Hey you guys! Long time one again. I wrote this for a creative writing class and decided to publish it. Sorry if there are still some bad parts about it. It's based on Characters me and my friend made for a RP. Ryuya being my friends. and Michel being mine. Anyway, please read the update in my about author page. The schedule for how I'm going to upload stories in on there and it starts next monday! So hopefully I still have you guys. 3 :) kuku. Enjoy. xoxox



It was a cold day in France. The sun hid behind the dark blue clouds that threatened to let rain fall. In a remote section of a forbidden forest stood a large castle that whispered death threats to the village that lived right on the border of the forest.

The castle didn't need the help of statues of dying angels or gargoyles to make it creepy; the occupants of the castle made it creepy enough so that no one would even step foot into the forest. But for those unfortunate travelers, once they stepped into the corridors of the castle they would never see daylight again.

"Look! Look! Maybe there is running water in the castle!" a rather thin and dirty girl yelled to her companions.

"What if there are people living there?"

"Well we can knock! If no one lives there we can raid it, have a good nights worth of sleep and then get a move on! Come on, a night of rest won't put us behind..."

The men and women of the group shrugged to one another and looked forward to a good nights rest.


The castle seemed to scream in order to warn the occupants that someone, or even something was coming. The walls bled slowly within to create a layer of sound protection, masking the screams of the victims in the basement.

"Michel! Michel!" The shriek of a woman carried throughout the entire castle until Michel formed himself into her presence.

"Yes, Adalaire?"

The woman in front of him looked to be in her late-teens, her platinum blond hair pulled back into a messy bun as her bangs fell over her crystal blue eyes. She smiled with those devilish lips. "You haven't eaten since you got back... Take this group and have your fill."

"What makes you think I'll sink my teeth in just anyone?"

"Who said you had to sink your teeth into them? You're not a vampire, you're a Blood Warrior. If you don't drink enough blood, you'll be weak. And what if something attacks us? Then what? Our army is down one because you were to stubborn to drink from some travelers."

Michel growled as he heard the several bangs against the door, and a couple howls of "HELLO? IS ANYONE HOME?"

"Dégage, je les traiterai," he muttered his clothing vanished, his pours seeming to bleed beads of blood that connected to other beads from nowhere to form a rather stunning outfit. The black pants and boots were perfectly trimmed and fitted for his height; his shirt buttoned up white shirt clung to his figure as if it had been made by a tailor. A dark navy blue vest that buttoned in threes gave him even more form with some ruffles tucked in from his neck to the V of the vest. His long, blond hair fell around him, his pale skin seeming to match the color of the strands that hung from his head.

His delicate, but strong, hands opened the door to stare down at the group of five with his crimson red eyes. He gave them a quick, handsome smile as they were too stunned to say much at the moment, especially with the way the other towered over them, and he had such hauntingly beautiful eyes.

"Bonjour." His voice was like velvet as it swam around the humans ears and wrapped them up in it's warm, welcoming blanket. "What can I do for you?" The blanket of his voice tightened their throats as they all suddenly became just so happy to be in his presence. They didn't understand why... but it felt like they met someone of great importance..

It took a moment for the girl to speak, but she managed to stutter out a "H..He..Hello..." while she shook her head some, the other girls primping themselves idly behind her as the men looked him over some – maybe even questioning their sexuality.

Michel gave them another smile that made the other girls a little weak in their knees. He stepped back and opened the door a little wider.

"Allez dans, it must be cold out there."

And it was: he could feel it in his blood. The circulation of the blood he had running through him was slowing down. The group of humans nodded and happily scurried in, shivering while the girl spoke again.

"We... we were just wondering if we could get some food and water? We've been traveling for almost the whole day and haven't come across any villages."

Michel smirked a bit: if only they had gone an hour or so longer without their bodies getting so needy. If they had, they would have been able to live to see another day. But, at least the humans were dying for a good cause… their deaths would keep Michel strong and ready.

"We have plenty of food to spare. Follow me."

And they all eagerly did.

