Well, here it is, a new story!!

Silver Spire as well as Island Boy are being worked on (can't think of anything for the latter), Iphio and Golden Outcast are on hiatus, and Orca Mermaid is getting a big rewrite.

But now, I present to you the history of the Harrell family for this story, "Tainting a Dynasty."

The Harrell family was a royal clan formed from architects that lived on the outskirts of a small village called "Caribou Hill." The citizens of Caribou Hill had come to rely on the Harrells as leaders, providers, and bodyguards. In return for their protection, the villagers would provide them fruits, musical instruments, and other nice gifts.

The first members of the royal Harrell family were Raphael Vincent Harrell and his wife Edith, who came from a city far away from Caribou Hill. From them they bore three children: Raphael Franklin II, Dahlia Marie, and Jacob Wayne. Even though Raphael II was next in line to receive the title, it was Jacob who designed the family's castle. It was five stories high and built right near the Lorna River. The men, young and old, were hired to build this wonderful Harrell home in exchange for ten silver coins. It was completed in a period of five years, starting when Raphael II was only fourteen. To celebrate the completion, Raphael II became engaged to his childhood friend, Noelle.

Some people criticized the second Raphael for taking a woman's hand in marriage before he turned twenty-one (Noelle was two years older than her soon-to-be husband), but others said that it was quite common for the sons of rich people to be engaged before they become adults. They were the ones who assisted Edith in preparing for her son's wedding.

Raphael II and Noelle married in July, thirteen months after Harrell Castle was completed. All the villagers witnessed the event and presented a family tree to the newlyweds at the reception.

"This is to keep track of all the generations to come, sir," a villager explained to Raphael II. "When you and Mrs. Harrell have children of your own, you can put them down, and when your brother and sister have their own prodigy, they will do the same thing."

"Hail the Harrell family! Hail, hail!" a young child exclaimed.

"Hail the Harrell family!" the villagers echoed.

Just six months after they were married, Noelle discovered that she was carrying a six-week-old fetus inside her. When word reached the villagers, they praised and congratulated the young couple. It was not until late September that Ramona Edith Harrell was brought into the world. Following her birth two years and two months later was yet another daughter, this one named Georgette Dahlia. Six years later, on the fifteenth day of August, Noelle and Raphael II became the proud parents of twin sons: Raphael Jacob III and Vincent John.

As for the other two siblings of Raphael II, Dahlia became a nun at the local cathedral, while Jacob married to the blacksmith's daughter Mary and had one child with her, a daughter called Monica Winifred, born two months after Georgette. The two were good playmates growing up.

When Raphael III and Vincent were twelve, a sudden change came upon the family. Raphael II and Noelle had announced that they were going to split up, but not divorce, as the Harrells were of the Catholic religion. They never got back together. Raphael II oversaw the development of the housing in Caribou Hill, and Noelle kept to one end of the Harrell Castle and never spoke to her husband again. She died at the age of forty-nine; Raphael II at age fifty-two.

Raphael III became the next patriarch of his family when he was twenty-two. Vincent and Ramona moved away from home and became married to other rich people, and, like her aunt Dahlia, Georgette became a nun for the cathedral. Three years after inheriting the throne, Raphael III married Lisa du Rogue of the du Rogue family. This was a notable marriage that was referred to as the merging of two powerful families. It was not until Raphael III was thirty when he and Lisa had their first son: Raphael Clancy IV. Five years after his birth, Raphael IV gained a younger brother: Lucian Roger.

Raphael IV and Lucian were mischievous brothers who usually weren't allowed outside the castle unless given otherwise. When they did, unfortunately, they stirred enough chaos to last a month.

"Those boys must be separated!" the villagers protested. "Send one away and keep the other here!"

Raphael III and Lisa did send someone away to boarding school, but it was not who everyone thought it would be. The villagers assumed that the couple would send Lucian away and keep the fourth Raphael born in the Harrell family. But it went the other way around: Raphael IV was sent to Blue Storm Academy for seven years and Lucian was homeschooled.

When Raphael IV went to boarding school, he was only eleven, and was eighteen when he came back. He never was allowed to visit his hometown during his time there, and was limited to send two letters a year. One of the letters sent was that of a desperate apology:

To Mother and Father,

I cannot stand this place anymore! It is too much! I am sorry Lucian and I caused SO much trouble when we were younger!!! Tell the villagers that I apologize for my unruly behavior whenever I went outside Harrell Castle!!

Life at Blue Storm Academy is full of misery! We start classes at six o'clock in the morning and it does not end until fifteen minutes after five! We eat oatmeal for breakfast, bologna sandwiches and mashed potatoes for lunch, and liver and onions for dinner! We barely get a dessert, no matter how many times I suggest this to the chefs there. And after dinner, we waste four hours praying before we go to bed! And we don't get weekends off!

