"you'll notice, and here's the tada part,"
i steal independent clauses from
fragments stuttering together
with limited mental capacity
and limited life spans
and vainveinvanity.
see someone like me
trying to get noticed (and)
trying to get fixed
trying to get a fix,
self-suffering, hate, love, and shame.

people should believe what they want.
your jesus, your allah, your ra
[forsakes] you,
running, stumbling, and falling with your arms spread.
you tore these words from my lips to rub them into your skin:
"you are not judged by god. you are not judged by god."
my new mantra.
"you are not judged by god for this"
my bones decompose without my skin
and recompose like your cradle where the door sleeps.
i've curled around you before,
but never like this, thinking
my unsteady organs could sing you to sleep.

please [g-g-god] teach me acceptance.
stagger my steps to reinvention,
but get me there some day.