This is for Raven-kun as his birthday present. Happy belated birthday, Raven-kun!

Nicole sighed to herself, as she lay on her bed with a laptop open in front of her. She shifted slightly while laying on her enormous tits before opening up a new window on her laptop. Nicole looked up from her laptop to stare at the wall opposite her bed that was covered in, against her parents' wishes, pictures of nude or nearly nude girls kissing, making out, or just posing.

Nicole had figured out she preferred girls to guys after her breasts had finished growing and her parents decided to pull her from school because boys kept trying to get her. Apart from the pictures on the wall, everything else was what you'd normally find in an 18 year olds room except the male model pictures.

Nicole's laptop dinged, snapping Nicole out of her slight trace. She looked at the screen and at the new message on it.

Home. R U there?

Nicole smiled at the message from her sister Selphy. Nicole quickly typed out her response.

Duh. Rents gone?

Nicole tapped her fingers against the edge of the laptop lightly until her answer came.

No. They're still getting ready.

Nicole groaned quietly to herself before putting her arms over her head and pushing her face into her breasts. Their parents were the kind that would make a plan in five minutes, and then take about two hours to finally do that plan. This time they were heading out to a wedding of a coworker where Nicole's mother worked. Nicole and Selphy weren't invited because their mother thought they'd stick out too much, which isn't hard to do when both you and your sister have the same chest while your mother's flat.

Nicole ran one hand along a streak of red in her long black hair while keeping her face buried. Her laptop dinged again, and Nicole slowly raised her head to see the message.

Rents are leaving. What r u wearing?

Nicole quickly typed out her reply with a smile forming.

Long white shirt. U coming up?

Nicole waited a few seconds till she heard a car start and footsteps outside her room.

Nicole slowly sat up, making her breasts jiggle slightly, and she sat on her legs as her door opened and a long black haired girl poked her head in. "Hey there, sexy." She said before slipping into the room and closing the door softly. Nicole closed her laptop and put it on her bedside table before her sister walked over and sat down in front of Nicole.

Nicole eyed her sister's equally as large tits as their nipples poked through the shirt. "My, my, my. Getting horny already?" Selphy asked playfully before leaning over and licking Nicole's lips. Nicole giggled as she leaned back on her hands as Selphy got onto her lap. Their tits squished together as the two kissed roughly. Nicole slid her tongue into her sister's mouth and Selphy moaned as she rubbed her tongue against Nicole's invading one.

After the two pulled away Selphy slowly licked the saliva off of Nicole's chin. Selphy got off of Nicole and took her shirt off, letting her mammoth tits jiggle as they defied gravity and stuck out proudly. Nicole felt her mouth water as she stared at the globes while removing her own shirt. Selphy threw her hair back and smiled as she stared at Nicole.

"Well? You just going to stare?" She asked darkly and Nicole giggled lightly. "You sure don't act like a 16 year old…" She muttered before taking her sister's nipple into her mouth making Selphy moan loudly. Selphy fell back onto the bed with Nicole on top of her. Nicole continued to lick, suck, bite, and squeeze Selphy's tits while Selphy managed to slip her hand into her sister's pussy and started thrusting it hard into her.

Nicole bit back a scream as she stopped abusing the large tits and started humping against Selphy's hand. "Harder!" She shouted and Selphy did so. Nicole sat up and continued to hump against the hand while her tits bounced wildly up and down. After a few more screams of pleasure, Nicole came all other her sister's hand. Selphy smiled as she slid her hand out of Nicole's pussy and licked the cum off her fingers while Nicole panted quietly.

Selphy laid her sister down on the bed and then climbed on top of her. Nicole looked up at her sister while Selphy's large hooters swayed slowly, and each time their nipples brushed against each other, the two girls moaned softly. "You look out of breath." Selphy said sexily and Nicole smiled, as she knew what was coming next. Selphy didn't waste any time in trapping Nicole's left tit in her mouth, making her sister scream and arch her back, which let Selphy put more of the large breast into her mouth before letting it slap back against Nicole's chest.

Selphy switched to the other tit while her hand continued to play with the wet left globe. Nicole moaned loudly as Selphy's hand pinched and rolled her nipple till it was even harder than before. This continued on till Nicole finally grew tired of being on bottom and rolled sister over before quickly sliding down her body and plunging her tongue into Selphy's pussy. Selphy moaned loudly at the wave of pleasure coursing through her body while her cum flowed into Nicole's mouth with each scream that followed for a few hours.

Nicole panted as she removed her tongue from Selphy's pussy. She slid back up her sister's body before squishing their tits together so she could kiss Selphy softly. Their pussies pressed together making the girls moan into each other's mouths. Nicole started to slowly grind her pussy against Selphy's while her hands slid underneath her sister and grabbed her rear tightly as she grinded faster.

"OH, YEEESSSS!" Selphy screamed as Nicole started to press down harder onto her sister's pussy. After a few minutes of grinding, the two came into each other greatly. Nicole panted heavily as she fell off her sister and wrapped her arms around Selphy's tits. "How… was that…? Do you want more?" Nicole asked breathlessly while Selphy slowly opened her eyes.

"Ravenous." She whispered and Nicole smiled before slowly moving Selphy back on top of her. Their sex fest lasted well into the day till they finally fell asleep from exhaustion when the sun went down.