Sitting on a plane with nothing to do but to stare at a small fixed TV at the wall and baby sit a boy your age isn't really my cup of tea.

I turned my attention away from Nanny Mcphee as the children plot yet another scheme to drive her away of the house, to the boy – yes, I don't acknowledge him as a grown up – who is now speaking to a stewardess.

"Can I get one of those children pack?" He asked the stewardess with a blank face while she gave him a strained smile and scampered away to the steward's bay to get it. Fine. She didn't really scampered away. She just walked rather fast away – which for me looked the same.

I bet you she's thinking this boy is a psycho, which isn't really far from the truth. Besides, which seventeen year old will ask for a children's pack that was clearly for, uh, well, children?

Him. Apparently.

Ah! Why am I stuck here, with this... with this mentally unstable teenager who looks like an adult but actually acts like a child... hang on, he does acts like an adult but he sort of thinks like a child, uh, but he does sometimes think like an adult... ah! I don't know!

Anyway, the stewardess came back with the children pack he asked and gave me one as well. Ok... why did she gave me one when I didn't ask for one?

"I'm sorry, I didn't ask for one." I tentatively hold the plastic full of stationery and pens and all sort of stuff back to her.

She scrunched her face in confusion all the while keeping a trained smile on her face. It looks scary to tell you the truth. "Sorry, miss. I thought..."

She trailed off and tried to take the pack from my hand. I repeat, tried.

Will – short for William – decided he'll have none of it and grabbed my arm. I honestly, don't get this guy! *ahem* boy!

"It's ok, she'll keep it." He said smiling that fake innocent smile that most girls die for. I could almost see the stewardess melt in a puddle of goo – eww!

She took about 30 seconds to snap out of it and ignored my protest and walked away from us. I swear! This bo – person beside me is evil I tell you, Evil!

I sighed in disbelief and freed my arm from his evil clutches. His face back to its normal blank facade while he fiddled with a miniature Nikki (it's a dog from Disney) stuff toy, I knew that protesting about the children's pack would go to nowhere and I probably won't get an answer.

I slouched back and leaned into the uncomfortable seat deeper and closed my eyes to try and catch some sleep.

We've been travelling all day and I'd like to recharge a little bit before the devil stirred again and drag me to hell.

Surprisingly, he let me sleep in peace without doing anything funny. I won't put it past him if I were you, because he already did it before. I really don't miss those days...

I don't know how long I slept but I was woken up by a hand nudging my shoulders. Yes, it's a floating hand – haha. I'm kidding! Blame the evil influence this boy has on me.

"Hey, Lissie wake up." said a soothing voice to my right. "We're here."

I slowly opened my eyes. It's not good to feel this disoriented. "huh?" I asked the voice lamely.

"We're here already." It replied back. I blinked my sleep away and was startled when I realized my head were resting on Will's shoulder.

I jumped up – not literally... – and straightened on my seat. The other passengers were filing out of the plane. "How long was I-"

"2 hours." He said with a smile. Shit! I never liked his smile! It makes me stop thinking and... it's wrong! Totally wrong!

"Was I, uh..." I replied pointing to his shoulder. His smile now turning to a grin and shrugged. Honestly! I wish he'd stop that!

We disembarked the plane with our baggage in toll. I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and searched for any sign of the person who is supposed to meet us, namely another of Will's minion.

"Hey, Will what does Ellie look like?" I asked swirling around to face no one. Where the hell did he go?

Hell, maybe?

Yea probably. I agreed with my own self. Maybe I'm slowly turning to the dark side. People shouldn't hear voices and actually talk to it inside one's head. That's not the point! Where is he?

"Argh. Will, I'm gonna get killed if you run away..." I muttered to myself, frantically searching for him in the midst of strangers.

I was walking about the shops at the airport trying to spot a perfect mess of blondish brown hair among all the others. I'll worry about finding Ellie later. First, I have to find him.

I passed a novelty shop in my hurry almost missing the gathered females and the mess of blondish brown hair that is him. I squeezed my eyes shot to compose myself and finally started my way inside.

