Hello everyone and welcome to my story Shift. This is actually the edited version of Shift, the third time it has been edited mind you, but I made some major changes to the plot and I am sure there are still mistakes. Being as horrible at grammar as I am and, of course, I not going to pretend editing is my strong point either, I please ask those who are kind enough to read and review to point out any mistakes you may notice. I don't care if it's just one missing comma, everything matters! And so, enough of my babbling, please enjoy and, if you have the time, please review! Thanks everyone!


Do you see that girl walking forlornly towards the school bus, struggling under the weight of her backpack? No, not the brunette, the one right next to her, towering over her actually. She's got flaming red hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a light smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose. She is tall, lanky, and skinny, but not the kind of skinny that would make you think she was anorexic. Do you see her now? Good. Her name is Claire Emmetts, and this is her story. Well, my story. Yes, the girl you see is me, a gawky sixteen-year-old from Thomaston, Connecticut. A girl, I might mention, who isn't in a particularly good mood on this morning, which began with her younger sister dumping cereal all over her new shirt. But, enough about that right now, I'll get back to that later.

I had a good life in my extremely small town, a place that only claimed a little over two thousand people. I didn't mind its size though, city life had never appealed to me.

My friends were wonderful, people I did literally everything with since early childhood. I was also the proud member of a supportive family that helped me through any and every little problem that came my way, which at times could be annoying because it meant everyone knew my business. All in all, my school and friends were as normal as any others (except we weren't quite sure about the teachers yet).

Swimming was my main priority at this point in my life and I had to admit I had a natural talent for the sport. Not only did it act as my personal fitness for the entire year; it was my stress-reliever as well. Nothing ever calmed me down more than slipping into the pool and gliding through the water which carried all my thoughts away.

Socially, I was doing well; I guess you could say I was stuck somewhere in the middle. I wasn't the popular one who was invited to all the parties, but I also wasn't the one who spent all her time at home studying for a test that was three weeks away.

In other words, I was happy with my life and where I was going, at least where it was going right now; my future wasn't exactly set in stone. So, regardless of how it may seem, don't expect this to be one of those "my life is so boring that I would do anything to have excitement" stories.

But the day she came, my world shattered into a thousand pieces that would never fit together as one ever again.

Sometimes, there are situations that you know to walk away from. Sometimes, there are problems you can't turn your back on no matter how much you may want to. And sometimes, there are roads you get to choose. For me, it was a combination of all three.

I got the full, dangerous adventure with absolutely no strings attached. And after I got sucked into her life, well, there was no going back to mine.