It'd be only be ten minutes later that the humans would be fattening their blood with nutrition that would make the kill more delicious. Shoving their mouths with all kinds of meat and vegetables, downing it was glasses of water and wine. Of course, he only gave them food that he knew would leave a rather delicious aftertaste in his mouth. He just hoped none of them were over fifty, otherwise he'd have a stomach ache for months.

"That was great!" the girls complimented and thanked him for the food. The men sighed in happiness as they leaned back and patted their stomachs.


"I'm glad, but... now I'm just a tad hungry for something sweet,"he said while that handsome smile returned to his face, watching as they sat up in attention as to what he had for them next. Michel gave a chuckle, "You shouldn't be so excited. Watching me eat is nothing you are going to enjoy."

"Wh--" the man was cut off as his throat suddenly tightened, glancing toward the group of humans who looked back to him while they sat in the same position. They gasped while they looked to Michel with wide and scared eyes, trying to mutter the ever so infamous, "What's happening?!" line.

"Relax," his velvet voice called out, but this time it wasn't so warm… in fact, it wasn't something warm at all but something cold and evil. His eyes swarmed with a golden streak as his fangs extended, blood seeming to spill from his hair as streaks of red appeared. "I didn't want to do this to you... but, I do need my energy to do my job correctly."

The mouths of the humans gaped like fish out of water, their skin flushed with red as the blood started to bubble under their skin and soon leaked from out of their pours. The humans writhed in pain in their chairs as the blood made snake-like lines in the air, slowly slithering their way over to Michel, circling him as the humans were soon nothing but bags of bones laying in their chairs.

The rather large amount of blood attacked Michel, covering his whole body to make him look as if he had no specific appearance. Michel gave a grunt but soon the blood made it's way into his body, joining the circulation and making him so warm that his face actually had a slight blush to it. His eyes turned a golden color as his hair bled blood, the once blond streaks dripping with blood that never hit the floor but disappeared in the air, disappearing as his body soaked up every last drop.


Ryuya sat in a large clearing, his ankle smeared with some remedy Michel had made in the morning, and bandaged with some pieces of Michel's white Yukata. The remedy had numbed Ryuya's pain and made it possible for him to open up his sketch book and draw a map of the clearing.

It was a perfect day. The sun shined so brightly that it showed him every ditch and trap that could harm his people when out on missions. The spring flowers shone in all their glory, so vibrant with colors of green, red, pink and white and the trees even looked more alive as he let his eyes run over everything in sight. At the same time, his pencil ran over the paper to draw everything as he took it all in.

Ryuya was almost done with the picture when Michel came back with lunch and a flower he had never seen before. A beautiful, but not so popular flower in his village: a white peony.

He took the bowl of food from Michel as it was offered, muttering a thanks and smiling. But he was surprised when Michel leaned down to hand him the flower, speaking in that velvet voice of his that Ryuya could never forget.

"For you," he whispered into his ear.

Ryuya looked up as a blush came over his face, "Oh," he said lightly, and not in a negative way as he continued, speaking softly. "What is this for?"

"I just said it was for you." Michel chuckled, sending a shiver down Ryuya's spine and making the flush in his face brighter.

"I know that, but why?"

"Because the flower reminds me of you. Unappreciated but more beautiful than all the other flowers."

Ryuya shyly took the flower as his face lit up into a deep shade of red, listening to Michel as he laughed softly. "Don't be so humble, you should already know of your beauty."


Ryuya sat next to the window of his bedroom. The night Kimono he wore just as beautiful as the ones he wore during the day. The shade of white being the basic colors as there wereprints of butterflies that littered the bottom of the trail, along with the hem of the Kimono. The vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, navy blue and green filled the butterflies wings. Oriental flower designs in several of thecolors being the print on the wings instead of a solid color for each one.

His forest green eyes looked out into the royal garden; the flowers that were beautiful not so long again; dead. The branches of the bushes and trees cried out for the winter to pass, and so did Ryuya. Ryuya rarely enjoyed the winter because of his dise. He was one of the unlucky males of the Fujimoto line that inherited the disease.

His family inscould tell the moment he was born. He was smaller, quieter, weaker, and ate less than his older twin brother. And as he became older, he was the fragile one that needed protecting. The one always home from school with a cough, cold, or fever. The twin that wasn't allowed to eat certain special treats or take in anything that was or seemed raw.

