Title: The Dare: Rewritten

Author: Kitty's Master

Rating: T (13+ unverified: Contains Contents not suitable for children)

Summary: I was dared to steal a pair of boxers from Evan Sanders. And I did. But I didn't expect to get caught and get turned into his personal slave.

Chapter last edited: 06/21/09

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Chapter 2
"This is just great," I grumbled, looking at the face in my nightmares. At least, now it will be in my nightmares. I forgot that he was even in my class; two of them, as a matter of fact. Evan Sanders was leaning – he does that a lot – against the wall next to the classroom door. He was looking around the classroom indifferently when I had stumbled in right as the bell rang.

"So," he smirked, arms crossed and a notebook in hand. "We meet again."

I couldn't help but snort at the stupid line he had just uttered. "Unfortunately." I said, giving him less than half a smile. I really wasn't happy at all.

You'd think my life can't get any worse but being me I know it will. That's how it's always been. When something good happens to me, fate says, "We have to make her life a living hell again. Get to work." And then all the drama starts and I lock myself up in the cave I call a room. I'm not a total hermit because my life sucks, I go out with friends and my brother. But I'd rather be in my room being…well, a hermit.

"—your name?" Evan finished talking.

He looked at me, expecting something but I didn't even hear what he said to me. "What?"

"What," he said slowly as if he were talking to a child, which in some cases I could be. "…is…your…name?"

I am truly an idiot. I know when people talk slow you're supposed to understand easier but to me – with my brain thinking left and right – all I hear are words that don't even mean anything. My brain thinks too much to comprehend slow talk; even something as small as what he said. Does that make any sense? Okay, so I heard name. Big deal. He obviously wants to know my name. At least I hope that's what he's asking. If not…Well I've made myself look like a big idiot before so what does it matter.

"Um…I'm not telling." I said, walking past him to my seat. Thank God I don't sit next to him.

I sat down and he followed me over to my seat. "You're not going to tell me?"

"I think that's what I just said," I responded, pulling out a notebook from my book bag. "Where is Mr. Perez?"

"We have a substitute today," he answered, pushing the boy out of the seat next to me so he could sit. "Why won't you tell me?"

I ignored him and started the warm-up on the board. He sat patiently, longer than I expected, as I wrote down the answers. I waited for him to give up and walk away but he continued to sit and watch me. "What do you want?" I finally asked, fed up.

"A name," he said, his eyes moving to the loud crowd on the other side of the room.

"You have one," I put my pen down and looked at him. "It's Evan Sanders. Don't forget it."

"I know my name," he sighed, looking as if he was really bored. "I want to know your name."

I tore the paper with my warm up out and stood, "Good luck finding out." I said and walked up to put in on Mr. Perez's desk.

As I turned around, the substitute walked in and rushed over to where I stood. It was a woman, barely looking twenty five. She looked like a mess; her blond hair was up in a messy bun, semi noticeable dark circles under her eyes. She had three bags with her, one she had dropped and spilled the contents everywhere. "Are you okay?" I asked.

She finally looked up, just staring until she realized I had just asked her a question. "Um, yeah, I'm just running a little late today."

"I can see that," I smiled, bending down to help her pick up her belongings. For some reason she reminded me of someone but I couldn't place my finger on whom. "Do you need help?"

We finished picking up her stuff off the floor and set it on the desk. "Actually," she said, pushing away the hair in her face. "That would be awesome. My first day on the job and everything is a disaster. Things like this always happen to me. Could you be my student assistant today?"

"Uh, sure," I agreed. That's fine with me. It gives me an excuse to ignore Evan – who has suddenly taken an interest in a nerd – and get my work done. "You really don't have to do anything. Usually Mr. Perez makes us read and work on a worksheet he hands out."

"Worksheets!" she yelled suddenly, scaring me and making me almost fall over. "I forgot to pick them up from the copy room."

"That's okay," I reassured her. "I'll go get them."

"Thank you so much," she said, she turned to the class. "Would anyone like to go with her?"

No one was listening to her. "It's okay. I'll –"

"I'll go with her." Evan spoke, bounding to the front of the classroom. "I don't mind."

