Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water
Undiscovered by the world
The daughters live
Themselves they shall not know,
Until the day that the Water grows weary
The Wind becomes weak,
The Fire dies down,
and The Earth longs for rest,
Then the daughters shall rein,
Their youth shall replace the old,
And the elements shall be young once more,
Together they will be,
For all of eternity,
Throughout the rewards and the battles
Together they shall fight,
For one cannot work without the other,
and never shall the day come,
when the Fire devourers the Earth,
The Water destroys the Fire,
The wind destroys the water,
and The Earth turns on the wind,
For should that day come,
The end of all life would be soon to follow,

Listen my daughters and listen well,
for this I can only say once,
If one should perish,
doomed are the others,
Thy must protect each other and the ones you love,
For the universe must be again righted,
and The Evil defeated,
For there is only one direction the world can go,
And thou must set it on the rightful path,
whichever path might that be,

Fire is as fire,
Flares and burns hot and quick,
Then settles to a low crackle,
Anger can be found here,
and must be tought to be controlled,
Brave, unwavering, Fire is,
Yet over time learns to think before it leaps,

Earth is solid as it sounds,
Slow to change and decisive,
New ideas do not appeal to thee,
And thou art a rock,
unafraid to stand strong,

Wind is the unseen,
Silently moving through the fields,
until it hits the trees,
then the tremor it shall cause,
is loud and quick,
never staying for too long,
afraid to make many friends,
fearing discovery of long ago secrets,

Water flows reluctantly,
Pulled along by other forces,
Many look at it without seeing,
None see through its indifferent face,
buried deep, it cares much,
but loss has it faced before,

The daughters must see,
They will try to hide from each other,
But this cannot be,
For if they should,
Evil will rein,
and the elements will be killed,
The life shall live without its guardians,
However, that is only one path,
One that might not be taken