These are my own characters.


Deep within the Romanian mountains, a single road led to a modern-day fortress, set high atop a mountain. Concrete and twisted steel protected it from any possible attacks. At the base of the cliffs, dark waters raged. And in the sky, black clouds clashed with each other, forks of blue tinged lightening shooting from them.

Inside the compound, a dark-haired man stood behind a computer. His hand was placed on its closed top as he questioned the man before him. "So, you're telling me, this is it? All of Kelv's research, the tests, the Code, they're all on here?"

"Y-yes, sir." The short man kept his face downcast, afraid to meet the man's eyes.

"Good. That weasel actually ended up being good for something." Walking around the desk, the man dropped into the straight-backed chair. "Now, one more question."

The frightened guard, who had been trying to shuffle away, turned back to his lord.

"Is the Key here?"

The man nodded. "Also, the whereabouts of the Bearer of the Key are also disclosed."

"Excellent work. You will be most handsomely rewarded. Please, go now," the dark man waved his hand dismissively. Grinning to himself, he opened the laptop and booted it up.

A password check crossed the screen. 'Really, Kelv? You are far to naïve.'

Doing a simple three letter password, the man gained access to the computer's stored files.

A rakish grin flashed across his face, light up by flashes of lightening. On the screen, two files had been clicked open. One held the data for a blonde, female teen while the other had no picture, only the bold red words at the top marking it as the werewolf with the significant DNA. The Key…