He sighed harshly, as his hand moved to push back a handful of his brown bangs. The rest of his medium length, silky hair held up with two black chopsticks, a silver chain with a red ball hung off each end of thechopstick.

"What's wrong with you now, Ryuya?" a low, tired, and barely audible voice came from the door. His brother stepped in before he slid the decorated rice-paper door behind him. His brother was the complete opposite of him. Tall, muscular, midnight black hair with ruby red eyes. The only thing they had in color was the color of their skin, and theparents.

" Nothing.." Ryuya said quietly, as he stood from his spot and made his way over to his brother to help him with his katana and other weapons attached to his body. He' set the katana against the wall next to the door as his brother, Akino, tossed all the other pouches of weapons onto his study-table and floor.

"How was your mission? You didn't get any of that white powder on you did you?" Ryuya's face scrunched up as he thought about the powder that could burn through clothes, skin, and bone. Slowly and painfully as well.

"いいえ , I'm smarter than that." Akino snapped as he reached back for the tie that held his hair together. He slowly slithe tie out of his hair before he ran his fingers through the long strands.

"Did you do anything today? Like draw?" Akino looked back to his brother as his brows rose in curiosity. He stato remove his uniform as he waited for a response. The mask he wore day and night tossed near the door as his shirt soon joined it. His skin dirand not clean and pure like Ryuya. Akino's torso and arms covered in tattoos that told his life story – or what he's lived out so far. A large patch of skin on the left side of the his chest still empty and waited to be filled in.

"はい ," Ryuya lied as he smiled lightly to his brother, "I drew the tree that Grandfather was buried next too."

Akino stared at his younger brother in disbelief, "Why on earth would you do that? If Pappy ever saw that, he'd be sad. You don't need to be drawing more things Pappy could find and start crying over." Akino snapped before he headed to thebathroom.

Ryuya sighed, an annlook came over his face as he moved to his study table. He leaned down to look over the spines of his sketchbooks before he pulled one from the group. It was not his favorite sketchbook, but it was the one he wanted to look at it and remember the most.

He flipped the pages of the sketchbook to come face to face with the lines of his jaw, and the foreign shapes of his eyes, lips and nose. Ryuya's right hand moved to the picture, his index finger gently ran over the lines as he tried to remember the last time he saw him...

"Hey! Hey! Is Akino in the room?" a yell came from the door that startled Ryuya. It almost made him drop his ske, but before it could fall Ryuya gripped the spine of the book. But not in time to keep the white peony that fell out of the book inside the pages.

He was tensed when the peony fell to the floor, the memories so vivid.

"Why don't you draw the flower in that sketchbook of yours? Have it with you forever?"

"はい!" Ryuya reply back happily.

He of course lied when he agreed to draw a peony in his sketchbook. He never drew a single peony because he was afraid that Michel would stop giving theto him once he had. He didn't understand why he needed the affection so badly, but he did.


Michel never went to bed the same time Ryuya did. Ryuya was human, easily tired. Michel went days witsleep and was fine as long as he had the liquid of life.

"Goodnight." Ryuya always muttered before he limped to the tent and fell asleep with about a half a pound of blankets on top of him. Michel never understood why the other needed so many. He understood maybe one or two since the spring night was chilly at times, but five or six? He shook his head as he smiled to the other.

"Sweet dreams."

Only when Ryuya was asleep did Michel work on thepowder that he was so famous for. The infamous white powder that was like acid and ate through anything and everything at a slow and painful pace.

He never dared to make the powder in front of Ryuya. Not unless he wanted to be hated, yelled at,or worse; left behind and forgotten about. This powder was the powder that had him banned from ever stepping foot into Samete Village. This was the powder that could have him arrested if they made a jail that could hold him and detained for life. This powder, alone, was the reason why Michel never had a chance to be with Ryuya.


"Ne vous sentez pas très, Michel!" Adalaire squealed as she did circles around him on her tippy-toes. "The blood just rushing through you and making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Especially in this yucky weather! Doesn't it feel grreeat?!"