Please, Mother and Father, I beg of you to rescue me from this awful place!! If you do, I will correct my errors and make amends with all of Caribou Hill's citizens! I cannot even remember what you look like.

I am sorry for the troubles. Now, PLEASE BRING ME HOME.


Raphael C. Harrell IV

P.S. Tell Lucian that I miss him.

Unfortunately for the son, Raphael III and Lisa were too busy to even take a carriage out to Blue Storm Academy and see him for a few hours. And when he returned to Harrell Castle at the age of eighteen, he was a whole new person.

Raphael IV used to be loud and mischievous, but now, with his hope gone, he was sullen and ill-tempered. Years later, it was said that Raphael Clancy Harrell IV was the worst patriarch of the family.

Just a few days after he returned home, a mysterious thing happened: Raphael III and Lisa were found dead. Although autopsy reported that they died of heart problems, but the villagers assumed that their eldest son killed them, and for the next five years, it was noting but torture for Caribou Hill.

Raphael IV overtaxed the villagers and refused to built anymore houses for them, adding that anyone caught building a house or a stable will be punished severely. He also had a few buff palace servants go out far away and bring back to him a beautiful young maiden. They complied, and when they came back, they presented to him a blond-haired, light green-eyed maiden named Amelia Thompson. Immediately after being brought to Harrell Castle, poor Amelia was married to the cruel man. Three of those five years saw the birth of their children: twins Michael Joseph and Ava Stephanie, Lucille Vanessa, and lastly, Raphael Jonathan V.

Then, during the fifth year of his reign, in the middle of February, a harbor was built near Lorna River, and the first ones to dock at it were ambitious sailors. Raphael IV met and befriended them and spent most of his days down there. Amelia did not chastises her husband; she was glad that he was finally socializing with other people.

But then, just two weeks after the sailors arrived at Caribou Harbor, they left, and they took Raphael IV with them. He was never seen or heard from again.

With her husband gone, Amelia had to assume the duties her husband occupied, along with helping the village's citizens with building homes, stables, and shops. Her four children were watched over by the palace servants until Michael and Ava were old enough to assist her. Raphael V was only two when his father vanished, so he never got to know him.

Years passed since the disappearance of Raphael C. Harrell IV. With his brother gone, Lucian took up the leadership role. He married his sweetheart Jane and they had two kids known as Chloe and Eric, and became a father figure to Raphael V and his siblings as they grew up.

Ava was fifteen when she joined her mother with helping improving Caribou Hill, and somewhere along the line, she became pregnant with a teenager whom she refuses to name. Eight months later, on March 19th, Ava bore twins: Ethan Roger and Felicity Nova. Ava was forbidden to marry anyone as a result.

Lucille and Michael didn't have any children when they got older (yet), but Raphael V was planning on having some when he got married. When he reached the age of twenty-one, he went out soul-searching.

A year later, he found his soul mate: Georgia Camlin of the Sill River Camlins. They fell in love and wed each other two years later. To the surprise of everyone, both Raphael V and Georgia had twelve children, who each had a unique talent:

Cicero James, the family's skilled mathematician.

Augusta Caroline, an excellent weaver of clothing and stories.

Louisa Edith, the quiet one who spent her days learning about astronomy.

Shannah Chloe, a born gardener. She is good friends with her cousin Felicity.

Joel Wilhelm, a boy who was talented with the violin. Twin brother of Bridgette. He was the first boy born in four years, after his brother Cicero.

Bridgette Zinnia, the twin sister of Joel. Her fingers were meant to hit the keys of a piano and make wonderful music.

Vincent Adam, who was as swift as a deer.

Edwin Timothy, the expert horseman. He loved animals.

Katherine Megan, the bookworm. She is quiet like Louisa, but enjoys music. She even reads while listening to Joel and Bridgette play their instruments.

Collin Nathaniel, a painter who usually used cool colors (blue, green, purple) to make his paintings. Twin brother of Belle.

Belle Amelia, also a painter like her twin Collin. Unlike him, however, she uses warm colors (red, orange, yellow) for her paintings.

Leonardo Betram, an archer. He is still praticing, with the help of the servants who work in Harrell Castle.

Eloise Rosaline, the youngest of the twelve with the singing voice of a mockingbird.

These twelve prodigies increased the family count, along with their mother Georgia, from eight to twenty-one. But they weren't the only ones, though. After Georgia married Raphael V, she encouraged her sister Nicola, along with her husband David Willis and two children, Isabel and Thomas, to join her in Harrell Castle. At the time of her sister's wedding, Nicola was five months pregnant with her third child, and four months after moving in, Marcella Ingrid entered the world.

For the next five years after the birth of Eloise, life was peaceful with the Harrell family. The children played with one another, the women walked out in the beautiful sunshine, and the men worked to help Caribou Hill thrive in prosperity.

But then, tragedy struck on winter afternoon.

Georgia Harrell, wife of the fifth Raphael and mother of twelve, died of illness.