loss of contact with the moist heat covering him.

He pulled back to look at the pleasure drunk beauty before him. His head thrown back and eyes closed with his full lips parted, emitting small gasps. His body quivering at the aftershocks of Gabriel's onslaught coursing through his veins and the need still present and embodied in the hard, weeping length he sported beneath his borrowed pants. Gabriel licked his lips at the succulent sight of this body just waiting for his touch and his alone. He bent his head to resume his consumption of the mouth watering feast laid out before him for the taking.

Michael's eyes fluttered open as those dizzying sensations stopped and found the taller man looking at him like a starving man would his next meal. He kept his eyes half open, staring out from under his eyelashes, as the larger man used his very talented mouth to begin the trail from his nipples to his waistline. He couldn't help the little gasps and moans that escaped from his lips at the pressure of that mouth near his navel. He grasped the broad shoulders and leaned back into the wall, those were the only things keeping him on his feet in the midst of such ecstasy.

He looked down under his half closed eyelids to find that the snap of his pants had been undone and Gabriel was slowly working the pants down around his hips and legs. He blushed when he saw that his lover's eyes were concentrated on his pale, hairless legs. Any embarrassment or fear of rejection was dismissed when Gabriel's eyes glazed over, his mouth parted the slightest bit, and Michael heard his breath catch in his throat.

Michael had to have the prettiest legs that Gabriel had ever seen; longer and more elegant than many women's. Everything about Michael screamed girl to him, though he knew that the boy was indeed a boy and not a woman. Rather abruptly, he reached up and pulled down the other's last barrier from complete nudity, his boxers. There was the boy's cock and Gabriel relaxed as much as he could while having a raging erection in need of release.

He stood up before he could do something that Michael wasn't ready for, as Gabriel was now sure he was a virgin, uninitiated in homosexual intercourse. Grabbing Michael around his shoulders and the backs of his knees, Gabriel carried the slight boy to his bedroom down the hall. There he set him on the bed and straightened in order to remove his own offending garments.

Michael propped himself up on one elbow where he had dropped in an enormous four-poster monstrosity. He looked over toward some movement in time to catch Gabriel throwing his shirt to the corner of the room and his jaw dropped. There was a body anyone would die for and it was there to give him pleasure. Wow, who would have guessed that Gabriel was hiding that fantastic musculature under all those clothes he insisted on wearing. The room was a little on the dim side so he couldn't see the rest of Gabriel as his clothes were quickly discarded and he descended upon Michael.

The smaller boy quickly adjusted to the feeling of having another male on top of him and started responding to the kisses being placed on his lips. Suddenly he felt bereft as Gabriel climbed half off of him and opened a drawer in his nightstand, seeming to search for something. With a triumphant sound, he returned to his former position atop his small lover, placing most of his weight on his elbows instead of the boy. Michael took in the bottle that Gabriel was waving at him. "This is lubrication to help with the actual penetration so that you won't feel as much pain. I have to prepare you now, is that alright?" Michael swallowed hard at the mention of pain, but he didn't want to look like a wimp to Gabriel so he nodded his head.

Gabriel knew this had to hard for Michael to be bottom for his first time, especially being so slight, but he was determined to make it good for him. So he opened the small tube and squirted out some of the liquid onto his fingers. He reached down between his legs to the boy's puckered entrance, he slipped in one finger while keeping an eye on Michael's face. There was a slight grimace, but nothing that said he was hurting him too badly. Before he added the next finger, he grabbed a hold of the boy's still hard erection and began pumping him slowly and steadily. When he heard the boy's moans continue, he pushed in the second digit and slowly moved his fingers apart in a scissor motion to help Michael prepare for something larger.

When he heard his name slip from the boy's lips, Gabriel's control nearly snapped, but he held on by the thinnest of strings. He gently put the third and final finger in and moved them around hoping to find the boy's prostate and bring him the greatest of pleasures. "Gabriel" and frantic hands at his shoulders signaled that he had found the spot he was looking for. He continued to stretch Michael's anus while periodically hitting that spot that caused him to see stars.

Michael felt disappointed and a little bereft when Gabriel pulled his fingers from his ass and moved up his body to press their lips together. He froze when he felt something much larger than three fingers press against him, but at the command of, "Relax," from Gabriel and the drugging effect of his kisses he fell back into his previous stupor. When the cock breached Michael's entrance, he let out a low hiss and tears dotted the corners of his eyes. He remembered the earlier advice and loosened the muscles in his lower body, feeling some relief from the sting, and felt the hard length being pushed into him slowly, allowing him time to adjust before moving deeper.

This method helped to lessen the pain of the first time that something had been put up his ass. He was happy when finally the whole of his length was fully seated in his stretched channel. The sensation wasn't painful thanks to the ample time he had given to adapt, but it was uncomfortable and unsettling. He was sure it would get better or else why would men continue doing it voluntarily? So he pushed up his hips into the ones above him a little to show Gabriel that he was ready to move on and experience this for himself. The length within him slowly receded and was pushed back in without ever fully leaving his sheath. The friction felt surprisingly good and he urged Gabriel, "Faster, Gabriel." His lover complied and began to move quicker within him, thrusting harder and surer, striking his sweet spot head on more often than not. He called out the name of the one making him feel these incredible sensations over and over, but even to his own ears it was garbled and unintelligible. He was in a separate place where pleasure was the sustenance and Gabriel was feeding him well.

The sound of his name spilling from those beautiful, well kissed lips was enough to threaten all of Gabriel's self-control, coupled with the tight heat surrounding his cock. All he needed was one more thing to drive him completely out of his mind. Sudden constriction on his pulsating length caused Gabriel to pause mid-thrust and gasp out, "Michael." He looked down at the small boy's face to see a mischievous glint in his green, green eyes. He couldn't stay half in and half out of that hot cavity so he began thrusting only to come across the same problem.

The tightening this time caused his control to snap and he pushed frantically in and out of the small body beneath him. He moved until both of their bodies were glistening with sweat and their breathing came harshly. He felt a coil tightening in his lower abdomen and knew his climax was on its way and from the increasing incoherency of Michael's words, his was swiftly approaching also. He began thrusting with all of his might trying to reach that peak, but still wanting to savor this moment of insurmountable pleasure.

When the pleasure had built to an almost unbearable degree, it finally released itself on Michael's chest and Gabriel's stomach. Michael fell back and felt Gabriel release himself inside of him and his arms give out, becoming dead weight on his chest. Satisfied and tired, Michael pushed Gabriel off so he wasn't crushing him and curled into his side, preparing to sleep.

The deep breathing and rhythmic chest movements suggested that Gabriel had already passed on to his dreams and Michael was quick to follow suit. Dreaming of future possibilities and present potentials, they slept on not knowing what tomorrow would bring them.