It's Dramatic

He'd left me. My best friend had left me for another girl. He'd actually chosen her over me. We had always been there for each other. I mean, sure I had my other best friend, but they were there for different reasons. I'd also known Dom a lot longer than Anna. Although Anna thinks it's because I like Dom. Which I do, but that's not my reason for going to him more. I'd learned to live with the heartache.

Dominic had been avoiding me all day. Anytime my blue eyes tried to find his brown ones he'd turn away. Anytime I tried approaching he literally ran the other direction. So after practically running over everyone to beat Dom out of school, I waited for Dom by his car. And I waited, and waited… He was one of the last to exit, his girlfriend, Claire, by his side. She was a sweet, kind girl. I even admit that she was good for Dominic.

When they spotted me sitting on the trunk of Dom's car, I smiled and waved. Neither one returned my gesture. In fact, they both stopped and turned to each other, frowning. Clearly, I couldn't tell what they were saying but she looked upset and he just looked distraught. I stopped smiling and watched them in confusion. I frowned when Dom turned to me and started heading my way while Claire stayed.

"Are you guys okay?" I asked when he had reached the car. Dom hesitated to answer.

"Um, yeah, we're great… "He sounded so enthused. "I, uh… We have to talk. You and me." I looked on again in confusion, tipping my head slightly to the side. He looked away and ran a hand through his shaggy brown mop of hair.

"About what?"

"Us. I…" Dom was silent for a moment before he groaned and clenched his fists. "We can't be friends anymore, Lacey!" He blurted. I was shell shocked. "Look, Claire mentioned the other day that I spend more time with you than I do with her. When I thought about, she was right. You're my best friend Lacey, but… she's my girlfriend. I really like her and I want the two of us to work." By now I was angry and I didn't want to hear anything else he had to say. He'd already said what he needed to. I easily cut him off.

"I get it. I'm a friend, something unimportant when better things come along. I'm someone you can toss aside 'cause she has other friends and won't care if she's missing one. Well you're wrong, Dominic, very, very wrong." With that all said and done, I grabbed my bag and hopped off the trunk of his car. He kept calling my name, but I ignored him as I stalked off. I was trying as hard as I could to hold the tears in. I also swear that when I spied Claire out of the corner of my eye, she was looking pretty smug. Sweet, kind girl my butt.

Anna had been the most amazing friend in the world though, after Dom left. She knew just the right things to say and do. Mostly…

"He said that?" Anna asked. I think she was as shocked as I was. She didn't believe he could say something like that as much as I couldn't believe it.

I nodded mutely and wiped at the tears on my face. I'd arrived five minutes ago, bawling my eyes out. Anna rubbed my back and stood up. "I'll got get some good old comfort food. And then we'll talk about what a horrible person Dominic is for ditching you." I whimpered at the thought and buried my head in one of her pillows. "Oh! Sorry Lacey! I'll just go get that comfort food now!" Anna dashed out of there, mumbling stupid to herself the whole time. I almost laughed.

"Alright," she said loudly when she returned. "I have movies, ice cream, and chocolate. My mom is making the brownies. Hopefully we'll have ice cream left by then. Mmm... They'll be so yummy!" She started poking me in the side. "Huh? Huh? Am I right? Won't they be so delicious?" I shrugged nonchalantly and she started trying to tickle me. "Come on... you know they will be." I squirmed away, trying to hide my smile.

"I know, I know! Just no more tickling!"

"Okay! As long as you're smiling!" I laughed and knocked Anna over in a hug.

"You are the best friend! Who needs a guy best friend? Who needs guys?"

"Exactly! Now let's watch some movies and talk about how horrible Dominic is."

"Don't forget how evil Claire must really be."

Well, talking about Dom didn't help much. And the next day at school was so hard. Dom was in two of my classes. We had the same lunch together. Our lockers were practically across from each other. Dom kept trying to talk to me, too.

"Come on, Lacey. Can we at least talk for a moment?" I sighed and turned around, closing my locker.

"I don't want to talk, Dominic." I could see he was shocked. I never called him by his full name. There was also the tone I was using that I never used on him. "You made yourself clear. You had a decision to make and you made it. Me or her. You chose her. So I think you should run along and go hang out with your girlfriend!" I turned back around and stalked off. He followed right behind.

"I don't understand what you're so mad about! She's my girlfriend Lacey! What was I supposed to do?" I whirled around again, fed up.

