Part 10a-
Ria frowed her brow in concentration. Her face turned red.
"No, no!" Rednan called shaking her out of her concentration. "You are squeezing too hard, your trying to force it! Just relax and let your power flow through the earth." The other daughters were sprawled on mats of hay about the small cave in which they were spending the night...or as long as it takes to pick up the trail. El yawned deeply.

"Red...can I go to bed??" Ria whined then laughed delirously "hehe that rhymes...Red....Bed...Red-" Red cut her off, throwing her a concerned glance.
"Ahh... maybe you are a littled ~too~ tired there, Ria" He said. The other daughters giggled.
"Ria's just a ~wee~ bit tired" Jela said still giggling. The others laughed even harder.
"Ooooo kay..." Red said survaying the four hysterically giggling girls "Why don't we ~all~ go to bed now?" For some reason that made the girls laugh harder. Red looked confused "Umm...girls? Girls?! Are y'all ok?"
"We are absolutely postively fine." El said with a completely straight face, "We're not the crazy ones, its all in your head."

"What?" Red said looking throughly confused.
"Its all in your head." She repeated simply. The other three girls held their sides in silent laughter.
"Stop that, El, it freaking me out!" El smiled
"It's not me Red, its all in your head"
"STOP!!" All four girls broke into laughter as Red glowered over them, his face a lovely shade of purple. Suddenly Ria sat up, white.
"Did, you feel that?" She asked each one of the other three girls slowly nodded their heads. Even Fera and Gaern looked spooked. Red went from Purple to white in less then three seconds. Has to be some sort of record.
"It wasn't...." He asked looking searchingly at the faces of the four girls. "But how, they couldn'e, its not possible...." He babbled
"Red, someone was using the stone." Ria said, then collasped to the floor.