Writer's note: Well… This poem was made a very long time ago, 7th grade as well. I hope you enjoy, and also please note that I use an alternative word, cos instead of 'cause or because. It's just my little mark on poetry.

Its okay,

I'll be here even if you don't want me to stay

I'd never leave your side

Even if my presence is the one thing you want me to hide

Let's just give it one more chance,

Even if its my last time with you, I want to dance

One more time and I'll be happy for you

Even if you leave me for someone new

Maybe then,

I'll learn my lesson but when?

Will I even want to know?

Only maybe if your the one to show

Will I ever see the light?

Or maybe my eyes and my head wont see what's right

Cos maybe it's just for you I would fight

Nothing will get in my way

My pride and my sadness, I put down to lay

I will never give in

Until your words give me the pin

Who will know?

Maybe from the will from the darkness, my face I'll show

Just to try to be with you

Cos I'd do anything to tell you my feelings are true.

I wouldn't regret it cos right now I'm pretty blue.

I'll just do it for you

Just to tell you my heart isn't through

Cos I'm still pretty much in love with you