Michel looked up from the large bowl in his arms. His crushing tool in one hand as he stopped what he was doing and stared at her while she phased herself through his table and then out around his back and through it again.

"I'm trying to work." he growled, his eyes back to their livid crimson color, his hair a strawberry blond but almost too it's natural color..

"Oh, that's funny! No Mayhem has to work. A Mayhem's job is to have all the fun before the Apocalypse. Then it's time to work!" she giggled insanely as she phased herself out of the table to lean against it before she stadown into the bowl.

"Well, unlike the other Mayhems," Michel voice now hinted annoyance, "My 'extra talent' that was bestowed upon me by some fake-supreme being is no use during the Apocalypse. So I might as well make tons of use with it now before I have to use my other abilities for D-Day." he mocked her, his voice high and childish at some points, just like Adalaire.

"There's a reason why none of the others like you, Michel.." her tone was filled witpain, but Michel already knew it was a fake sort of pain, "Especially after you came back. No drive to take other peoples blood..." she stuck and index finger out as she spoke, "No drive to torture people..." she stuck another finger up, "No drive to do anything but sit in your horrid remedy room and make your concoctions all day!" she shrieked as she raised a third finger "You are the biggest disappointment I've ever created!" she vanished into a thousand tear drops, soaking into the floors, walls, and whatever else she splattered herself upon, right as she shrieked the last sentence.

. And disappeared from his sights.

Good. He was tired of her and her childish ways. He wasn't sure why Adalaire had brought him back to France; it's not like he enjoyed it here. The scenery he was around was bland and boring and not beautiful at all. Nothing like Japan, where the scenery was beautiful no matter what season or time of day it was. Where the people were beautiful, especially a certain boy from the Royal family.


He never said a pro goodbye to Ryuya. It was not entirely his fault since Ryuya ran from him the morning after their heated night. Michel expected it and knew the other needed to go hom. Ryuya had his own life, a family, and probably an important job, and because of Ryuya's Royal heritage, the whole village was out on a rampage to find him. So he knew, once Ryuya's ankle and wrist healed, they would be separated.

Michel had not prepared himself for the month he had with the boy. He didn't think at all that the emotions they had for one another could be something more than lust. He didn't realize that he cared so much for Ryuya's opinion, or affections until he almost lost them completely.

If he had known three weeks into their relationship that his non-existing heart could grow for the other, and only love the other. He wasn't sure if he would of even bothered.

At least, that's what he told himself.


Three and a half years ago...

Ryuya was devastated when his brother had reminded him for the millionth time that he was useless and unable to defend himself. Ryuya knew he had the power, he knew he had the strength, or the ability to do it. But he was the gentle one, the kind one. He never picked or started fights.. Let alone throw the first punch.

Words hurt him easily, but unless his classmates threw a punch first; he never attacked them back. He wanted peace, and because of that, never raised his voice and was always socially polite. Even when his brother yelled at him he never yelled back, or did anything to aggravate him even more. He really was the most understanding brother anyone could ever have. But, Akino never return the favor. His temper flared at any little thing out of place. Anytime Akino heard or saw something he didn't like, he became snappier and moodier. Which led to bigger fights that made Ryuya want to run away.

And that's exactly what he did. Because of the fight Ryuya didn't return to the village that night. He did not return to the village for about a month after the fight. He didn't intend to be gone for so long. His original plan was to stay until the sunset and then make his way back home. But the moment he decided to climb into a tall, fat tree to get a better view, was the moment he fated himself to fall out of the tall, fat tree and hurt himself.

That was when he met Michel. The appearance of Michel had made him pause, even hold his breath a little. Michel's look wasn't seen among the people of his village. His built was much larger, his shoulders wide as he seemed to just tower over Ryuya's small body. His muscles more defined and his clothing style... foreign (which changed to a light Yukata). But th eappearance of the man was soon forgotten as a worse thought ran through Ryuya's mind,

'Is this man going to kill me?'

The thought made him tense, his brain racking for words to try and say to the man; about who he was and that he shouldn't come any closer. But, he couldn't. The words never left him, didn't fly out of his mouth like birds going south. Ryuya did not understand why he had seem to freeze in front of the foreign man. And because of that, All that was left for him to do was cry from the pain his ankle and wrist emanated, and because he was going to die by the hands of a foreigner.

