Break Down

Miho looked at her really pale. Did he call? she asked in a small voice. More tears formed in Andis eyes. She didnt say a word. The Russian woman just played the machine on the answering machine.

Monday, June 18th, 2071. At one thirty-seven p.m. From 3-827-1581, the answering machines voice called out again.

Hey this is, Yamaguchi Takeo. Just calling you back. Thanks for last night. I really enjoyed myself. Give me a call when you get this. Love you, bye-bye! Takeos message followed behind. Miho looked pale at first. But then, Andi looked really into her eyes. She could see a little joy in her girlfriends eyes. Andis heart sank at that one.

Whats the deal here? she almost shouted. Are you cheating again? I thought you stopped from the last time! Miho bit her lip and looked down at her feet.

Yeah, she admitted in soft shame. Andis heart sank even more to her stomach.

How long? she asked. Miho looked up at her with fear in her eyes now. She really didnt want to answer that one at all. She just wished that she could just sink into the floor and disappear forever. Andi grew even more upset.

How long?!? she cried out. Miho swallowed hard and bit her lip again. The tomboy had no choice at all, but to answer.

Eight weeks, she mumbled. Andi looked at her with wide eyes of shock.

Eight weeks?!? she screamed out. Eight weeks?!? How could you?!? Miho looked down in shame again.

But Andi, she tried reason. I love him! Andi looked at her crushed.

You love him?!? she screamed. Miho nodded softly. Andi felt as if she had been hit by a double-decker bus. She couldnt believe what she was hearing. Miho loved a guy over her? There could be no words could describe this tragedy. But yet, Andi pushed herself to keep going.

More than me? she asked fighting back her tears. Miho smiled at her a little bit.

No, she replied. I love you just as much as him. That didnt really help at all. Andis tears really began to fall now. Thats not what she wanted to hear. The Russian woman believed in true love to the fullest. She believed in one person for one special someone. Andi just wanted to be the only one in Mihos life. The next part only made it even worse. The tomboy shrugged at her innocently.

Sorry, she said. What else can I do? Im a bisexual. I love both men and women! That just destroyed everything. Andi ran back to their room and locked the door. Miho ran right after her. She pounded on the door.

Andi, sweetie! the tomboy called out. Its not that bad! I still love you, you know! I just love Takeo just as much as you, okay? I cant help it! Andi refused to hear anymore from her lover.

Just go away! she screamed. Just want to be alone! Miho refused to do so. She just sat down at the door and waited for the rest of the day. Andi refused to come out of their room. Miho had done it once again. Right after she promised not to. The Russian woman should have known. Looks like she would spent another long moment in the slump. Where did I go wrong this time? Andi thought. She should have done the smart thing the first time and dumped her cheating behind. But yet, Andi just couldnt stay away from that sexy tomboy. Miho was just that irresistible. That my friends, can be such a flaw.

Then in sorrow, Andi remembered a number the next time Miho cheated. This situation became an emergency and called for help. So, the Russian woman picked up her cell phone and dialed that one number for help.

Hello? a voice on the line asked.

*Sniffle* Polly? Andi said on the phone. Miho done it again!

Oh my! she called. Ill be right over! Then, they hung up the phone. Andi lowered the phone and cried even more. This would be a cold and deep slump. One that would last for months. Oh, why does love have to hurt so much sometimes

Love Hurts Badly