"Hey! Croy! Zeke!" I ran to my best friends and put a hand on both of their shoulders. "Why didn't you wait?"

Croy, with his nerdy looks, and light curly blonde hair, shrugged. "Well… you were talking to Sandy… and we just left."

I turned to Zeke and faced him. He had a dark mess of hair and sparkling green eyes. "Listen to the Croyster! He has this one handled."

I turned back to Croy, "Ehem! You think I would leave me best friends for Sandra? Please! Give me credit here guys."

Zeke chuckled and slung his arm around me. His cologne drafted up my nose and I giggled. Know one would ever think I was friends with two guys. I mean me, Riley Summers. Yeah, the girl with the sun streaked platinum hair and those stupid annoying plain old brown eyes. I pushed the thought of me and my plainess and focused on getting Croy included in our group hug. I grabbed his neck, which was easy since he was like 3 inches shorter than me.

"Ugh, I'm gunna miss you guys so much."

I saw Zeke's eyes falter and he said quickly, "Well, write, text, email, visit. Only two years right? And living with your dad will be cool. Pennsylvania's not that far from Florida anyways… Trust me."

I giggled, "Trust you? Ummm no way."

I saw Croy adjust himself so he was about a foot away from me. "Well, I mean you could trust Zeke this one time…"

I laughed, "Sarcasm Croy."

He blushed, his pale skin going unusually dark. "Yeah, I knew that," he raised his head so I could see his pale blue eyes.

Oh no. These were my best friends, I might never see them again, never smell Zeke's cologne, or be able to tease Croy. Oh god, I would die in Pennsylvania. More likely I would die with out my friends.