"You shouldn't cry so much. It doesn't suit you at all." the voice was like velvet, but it did not calm Ryuya down as his mind only continued to think of the most drastic things. About how his brother was right about him being pathetic and not able to defend himself.

But to his surprise, the foreigner tried to coax him again. This time handing him a handkerchief to wipe his tears away. "Did you break something?" he spoke again with that voice, his Japanese having a slight accent which convinced Ryuya even more than he was a foreigner.

Michel saw it easily in the others figure that he was hurt and unable to stand. And even if he didn't see it so easily, if the boy wasn't hurt... he definitely would have ran by now.

He slowly moved to kneel down near the other, "Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you... lets just get you bandaged up so your wounds don't get any worse."

Ryuya calmed down just a little as he wiped his tears away with the offered handkerchief, his head giving a short nervous nod. It's not like he had any other choice but to say yes.

Michel slid one of his strong arms under the others knees, and the other around his back before he picked him, he turned his head towards the way he came and headed towards the clearing his camp was set up at.

"What's your name?"



Ryuya watched as he saw his brother storm away from his adopted uncle. He knew something was going on between the two; he had known since they were young. The twenty-some year old adopted Uncle was always much more aggravating to Akino. And his brother always seemed to blow it out of proportion, especially when his uncle embarrassed him.

In no time, his brother stormed into the room, the rice-paper door slammed shut behind him with a loud thud before he threw off his katana and weapons.

"大丈夫?" Ryuya muttered from the window, a sly smirk on his face as Akino was flushed and finding solace under his blankets.

"Does it look like I'm okay, Ryuya?" he snapped as he kicked at nothing but the air and tossed and turned in his bed before he found a comfortable spot. He then pulled the blankets over his head and sighed heavily.

Ryuya laughed some as he turned his eyes to the door, "I think I can hear him coming. Maybe I'll invite him in for a chat? Wouldn't that be fun?" Ryuya teased him, he'd never invite the maniac into their room. Not unless he wanted something to break because of his Uncles clumsy feet, or worse, from the stick he carried around as his weapon.

"だまれよ! Just shut up before I have to beat you!" Akino was kicking the blankets now as he huffed, not able to settle down on his comforter.

Ryuya sighed gently, while he pushed the blanket he had on his lap, it slid to the floor as he stood up wearing one of his more beautiful Kimonos. The base color a silky black as white peonies were scatted across the bottom all the way to center of his back. On the upper portion of his back two cranes flew side by side. The cranes a pure white with a tad of orange, yellow and black mixed into them. All the peonies white, the only color Ryuya accepted on his personalized Kimonos that featured the flower. His chocolate brown hair fell around his shoulders, his thin delicate fingers came up to push his bangs back. His forest green eyes rather light, butfilled with a bit more sadness than usual.

He ignored his brother's rant as he went over to his study-table and picked up his sketchbook.

"Well, Akino..." his voice was soft as he started, "I drew a picture today... you want to see?"

Akino became still for a moment as he pushed the blanket down to look up at the other. "Did you? Or are you lying?"

Ryuya looked down to his twin as he started to flip the pages of his sketchbook. He flipped thrthe book carefully before coming to the middle of the sketchbook. "I really did, so stop being a snot or I won't show it to you."

Akino pushed some of his hair away from his face, the midnight strands scattered all over because of his restlessness. "Let me see it! You haven't drawn a picture for almost three years. Finally, the forth year in you drew something? Of course I want to see it!"

Ryuya turned his sketchbook and let Akino pry into his private life for a moment. Akino raised a brow and stared at it for a moment.

"I've seen that picture before..."

"No you haven't. I drew this one today.." Ryuya started as he turned to the front of the book and then showed him the same picture but in more detail. "You've seen this one before."

"Ryuya..." his brother started as he sighed heavily and laid back down on the bed. "Couldn't you have drawn something else? Something new? Something different and not the same?" Akino sighed as he turned his back to his brother and pulled the blanket over his head once more.