"I don't know Dom! If it were me, I would've dumped her. That's what I did to half the boyfriends I ever had! They ask me to choose and I drop them without a second thought. You were one of my best friends! I wasn't going to lose you because some guy couldn't accept that I had male friends too!" I could see he was shocked. I hadn't ever told him that. Only Anna knew. I just told him it never worked out. "Yeah. I didn't need you getting suspending for beating the guy. So, now, you and I are no longer friends. That's the way you wanted it and that's the way it is. So, please, just leave me alone. This isn't all anger coming out of me. And you'll never understand all of it." With that I turned and made my way out of school before he could see me cry.

The weeks after that weren't much easier. Dom didn't try talking to me. That hurt more than him trying to talk to me. To me, it meant that he'd given up. It meant that he really did care more about his girlfriend than me. I guess friends come second to some people. Even best friends you've known since third grade…

Three months had passed since then. Two weeks had passed since Claire and Dominic broke up. Dom had tried speaking to me three times. He only got me speaking on the third time because he'd cornered me. Not literally, but it was quite an awkward situation.

I was walking home. My car had died, but it was a nice day out anyways. I hadn't even made it off school grounds when I was tackled to the ground. A hand grabbed my arm and turned me onto my back. A weight settles on my stomach and I found Dom sitting on me. I glared and tried pushing him off. He easily caught my hands and kept them.

"Claire and I broke up," he announced. I rolled my eyes. Who didn't know that by now? It'd been a week.

"I am aware of that. Everyone knows that." I hated thinking about. It meant that he'd dropped a life long friendship for a girl who was gone two and a half months later. This hurt, but another, more vengeful part of me thought it was funny he lost me and then her. He had another thing coming if he thought I'd jump right back into his arms. Even if I really wanted to…

He looked at me expectantly, a bright smile on his face, and I knew that was exactly what he wanted me to do. I sighed.

"You aren't forgiven." His smile dropped from his face like a rock. I didn't even flinch.

"What? Come on, Lacey!" he groaned. "It was a mistake! I was wrong! I'm sorry! What else do you want me to do?" I let out a frustrated cry and suddenly pushed him off me. I sat up and pulled my legs out from under his.

"You just don't get it! Who the hell ruins a life long friendship over a teenage crush?! Half of this isn't even because you threw me away like trash." He tried to say something, but I wasn't done ranting. "I like you Dominic! I thought I'd learned to live with the heart break but apparently I was just bottling it up. Well here it is! I like you Dominic! Maybe even love, I don't know! You're my best friend and you threw me out! We're done!" I was bawling by now. When I was done, I figured for good measure and since I didn't plan on talking to him anymore, I grabbed Dom's head and crashed my lips with his. I pulled away a couple seconds later.

"Oh yeah, better than I ever thought," I muttered to myself and started reaching for my bookbag. I wiped some of my tears away and saw Dom out of the corner of my eye. He was watching me with wide eyes, his mouth hanging wide open. Normally I would've laughed. Today I sniffled, stood up with my bookbag, and wiped more tears away. As I turned away I said out loud, "Close your mouth. You'll catch flies."

I pushed passed some of the people that had gathered around us. Half a second later I heard Dom call my name. I took of flying down the side walk, sobbing and the whole terrible mess. I faintly heard Anna call out to me but I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. It was more official than anything official could get. Dominic and I were no longer friends and we would never be friends again…

That was a week ago. The next day everyone was either giving me pitiful looks or glares. Some thought I had been too harsh to Dominic and others felt bad that I'd had to go through something like that. (Really people, there are more tragic things in the world. I'll get over it.) Today there were whispers. Everyone was looking at me. I frowned and scanned the halls for any of my friends. I found two of my friends, Holly and Veronica, giggling to each other at their lockers.

"Hey guys!" I greeted, coming up to them. They stopped laughing but turned to me with smiling faces. "What's going on?"

Holly shrugged. "Nothing."

I raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Nothing? Then why is everyone whispering and staring at me?"

Veronica shrugged now. "We don't know what you're talking about."

My brow furrowed and I pursed my lips. "You guys are so weird sometimes…" I left them in pursuit of Anna. She would know what was going on.

"I don't know!" she cried when I found her at her locker. "Nobody will tell me anything! They're all like 'What are you talking about? Nothing's going on.'" She groaned loudly as we headed for my locker. "They're liars, Lacey! A bunch of-" She stopped talking as we both stopped walking. My locker was covered in a bunch of "I'm sorry! :)" papers. They were shaped into a giant heart. It touched the floor, went above my locker, and spanned two lockers down on each side of my own. I wanted to cry.

"Start tearing it down," I mumbled to Anna. She started tearing the papers down from other lockers and I opened mine. Inside was a note, taped to my shelf.

Well, you're still my best friend. I'm not giving up that easy. I know I made a horrible mistake. I want to fix it.

Yours, Dominic.