"Good," the sub murmured, taking a pass from where it laid on a bunch of papers. "Here, there labeled 'Anatomy of the human body.'"

"Right," Evan smiled, pulling me towards the door. "We'll be right back."

Once out of the noisy classroom, he let go of my arm and walked beside me at a leisurely pace. He didn't look at me or say anything but he just kept walking, staring in front of him as if I wasn't even there. I couldn't help looking at him from the corner of my eye, examining him. He wore a loose dark green shirt – that matched his eyes – with 'Sublime' printed in black letters on the front. His jeans were dark blue and had on black Nike's. His black shaggy hair was somewhat covering his eyes but he would swat them out of the way occasionally.

I remember coming home one morning, after having spent the night at Lily's, and finding Evan, in the same green shirt, passed out on my couch with an empty beer bottle in his hand. He was snoring and muttering something in his sleep. And I, being the person I was – am, I picked up the house and locked myself in my room before he even woke up. I'd seen him at my house passed out a couple of times, not leaving until late afternoon. But he would never see me. Actually he did see me once. He looked right at me and then looked away as if I didn't even exist in the first place, a figment of his imagination.

I also know that he lives a few houses – mansions – down from Lily. I had seen him on the street driving to his house or away from it. I had seen him at Coconut Point A.K.A The Point, a few times before not really caring he was there but still acknowledging it. It seemed, now that I think about it, that everywhere I go Evan is usually there.

We were halfway to the office when he decided to pull me in another direction, leading away from the office. I protested but he didn't once look at me. He just stared dragging me towards the vending machine in the cafeteria.

"Is there a reason you had to bring me along on this little detour?" I asked, as he pushed a button.

"I was thirsty," he smirked, taking the bottle of Gatorade from the bottom. "I didn't want to go alone."

I wanted to scream and hit him but instead I turned away and started towards the office once again. "Stupid idiot." I muttered under my breath as he fell into step with me.

"So why won't you tell me your name?" he asked, taking a sip of the red liquid in the bottle afterwards.

"Why do you smell?" I asked, ignoring his question.

"Seriously," he said, looking at me sternly. I've come to notice that when Evan is feeling a curtain way even people who want nothing to do with him can feel it. He had very strong emotions. I could tell by not even looking at him that he was getting really annoyed. "Why won't you just tell me?"

"Because I don't feel like it," I said, also getting annoyed. What is so important about knowing my name anyways? "It really isn't any of your business who I am. Just leave me alone."

I heard him laugh loudly, a deep husky sound. Once he stopped, he looked at me and smiled, "You know," he started. "Because of that – what you just said – I'm not going to leave you alone, right?"

"I'm not sure you understand," I growled, walking faster. "When someone tells you to do something like leave them alone, you do it. You don't tell them you're going to keep talking them because you've made it your life goal to annoy them to death."

"That's why I can't leave you alone, no name." he said, another sip. "You're just so…weird."

"So because I'm weird," I drawled, a little confused. "You're going to keep bothering me?"

He stopped walking, a thoughtful look on his face. He continued walking out of nowhere, leaving me to catch up. "Yeah, that's about right."

"Oh, yay." I muttered, sulking in my patheticness. Doesn't that sound awesome? "I'm so happy."


I can't really explain why I'm actually happy that the talking back short pretty girl is in two of my classes. I hadn't even expected to see her for the rest of the day but then she suddenly shows up in my anatomy class and now in my AP Psychology class. I had yet to learn her name so I named her…well, talking back short pretty girl. I couldn't think of anything better to call her; unless I found out her name. But she refuses to tell me. Nah, no name sounds better and shorter.

I know her last name is Zimmerman, no relation to the popular senior, Zack Zimmerman. Besides, they look nothing alike. And I've seen them walking past each other in the hallway but they don't even look at one another. That obviously means that Zack Zimmerman has no clue she's alive. And if she was related to him then how come I never see her a parties? So, that about wraps it up. They don't have any relation other than having the same last name.

I sat quietly, thinking back to the conversation we had last block. I could turn around and say something to her but then the teacher would get pissed off. I could write her a note, which she might not even answer. But I like taking my chances.

