every person i have ever met
is stuck in my mind with a certain memory
i cannot say the same for you
with you, all i can do is think of the future

because, it seems i've started an adventure
that i never want to end,
suprising me at every other stop along the road,
it seems i'm stuck this path that
yellow bricks can't begin to compare to.

the time that i'm not talking with you
i spend thinking of things to say
and i never would call it a waste of time,
if i'm happy, i'm not wasting anything.

i can sound quite affable through stanzas
and i wish the sense of confidence
would translate into real life,
but i'm better at the silence.
a comfortable quiet.

so even when i am a million years
past this phase of life,
i won't remember you in just one act,
because you'll be in every scene of the play.