"Found you!" I mumbled, smiling in relief to myself. Just as always he attracts the attention of others and if I don't haul him out of his oasis of stuff toys and find Ellie... ah! I don't even want to think what his father will do to me.

Ok, I'm probably exaggerating.

More and more ladies started to flood the shop. Now, I'm not exaggerating. This means time to escape my friends.

I tucked my quite heavy luggage securely on my shoulders and made my way to the devil. His face as always, blank as the ladies fussed over him. He was holding something and a little smile made its way to his expressionless face.

He kinda looked like a little child that found its favourite toy.

"Excuse me" I said politely trying to get through without shoving or pushing anyone. Why do you have to be so damn popular! Argh! I'm so gonna kill you for this!

"Beats me." the voice replied. I was saved from a terrible and embarrassing fall by strong arms.

I turned to my savio- scratched that. I turned to my torturer and glared at him. He smirked and took my bag. "I'd like to see you try."

"Shoot!" That's my alternative for s**t and is probably used widely by other people "damn it!" I give up by now "Will! Wait for me!"

And you'd think he will have but he didn't. He looked around and headed to the arrival area. I heard something behind me that resembles a squeaky noise and so, I turned around.

Guess what I saw? You guess right. It was the horde of women. They were squealing and taking pictures and I swear whoever God they were calling for is probably deaf by how high they say 'oh my god' over and over again.

I turned back to Will's walking figure, horrified by the prospect of these women running over me.

He was walking over to a lady at her mid twenties wearing a suit and is now talking to her. I hastened my pace, glad that the women have controlled themselves to not approach Will and settle with squealing and taking pictures and saying 'oh my god' over and over and saying other things to will.

They both turned to me and I looked on. When I was near enough, said my greetings to the lady who I now, know as Ellie and tried failingly to get take my luggage from being contaminated by the evilness of the devil, whose name is William, while we walked to the car.

I looked back at the crowd of women, ranging from children to ladies who are not so young as they wanted to be, and noticed that it was not their choice to not approach Will but because there are a certain group of 'men in suits' trying to stop them from doing so.

"You should've seen your face back there." He said, laughing. Yes, my friend he. Is. Laughing.

You would've think this devil of a child won't be able to laugh genuinely but unfortunately for me and fortunately for his fans out there battling with the men in suits he had it in him.

I raised my hand yet again in defeat and strode rather childishly to the car. "Fine if you want to suffer with my heavy luggage then so be it!" I said quietly to myself.

I was wishing no one heard that but even if they did, they didn't say anything and left me alone with the driver inside the car while Ellie and him, placed our luggage in the compartment.

I ignored him when he slipped inside the car and turned my attention to Ellie instead. "I'm sorry it took us a while to make it back."

"Don't worry about it Miss. We know of the circumstances"

I can feel the irritating smirk on Will's face. He was leaning on the window so he's hidden from Ellie's or the driver's view.

This little- He's not little dear, he's taller than you.

Shut up you!

"Lissie's alright."

"Yes, Miss Lissie." His smirked grew and I tried to hide my annoyance with the perfected professional smile of mine.

Through our journey back to Will's house, I tried ignoring him and most of the time I succeeded.

When his house was finally in our view, he took a plastic bag beside him and handed it to me. I recognized the logo as the novelty shop back in the airport and stared at him in confusion. "Do you want me to keep it for you?"

Well, of course I'm joking when I said that but he stared at me, his eyes disbelieving and looked at me like I'm an idiot. Then it softened something that I sometimes fleetingly see in his azure eyes and he smiled. "It's a gift." He said quietly but enough for me to hear.

"Oh" was all I can say. "What for?"

He didn't reply so I opened it and saw the stuff toy I had been staring and meaning to buy before we went to the other side of the country. It was a white Great Pyrenees that resembled my dog Cassie when I was little.

I smiled genuinely this time and thanked him while hugging the dog he gave me. When I peeked at him, I saw him make the smile that made me fall for him so many years ago. I saw the old, innocent and sweet William... my William.

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