I don't know where this came from and don't really know why. But the whole thing started with the phrase "It's Somebody's Else's Tragedy." Hence the title.

The Stage is empty and set.
The Directors are waiting.
The Actors are in their places.
The Audience is in their seats.
They want a show.

All I have to do is complete the Part.
Be the Character they all want me to be.
Be the lie they have all told for me.

But I won't act out their script.
They have made my Play into a caricature of what it really is.
I will not take the part in this almost Satire.
The part I was cast for is much different than the one they are expecting.

They don't want me.
All I really am is the replacement actress in this Drama
An understudy if you may.
This Part was forced on to me.
No matter what they say, this show is not for me.

No, this is not my Final Curtain call.
My Play is just different than the one the audience is waiting for.
I will give them a show.

Someday I'll act out my part.
My real part.
And the show will really be for me.
Some day soon it will.

But for now I'll give the Directors a panic,
When they seem me not stick to their script.
I'll only stay in the lines of the character a little bit.
For now.

This twisted Comedy is almost amusing.
The Actors are all so wooden and stiff.
No one is Believable.
But to keep my real character intact while acting out this caricature of a Play;
I will remind myself of a simple phrase:

This is not my Comedy, it's not my Play, and I won't make it on that Stage.
But as I can see, it's better for me, as this is Somebody's Else's Tragedy.