The Fifth Visit

Yet another two weeks later, Ryan was sitting at home on his couch, flicking steadily through the TV channels. He sighed in frustration. There was nothing to watch, he hadn't had sex in just over eight weeks, and he couldn't stop thinking about Rachael (which certainly didn't help the sexual frustration). He looked up as his younger sister walked into the house and smiled at her.

"Hey Suzie. Why aren't you at uni?"

She flopped down on the couch beside him and stole the controls. "The rest of my lectures were cancelled."

"Why are you sitting here?" she asked. "It's your RDO, go do something."

"I am doing something. I'm watching television," he said, waving absently at the TV.

She snorted. "Flicking through the channels does not count as watching television. Let's do something together. What do you want to do?" she asked, bouncing excitedly.

"Sure," he said with a smile, throwing his arm around her, "Let's watch TV."

She rolled her eyes. "C'mon Ry," she said, turning off the set and standing in front of him, "I'll even let you give me sex advice."

He frowned at her. "I don't feel like talking about sex."

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at him, completely shocked. She closed her mouth and eyed him closely. "Then let's go to that library and return those books you got me."

He stiffened and a smile grew on her face.

"You've read them all already?" he asked her carefully.

"Yes," she said, clapping her hands excitedly, "Let's go get more!"

Ryan refused to budge as she tried to pull him off the couch, her little 5'0" form too weak to shift his larger, stubborn weight. "You can go by yourself can't you?" he said, wrestling his arm free and flicking the TV back on with the remote in his hand. She snatched it away from him and turned it back off, her hands moving to her hips.

"No. I need your help. You pick good books," she said, then made her eyes open wide, innocently fluttering her eyelashes, "You wouldn't want me to get the wrong idea about sex if I chose a bad book would you?"

He growled. Evil, manipulative sister!

Ryan made sure that they entered the library through the back, trying to avoid Rachael as much as possible. He hadn't decided what his next move would be, and so he hadn't planned on visiting this fortnight. He followed behind Suzie, keeping a wary eye out. Suzie glanced around in interest.

"So what's so good about this library Ry?" she asked, smiling up at him.

"The books," he deadpanned.

"Ri-ight," Suzie said, rolling her eyes.

"Aren't you going to look at books?" he asked, slightly irritated. She picked one out randomly and shoved it at him.

"What about this one?" she asked distractedly, still rubbernecking as she tried to look around the shelves at the rest of the library. He looked at the cover and smirked.

"Something you're not telling me Sue?" he asked, holding up a book with two women on it. She blushed uncontrollably and quickly snatched it back. He laughed, forgetting his anxiety and wrapping his arms around her in a hug, kissing her cheek.

Rachael stood by her counter and watched them, fuming with anger. How dare he bring his little girlfriend in here and flaunt her in her face? After she had just spent the last two weeks feeling bad that she'd lumped him in with her previous lovers and boyfriends! She needed to get over her need to tame players. She glanced at the petite blonde and shifted awkwardly, feeling self-conscious and overly large. The girl was the complete opposite of herself, more like the other short blonde, Megan, only even smaller and more delicate.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mrs. Butterman fix her hair and hurry over towards Ryan on her old legs. He looked up and smiled as the older lady approached. He introduced his woman, who smiled prettily and laughed. Rachael growled. She even had a soft, musical laugh! She glared as the blonde blushed as Ryan teased her and burried her head into his chest.

She looked down and noticed she had shredded an empty envelope into tiny pieces in her anger. Thankful that it hadn't been important, Rachael stormed into the staffroom to eat her lunch.

When she re-emerged fifteen minutes later, she grabbed a pile of returned books and resolutely wandered the isles, putting the books back into place. She stopped when she noticed Ryan, and hid behind a shelf to watch as he sat down in front of a group of small children-Mrs Butterman hovering with a beaming smile. His little girlfriend was nowhere in sight.

She smiled as a little girl called Emma stood up proudly and informed Ryan that it was her birthday. He widened his eyes and smiled at her. "Really? How old are you today?"

"Five!" Emma said proudly, holding up five fingers.

Ryan grinned and ruffled her hair. "Well you can pick the first book then," he said, pointing to a pile. He scrunched up his nose though when she handed him a Barbie book. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled again and pulled her up onto his lap. The boys groaned, but Ryan promised them a manly truck story next.

Rachael jumped as someone coughed quietly behind her. She turned and looked down at the little blonde. "Yes?" she asked tightly.