Ryuya bit his bottom lip, the pictures weren't the same. It made him want to cry, his lips trembling as he looked to the picture he first drew when the sun was shining so bright nnd then the picture he drew by memory thrand a half years alter.

He was forgetting, and that was something he promised himself he would never do.


"Michel.. it's hot.." Ryuya's face was flushed from the blood that rushed to his cheek, and glistened from the tears that had fallen only moments ago. The dirt and grass of the clearing tangled into his hair as small rocks were dug into his back, making it almost painful for him.

But, none of that compared to what happened moments later. His body was invaded and he clung to Michel's in pain. The heat of the physical attention drove him insane, along with the jolts of something he never felt run through his body.

"Michel.." he gasped as his eyes closed and rainbow colored stars appeared. He felt the others lips against his and it was appreciated since it distracted him from the pain that came from his lower body.

It seemed to take forever for the pain to vanish, but the moment it did he was rewarded with a feeling he didn't know how to handle. A noise escaped him as his head tilted back and his eyes snapped open.

His throat continued to release the various noises of pleasure, Michel took them all in greedily as he leaned down to leave gentle trails of kisses against the others neck. His lips gave special attention to the area of skin right against the curve of his neck. The skin that covered over the delicious jugular vein he loved to tap into. Of course, he had never tasted Ryuya's blood, so it only tempted him even more. was just afraid that biting him might hurt him more than he should already have felt in his life.

"Michel.." Ryuya continued to moan his name into the air which made him want to taste him so badly. And as he continued to move against the other he couldn't resist anymore. The scent that came from the other, the noises, the whispers of his name was too much for him. He wasn't able to hold back.

He couldn't resist the blood that would bring him more pleasure. He wanted to taste the blood that belonged to the male he loved. And he wanted to enjoy it, remember it, and memorize the distinct taste of it.

And so he did.

All the thought of the others blood had made his fangs extend once more and quickly sink into the others jugular vein. The blood rushed into his mouth and made him swallow quick to keep the flow going.

Ryuya had screamed out at first before it turned into gasps for breaths and Michel's name being called out in questioning then pleasure. When Ryuya's skin was broken in, it hurt so much but then quickly washed his body over with another level of pleasure. For a moment, everything the touches, the whispers, the noises stopped. But the instant the pain subsided everything was more intense, more desperate, and much more louder. Ryuya not able to hold back anything as his finger nails dug into Michel's back.

The taste of Ryuya's blood intoxicated him, he couldn't bring himself to a stop. The smell of the blood alone brought him to a pleased drunken state.

Ryuya's blood was unbelievably delicious and addictive.


Michel groaned as the rays of light flooded his room. He enjoyed it, of course. Warmth was one of his guilty pleasures in life. It made his blood warm and easier to control. But, he didn't enjoy it this particular morning.

His platinum hair was a skewed as he ran his fingers over his lips. He tasted Ryuya's blood in his mouth, the distinct flavor that had him aching for more years later. His preferred taste in the liquid of life.

Michel ran his fingers through his hair and gripped a chunk of it. What he would give to be in thesame room as Ryuya at this very moment – and not to take his blood from him but just to be with him. To caress his skin, and to feel the the chocolate strands of hair between his fingers. To stare into the deep innocent eyes and feel Ryuya's lips against his own.

He didn't understand. He wanted to for, but it was impossible. He promised several times he never would for, that he would always remember Ryuya no matter what happened, but... it was just painful now. And his memory would not let him erase the image of the beautiful figure. But, why couldn't he get over his blood... and find someone else even better? Thehas to be someone better in this world...

He could try to find them, but he knew he couldn't.

Even if he tried, he knew no one could top Ryuya in his heart. His heart had grown for the other, and no way was another person going to be able to win it after a feat like that. Ryuya had been the first human that had not freaked out because of his giant figure or red eyes. Ryuya was the first to not run away from him, or scream for help because a monster was so close to them. Ryuya was the only one to treat him like a friend, and a lover. Ryuya taught him that love was real, with or without a heart.

And that, if the love was strong enough, even a monster could feel it.