I crumpled the paper up, tears burning in my eyes. Why couldn't he leave me alone? I didn't want to be his friend. I wanted to either be with him or have nothing to do with him. Now that Dom knew I liked him, I couldn't settle for in between. It would always be awkward, and embarrassing to me to know that he knew that I had stronger feelings for him.

I looked behind me, but Dominic wasn't at his locker. So I pulled my first period books out of my locker before helping Anna take down the rest of the paper. Together we took it and threw it all in a trash can nearby. Then we split up, heading for our first period. I noticed as I walked that everyone was still staring, but it was with less excitement and more disappointment. People should mind there own business. Then again, this is high school, I'm a part of the drama, and high schoolers thrive off drama. Unless it's their own, of course.

When I entered the class I headed straight for my seat without looking to Dom's desk like I'd done every day until a week ago. I sat down and shoved my books to the corner of my desk. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Dominic looking at me. I think he was looking for a reaction. I wasn't going to give him one. I wasn't going to give in that easily.

After class Dominic caught up with me. I tried leaving with everybody else, hoping he would lose me when everyone joined the crowd. I thought I had lost him until someone gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I turned around to face Dominic.

"Well…?" He looked at me expectantly and I furrowed my brow and pursed my lips. He needed a verbal confirmation? Is he trying to torture me? I may be mad at him, but it's not easy telling him to back off so many times.

I sighed, and with a roll of my eyes, ran a hand through my light brown hair. "Look, a bunch of 'I'm sorry' papers all over my locker isn't going to fix everything. Thanks for giving the school a reason to hate me, by the way. Just do us both a favor and stop trying to fix this." The look in his big brown eyes was tearing my heart out so I turned away and quickly left.

These… apologies continued every other day for the next week and a half. He'd done a lot of stupid stuff. I had to admit though that I was breaking. Slowly, but surely he was shoving himself through my defensive wall. I didn't want to admit but it was true. I hated it. He wanted to be friends and that just couldn't happen.

Today he was standing on top of a lunch table in the cafeteria, singing. He does not have a good singing voice. The only reason I hadn't left already or stopped him from singing was because nobody would let me. Even Anna wasn't helping me escape. People I didn't even know were making me face Dominic. I was ready to cry, from sadness and frustration, when Dom hopped off the table. I didn't even give him time to speak.

"You just don't get it! I don't want to be friends with you anymore! We have to stay the way we are or go beyond friends. Just friendship by itself isn't enough anymore!" I was crying now and I could feel myself choking up. My throat felt dry and swollen so I swallowed hard. It didn't help any. "And you keep coming up with all these ridiculous ways to apologize, but you won't say it to my face! You don't even actually talk to me!" I yanked myself away from the strangers I called classmates and shoved past all of them to leave the cafeteria.

"You don't ever let me talk, Lacey! And then you run away, like you are now!" Dominic had followed me through the crowd. I stopped and turned around. I was in the doorway and he was in front of the crowd. I really wish they'd all just disappear…

"Maybe you should find a way to shut me up then! And maybe…maybe I like running!" As I finished saying this I turned back around and quickly continued out of the room. I knew it was lame, but I didn't have another come back. It was something I did seem to know best, though.

I was crying and didn't hear Dom running after me until it was too late. He whirled me around by my shoulders and his lips descended upon my own. This kiss was far better than when I had kissed him. That may also have to do with the fact that this was not one sided. He kissed me and I gladly kissed back without a second thought. When he pulled away my brain started working again.

"Wh-" I had barely breathed the first syllable out when Dom kissed me again. He pulled away a moment later but just enough so that our lips would touch if one of us spoke.

"Listen…" He breathed tenderly, his lips brushing mine. I couldn't help myself and kissed him again. He pulled away laughing and took a half step away. "Lacey."

"I'm starting like this game though," I responded with a pout. My wall had crumbled to the ground and had been walked all over. I was mush in his hands right now. If he asked me to marry him, I'd probably say yes.

He smiled sweetly and tucked some hair behind me ear.

"Lace, I really do like you. Maybe love too, I don't know." He was stealing my words, the little bugger. "I'm sorry for… for everything. I should've dropped Claire the moment she suggested what she did. I also should've tried a little harder to talk to you. I never knew you could move that fast. I should've just tackled to you again," he joked. I smiled now and a small laugh escaped me.

"It probably would've worked. Or you might've ended up with a black eye." I stepped forward and hugged Dom close. "I'm sorry for the way I treated you," I whispered into his shirt. He wrapped his arms around me.

"It's okay. I understand." It was silent a moment before he mumbled into my hair, "I missed you."

"I missed you, too," I whispered back into his hair. He lifted his head and mine to meet his eyes. "No more running?" I pursed my lips.

"You did some running, too, you know."

"That was only for a day. You on the other hand…"


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