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Prologue: Aurora's Consort

Adam Chesterton looked down at the small baby is his arms and felt his heart shatter. Damn it! Why had it come to this? He was leaving his youngest child in the hands of two humans! Sure, his human friends had served his household for many years and they had arranged things beforehand just in case something happened and they were forced to hide Devin from the Omega cult.

The Fields had been sent to Earth as soon as the Omega conspiracy rumors began nearly a year ago. They had procured a lovely, four-bedroom cottage in an unassuming town in California. The Fields had also secured false records including birth certificates, drivers licenses, diplomas, etc. Both Teresa and Brian had been born in Aurora where their families had lived for generations and needed them to secure employment in the human world.

Devin's documentation listed Teresa Fields as his mother and Adam Chesterton as his father. They felt safe listing his name on the record because such records were sealed. This would also allow Adam to claim his parental rights with the authorities on the Earth plane if something happened to Teresa and Brian. After establishing their identities it was simple for them to blend in.

He had prepared special lockets for them that were to be worn at all times and when activated would notify him of any emergency. He had also given them a large enough sum of money to open an account so they could support themselves and his son for several years. The human world was financially driven so he had left little to chance. The cottage was decidedly middle class. The bank account was not so extravagant as to draw unwanted attention.

A binding spell had been placed on his child to prevent the detection of his magical signature. This would help hide him from the Omega group who could easily trace such a signature on the Earth plane. Their new existence would be mediocre and unremarkable in every way but it was the best way to ensure they drew as little attention to themselves as possible.

Knowing these things didn't make it any easier to hand his sweet, youngest son over to his friends and former servants, knowing he may not see him again until the uprising was over. Adam knocked on the Fields family's door consumed with grief and shock. Genesis, the Mage Council of Aurora, had known this might happen but never expected it to occur with such speed and determination.

The cult of dark mages known as Omega had always been opposed to the good works of the Genesis Council, especially their views concerning the treatment of humans. They felt that all mages were superior to the human race and should be treated as such. However, political interference in the human realm was strictly prohibited under Aurora law.

Despite these laws, many times in the past Omega had attempted to meddle in the human world and affect the political structure to gain power over them. Members of Genesis had always stood against the Omega by protecting the human race from their negative influences. Genesis resisted interfering in the human world of politics and focused on improving human society.

Teaching humans about beneficial medicines, helping the downtrodden, and improvement of the human condition in general was their main goal. The Omega cult, on the other hand, felt the humans were weak, inferior beings who should be ruled with an iron fist and made to serve the mages. Omega, tired of being thwarted by Genesis over the millennia, had been plotting a coup.

To seize control of the council meant the rule of Aurora and ensured their own ideas concerning interaction with humans would be enforced. Somehow the Omega cult managed to infiltrate the council ranks to a much larger degree than Genesis had suspected and assassinated the head of the council, King Raphael Stefan Jamison III, and forced Prince Jayden into hiding.

The kingdom of Aurora was now under the control of the dark mages of the Omega cult. The members of Genesis had been branded as traitors and removed from power. Their entire households had been forced into hiding to flee assassination. The birth children of the councilmen were in the most danger. As heirs to their fathers' positions they were prime targets. Their elimination would ensure the Omega Cult would be free of opposition in later years.

As future consort to Prince Jayden, Devin was a major target for assassination by the Omega cult. Until control could be wrestled from Omega, the children of the Genesis councilmen would have to be protected. The only way to protect them in such a dangerous environment was to remove them from it completely until Omega could be ferreted out and removed from power. He looked down at the innocent babe in his arms and tried to stifle the sense of dread growing in the pit of his stomach; and then, with a sigh, Adam entered the Fields' home.

"Sir Adam, I know this is hard for you but you have to know it's for the best."

Adam looked down at the sweet, chubby woman in front of him as tears of anguish began to run down his pale cheeks. She smiled a gentle sympathetic smile at him as she stretched out her soft pudgy arms for his youngest child. Adam's tears continued to fall with heart breaking agony as he hugged the baby tightly and ran his large hand over the soft, golden, curly hair that was so much like his own. He laid the baby back in his arms to take one final look at his child, watching silently as his own tear fell and slid down the baby's cheek.

"Teresa, promise me you will take good care of Devin until I can come back for him." She nodded her head in assent then reached out her arms again for the precious bundle. Adam nearly collapsed under the pain of this separation but could see no other way. He had to hurry! Even lingering this long could bring unwanted attention to his whereabouts. He reluctantly handed his child over to Teresa with a heavy heart.

"There is no way to know how long it will take the Genesis to free Aurora from the Omega cult. I need you to ensure that he learns about his true heritage and background as he grows. It is of the utmost importance that he knows these things if he is to be reintroduced to Auroran society when things are settled. Promise me this Teresa!" He had to go soon. Time was growing short.

Teresa smiled sadly as her own tears began to fall and soothingly brushed her hand over Adam's long golden curls. "Do what needs to be done Sir Adam and rest assured that Master Devin will have the best care we can offer. We'll take good care of your boy and teach him what he needs to know. Focus on making him a safe place to return to and we'll keep him safe and warm until you can come back for him. We'll miss Aurora and having you for our Master but you're right when you say we'll all be safer here."

Adam looked over Teresa's shoulder to the tall burly man behind her. Brian nodded his head in agreement and gave Adam a sad smile. "Sir Adam," Brian reached to take the mage's hand in a firm grasp. "You'd better go. The Omega can't find out where Master Devin is or he'll be in serious danger. As future consort to Prince Jayden he'll be a target to those who opposed King Raphael. Go now and know that we'll keep him safe."

With a final tearful kiss to Devin's small forehead, Adam turned and walked out the door leaving his youngest in the loving care of the Fields family. He carefully set wards of protection around the property to further hide his son's presence and then disappeared into a portal of light back to the plane of Aurora. Back to political upheaval and war.

* * * *

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