Ryuya woke up startled that bright and sunny morning. His fingers pressed against his neck where two scars had been left over from his final night with Michel. He groaned in pain as he turned over onto his stomach to wait for it to pass by. He didn't understand why. The holes healed over just perfectly and he didn't feel any new openings as his fingers rubbed against them.

A painful noise escaped him, but not because of the physical pain. But more of a heartache as he was reminded of how he had spent that night. How those three words had been said to him for the first time in his life from someone who wasn't his family.

"Michel.." he muttered into his pillow as he let his fingers slide away from his neck and ran them through his tangled hair. He forced several knots from his hair before his fingers ran through his hair smoothly.

"Ryuya! Wake up! We have breakfast today! It's beautiful outside and all the flowers are in their prime! Come on!" the yell came from his older twin. The cold spell had passed to a heat spell, and now it was the perfect spell.

The time of the year when the weather was just right, and the flowers were alive with their colors. The trees made a whispering song with their leaves as the branches would crack in the soft wind that passed by.

"Hurry up! Everyone is almost ready!"

Ryuya groaned as he turned onto his back. Family breakfast. Something interesting would happen. A clash of views, a couple of heated words, and maybe even some food thrown around. It was always a new experience when the whole family sat at the table to eat – rarely was the whole family in one place for very long to begin with.

Several calls from Akino later, Ryuya was finally ready. His body embellished with a rather elegant and more simplistic Kimono. The basic color a dark navy blue wit white Sakura blossom branches placed along the bottom right side, and also along the left arm sleeve and shoulder. The Sakura blossoms themselves fell over several areas of the Kimono and was thesame pure white color as the branches. The Kimono was only two toned, and much more simple than his usual outfit. It showed its own unique beauty and didn't take away from his own.

Ryuya wore jewelry to show his status as Grandson of the King, and son to the next King. On his neck hung several thin silver chains that disappeared into his Kimono, his ears were decorated with an elegant and simple pair of earrings to match his Kimono. His hair held up by a rather intricate piece of work, the jewels in the hair clip several different colors, shapes and size. The clips base color silver as well. His wore a couple rings, nothing to bulky and showy as his main piece was the hair clip he wore.

He had a touch of make up on, only to accentuate his forest green eyes. His lips already a natural light pink color as his skin was pale and smooth which meant he had no need for powder since that was what it was suppose to do – make the person's skin pale and smooth.

He moved downstairs and into the garden. The table for ten set already. The food slowly being brought out by the maids as the family gathered together around the bushes while they waited for all the food to be set on the table.

He joined his family by the bushes, Akino instantly at his side even if they didn't meant it to end up like that. Ryuya leaned over and took a good look at the flowers. Trying to ignore the banter that escaped from his brother who was right next to him.

'Four years...'

'Four years and I still haven't heard from you... seen you.. spoken to you... If I had known it was going to end up like this, I would of left earlier.' he only thought nastily because it hurt so much. It hurt to not have Michel there to make him feel better, or to give him the flower he had come to love because of him. It hurt that they had only had a month together and yet his heart was devoted to Michel and no one else. He didn't even look in the direction of any male he might of found attractive when he was younger or before he met Michel. He only wanted Michel, and he would make his family accept him if he had too. If he could have the chance to have Michel in his arms again, he would never let him go.


"Oh, darling. Stop sulking. You don't even have a heart to feel with! What is with you and you're dreary moods!" Adalaire said disappointed like as she leaned against the table once more. "You've only gotten worse since you're return. Do you have some Asian blood disease from being in Japan for so long? Do I have to go and filter your blood out?"

The instant she spoke of filtering his blood, he snapped "No". If she ever did that too him... all parts of Ryuya would be gone from him. Even if the blood was from Ryuya four years ago. It's not like someone siphon it out of him so easily. It was a part of him and he wanted it to stay like that.

Adalaire gave a disgusted noise as she crossed her arms, "Then what's wrong--"

"Adalaire." he said in the most final tone she had ever heard from him. "I'm only going to say this once... so listen carefully, and make that voice in your head shut up for a minute."