How come I've never seen you in here before? I wrote down sloppily on a sheet of lined paper. I folded it and held it behind me when he teacher turned away from me. I felt the smooth surface slide from my fingers. That means she's curious; and I will probably an answer. Right?

I whipped my head around when something hit the back of my head. I looked down, on the floor sat the paper I had just given her. I reached down, picked it up, and shot her a glare. I watched as a smile spread over her lips and she mouthed, "Bad aim."

Turning back around, I opened the folded paper. Maybe you weren't looking.

So she had a sense of humor. Well, that was noticeable since the first time I noticed her this morning. I picked up my pen and wrote, Are you trying to be wise? Or do you just watch a lot of Jackie Chan movies?

I heard her snort softly a few seconds later. Then, this time, the paper landed right on my desk. I'm just wise. All knowing actually. I guess those Jackie Chan movies taught me something.

I tucked the note away as Mr. Sweats walked by. "Tomorrow I am going to pair you guys into a group of two. They will be your partner until the end of the semester. You…"

I took out the note again. I didn't learn anything. He isn't a very good teacher.

Hey, I read after she tossed it back, hitting my head again. Just because you aren't capable of learning, it doesn't mean you have to take it out on Jackie.

I couldn't help the laugh that escaped my lips but I quickly covered it up as coughing. I'm sorry, I wrote. Didn't mean to offend you or Jackie. I thought for a second and then added, Are you going to tell me your name yet?


That was the last thing she wrote back. I'd give her the note again but she would just toss it back, not even reading it. Was she mad or did she just not want to tell me her name? I turned a bit in my seat so it looked like I was following the teacher but through my peripheral I could see her looking out the window; a look of deep concentration on her face. What was she thinking about?

I heard her mumble, "Ice cream."

Did she read my mind? I looked at her fully but she didn't even acknowledge my presence. So she didn't read my mind but she did speak out like she was talking to someone.

"Mr. Sanders," Mr. Sweats said, stopping in front of my desk. "Is there a problem?"

Other than your ugly ass face in front of mine? "Not at all, sir." I said, waiting for him to move away from me. "I just thought I saw something."

"Right," he said, turning away from me. "When you all come into school tomorrow there with be a small piece of paper on your desk with a number on it. Your number will match someone else's. I expect you all to be paired by the time I walk in late tomorrow."

I rushed to the door of the classroom, eager to eat lunch and talk to someone or do something that doesn't involve learning. Then again, I'm school. What doesn't have to do with learning in this place? One would think people got sick of school. How do nerds do it?

As soon as I stepped out and started towards the cafeteria, I heard a loud, "Shit." And I saw someone bend down to the ground. I watched as the girl sat on the floor testing her foot a few times before standing up and looking up to my face. A menacing glare on her face. "You!" she hissed, realization hitting her.

"Yeah, me," I said, looking down on her. She was so short. "Watch where you're going, no name."

I could see her hands clenching into fist. She was getting mad at me already. "You ran into me. You watch where you're going!"

"Whatever," I drawled, narrowing my eyes at her. Why is she mad? I'm the one who knows nothing about her when she knows so much about me.

"Hey!" A girl I remember as Abby said, coming up besides no name; pulling her towards the cafeteria. "Come on. Lily told me to look for you. I have to make sure you actually come to lunch today instead of hiding out in the library. And I don't want to upset Lily. You know how she is."

No name shot a glare at me and gave into letting Abby drag her along to the cafeteria. "Yeah, I know how she is." I heard her say.

I stay in place just watching her fade into the crowd until a hand slapped my back, hard. I knew who it was immediately. "Hey Gavin." I said, turning to the grinning idiot behind me.

"S'up?" he greeted, Trisha by his side. He looked past me into the crowd. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing," I replied, giving him a 'you're crazy' look.

"Hey Evan," Trisha said, linking her arm with Gavin's. "Elsie's looking for you."

I nodded, "Isn't she always?"

Trisha shrugged, "I guess," she looked up at Gavin. "I'm hungry. Is it my turn to buy?"

"Yup," my best friend said.

That's what I like about Trisha, she was laid back and nice; nothing like Elsie. Why they were friends eluded me.

"Alright man," he yawned loudly. "Let's go eat."

Chapter 2 End!

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