The young woman grinned and looked her up and down. She then glanced past her shoulder to look at Ryan. "So you're the reason I've been inundated with naughty books," she said with a wide smile.

Rachael frowned in confusion, but the blonde continued, "I'm Suzie, Ryan's sister."

Her jaw dropped and she looked at the woman closely, finally seeing the obvious facial similarities. She felt like an idiot.

"Oh," she said with a slight blush, "Nice to meet you. Ryan told me about you."

Suzie brightened with pleasure for a moment, before smirking slightly. "So...did Ryan mess up?" she asked, "He's been miserable and short-tempered lately. Here I was, blaming the lack of sex- but it all makes sense now. What did he do?"

Rachael shifted awkwardly. "Well, I suppose it was something I did actually."

Suzie's eyebrows rose and she laughed. "Oh, that's a new one. Do you like him?"

"No," Rachael answered quickly.

"Really?" Sue asked with a frown.

Rachael sighed. "Fine. I like him a little."

Suzie rolled her eyes then giggled. "Do you think he's hot?"

"No," Rachael said with a scoff.

"Hmm. Really? I don't believe you."

Rachael shrugged. "He's not ugly..." Suzie just smiled at her. "Fine! He's bloody gorgeous," she grumbled, "But don't tell him I said that. His head's big enough as it is."

Suzie laughed. "Oh, I know," she said, then nudged Rachael gently, "So...if you're the one that messed up, what are you doing here?"

"What do you mean? I work here."

Sue huffed in frustration. "I mean why are you standing here talking to me?! Go grab him!"

"What? No. He's still mad at me."

Sue rolled her eyes. "Well I know next to nothing about boys, but I do know my brother. Ryan is a big softy. He's a sucker for a sad pout and an apology. Just apologise for whatever you did and tell him you like him. If he has it as bad as I think he does, he'll be forgiving all in seconds."

"You think?" Rachael asked uncertainly. Ryan glanced up and spotted Sue. His eyes drifted to Rachael and he stared. Sue grinned.

"Oh yeah, he has it bad."

Ryan got up and walked over, his eyes flickering between the two. His lip quirked wryly. "What have you been doing, little sister?" he asked in a low voice.

She grinned and waved her hand. "This and that," she said, then grabbed their hands and placed them together. She let them go and Ryan held on, raising an eyebrow at her. She pointed to some chairs in a reading corner. "Go and talk," she commanded. Rachael couldn't help but smile, straightening her spine and tugging on Ryan's hand.

"Follow me Ryan," she said clearly, "I want to talk to you." He let her drag him along to the quiet reading area. She let go of his hand and he leaned casually back against the wall. He stared at her, waiting for her to talk. Anxious, she bit her lip and looked away. "Look," she started, "I'm not good at this whole sappy apology thing. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry and..." She paused and turned her head to look him in the eye. "I like you."

His expression remained the same for a few, devastatingly long heart beats. Then he grinned, reaching forward, snagging her hand and pulling her toward him for a hard kiss. He eased away eventually and she struggled to breathe as his lips twitched into a cheeky grin. "I knew you couldn't resist my sexy manliness," he said, wiggling his eyebrows comically. She whacked him and pushed him away with a scowl. Laughing, he swung her up into his arms (bridal style) and she let out a small squeal of surprise. He sat down in a chair, draping her over his lap.

"I can't believe you just did that!" she breathed, "No one's ever picked me up before."

He chuckled. "Well I'm not the bulkiest guy in the world, but I'm strong enough to lift chicks much heavier than you," he said smiling, then cupped her face and kissed her again, this time slow and deep. He pulled back slightly, his face turning serious as he gazed into her eyes, "You're the most beautiful, unique girl I've ever met...and I want you to be mine."

She melted against him, her arms slipping from his neck as they turned to jelly. "I'll be yours," she said slowly, "But I want you to be mine too."

He grinned and kissed her forehead. "Well that's usually how it works," he said.

She frowned at him. "I mean it. I don't want to share you with any other girls."

His eyes flashed slightly in realisation, before he smiled and plucked at her lower lip with his teeth. "Well then it's a good thing, that the only woman I want, is you." She smiled and dropped a brief kiss on his lips.

"Fine then," she said, faking nonchalance. "But I'm only going to admit this once, so you had better listen well.'

She cleared her throat. "You're the most charming, sexy guy I've ever met...and I'm completely yours."


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