It was a dark night. The flow of the wind gentle and the soft rustle of leaves heard from where Ryuya laid. The breakfast that day had gone well, but Ryuya had been in a mood since he took a look at the flowers. He ate his food quietly, and barely talked to his family. Which, was looked as as normal since Ryuya was the quiet one. But he ignored the youngest of the family because of how concentrated he was on his thoughts. Which made Akino raise a brow before distracting her for him.

Bed wasn't any better. Akino still wasn't back, and Ryuya knew exactly where his brother was and it made his heartache even worse. Just the thought of everyone in his family paired up witsomeone made him want to scream. Why did today suddenly feel like it was a lovers holiday and he was the one left out?

"I miss you..." he whispered lightly under his breath against his pillow.

It took him hours to fall asleep and by the time he did the moon was the only source of light into his room. His rested his fingers over the marks on his neck as he slept..


"Ryuya... I'm sorry! I just didn't think you would understand... It's not like I meet someone everyday that'll treat me like I'm human. I'm sorry. I should of told you... but I couldn't bring myself to it... I couldn't bring myself to tell you that I'm a monster."

Ryuya couldn't think of anything to say as Michel caught up to him and pulled him into his arms. After seeing Michel feed of the defenseless girl, he had become scared.. shaken up by the change in Michel's appearance and how the girl was being drained of her life.

"Do I even know.. who you are? Was everything a lie?" Ryuya body shook noticeably in Michel's arms, and Michel instantly cut the other off from his line of questions.

"No, no, no, no, no, Ryuya!" he raised his voice to a yell almost, as he pulled back to take the others face in his hands. "Everything else is real... I have only been myself around you, I tried to hide the factors that you probably wouldn't agree with...but now I know it was wrong of me to hide it from you" Michel sighed, as he pressed his forehead against Ryuya's.

"I love you --"


" -- And that will never change."

The voice sounded so real that Ryuya's eyes snapped open. He didn't want to remove the blanket from his head as he was scared he was going to be disappointed that Michel wasn't thewaiting for him.

Why was he even thinking like this? Michel wasn't here, Michel disappeared right after Ryuya left the camp... It had been four years with no letter, no pictures, no word, no nothing.. and he thought because the last part of the dream sounded so real that Michel could be here? Ridiculous.

He shoved his blanket away and turned to look out the window. His eye caught the shape of a white peony before sitting up completely to see them littered all over the floor and over his brother bed, and the tables and counters of their room. Hundreds of white Peonies glowing in the moonlight that came through his window. They covered every speck of the dark wooden floors as the flowers around the doors and shelves were piling up on each other along the walls.

Tears swelled in his eyes as he thought of Michel and how he gave him white Peonies everyday from the beginning of their friendship to the end of their love. But, why was this being sent to him now? Was this a sign that Michel was thinking of him? Or was Michel here?

The tears didn't resist the fall as more would build up behind the one dropped like a line of jumping children in the pond. But instead of ending, his tears seemed never ending.

"Michel..." he cried under his breath gently.

"Don't cry..." the velvet voice came from behind Ryuya, he instantly turned to see Michel dressed in a white Yukata. Two cranes were printed in Grey flying next to each other on the bottom left side.

"You're much more beautiful when you're not crying." he said lightly as he smiled down to the other. He kneeled behind the other and wrapped his arms around Ryuya's shoulders. His arms pulled Ryuya against his chest as he leaned down to gently inhale the others scent before whispering, "I brought you a flower for each day I've missed."

Ryuya covered his mouth a sob escaped him, his tears fell so quickly when he felt the others arms around him and only smelt the scent of the peony flowers in the room.

It really did seem there were four years worth of Peonies, but what made it even better was that Michel had brought himself instead of sending a card with the flowers. Ryuya instantly moved back against the other as his hands held onto the others hands that connected at thefront of his chest.

"It's...It's really you, Michel?" he stuttered between his gaps and tears. "You...You...You came back?"

Michel brought one of his hands up to push away the others bangs before he ran his fingers along the others jaw. Michel let his fingers rest under the others chin to tilt Ryuya's held back to look up at too him. His red eyes looking down into the forest green hues before smiling lightly. "Yes, I came back for you." He then settle a gentle kiss against the others lips.



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