Tangled Trap

One missed call. One missed call. Andi didnt recognize the number at all. She just noticed the message on the answering machine that she shared with her girlfriend, Miho. They had just moved in together after a month of dating. It took a long time for Andi to get her lover to settle down. Miho seemed rather restless with love. She just wanted to play the fields for a little while longer. Andi never gave up on the girl the whole time. She loved the Japanese tomboy so much. Since the Russian sweetheart couldnt have Noizchild, she made do with Miho. Everything seemed stable and perfect on the surface. But the cracks forever managed to peek through the happiness. They turned out to be another one of those cracks.

Andi noticed that crack when she saw the light blinking on the answering machine when she got home from her Monday afternoon class. The Russian woman set down her books and things on the couch and turned to the room. She looked on the wooden black-painted side table next to the light lime green couch. Curious, Andi walked over to the better for a look. She hit play. The following message shocked her to her very core.

Monday, June 18th, 2071. At one thirty-seven p.m. From 3-827-1581, the answering machines voice called out. Andi froze up at that number. This number came from Tokyo, but she had never heard of it before. It certainly didnt come from Noiz or any of the staff members at all. A nervous fear came over the Russian college transfer student. What if Miho is cheating on me again? she thought. Her lover had been flirting with other men and women over the internet. That seemed fine for Andi. Nothing ever became of these flings. Many men and women found Miho pretty attractive. But yet, the tomboy always brushed them off and kept going. However, the Japanese girl did look at other people from time to time. But, nothing became of looking either. Andi did worry about Miho straying constantly. Maybe this time, she actually acted on her endless desire. The voice following the data made things even worse.

Hey this is, Yamaguchi Takeo. Just calling you back. Thanks for last night. I really enjoyed myself. Give me a call when you get this. Love you, bye-bye! the voice said after the data.

End of messages, the machine said at last. The answering machine beeped out loud. Andi sat there in cold shock. Takeo Yamaguchi called their apartment? Takeo Yamaguchi called their apartment? Takeo Yamaguchi called their apartment? Shock, sorrow, and anger filled up the Russian woman. She hated that name so much. Takeo Yamaguchi was the son of a famous modern Japanese artist. The man had everything. Girls flocked to his feet because of his looks. He could afford anything that he wanted. Takeo didnt really do anything because he was an heir to the Yamaguchi fortune. That wasnt why Andi didnt like him at all. She had competed with guys before. The woman usually won. Andi had the confidence to go against a man like Takeo. So, whats the problem? He seemed to hold the attention of both Noiz *and* Miho almost too easily. In a room with all three women and Takeo without Rob, the kitty and the tomboy would be focused on the heir. Andi just wanted to punch him in the face!

The Russian woman sank down onto the floor in despair. She just couldnt believe it. Miho had been cheating on her with Takeo. Andi should have been more suspicious when Miho said that she would be heading out last night. The tomboy barely went out on Sunday nights. But, Andi didnt think much about it. She just thought her girlfriend just wanted to take a break from the studies with school. But now, that added insult to injury. Miho went out last night, met up with Takeo, and probably sent the night with him. Andi shuttered all over. Oh god! she thought. Miho cheated on me with that playboy! I think Im going to be sick! She broke down into bitter tears of sorrowful loss. Andi had to lay down the law for Miho or be content with being second-best.

Then, the front door opened wide. Im home! a voice called out. Andi looked up from the floor and saw Miho coming into their apartment. Her girlfriend looked up at her worry. The tomboy dropped all of her tings on the floor in concern when she saw the tears in Andis eyes.

Andi-chan, she said. Whats the matter? Andi took in a deep breath and bit her lip. This was now or never. She stood her ground firmly.

Miho-chan! the Russian woman said aloud with trembling voice. We need to talk! Her girlfriend froze up nervously. That only meant one little thing Oh crap! the tomboy thought. Shes found out about Takeo and me! Miho thought in guilty panic. No turning back now. The tomboy had to face her girlfriend with her infidelity.

Cheating Doesnt Pay