"Say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine…"

I groaned as I reached for my mobile phone on my bedside table. While I was generally happy to hear Alex DeLeon's voice blaring through my phone speakers, singing about love and Vegas skies, I was kinda pissed at the moment. Whoever was calling me better had a good reason for doing so. I was always cranky when I didn't have my eight hours of sleep. And even more so when I was being woken up at – sitting up, I glanced at the digital clock on the table – damn, 3 a.m.!?

Yeah, that person better had a really, really good reason for waking me up.

I glared at the small screen when I realized that I didn't know the number. Debating with myself for a few seconds, I finally settled on answering the call when the caller suddenly hung up.

To say that I was angry would be an understatement. I was seething, and without thinking I threw my mobile phone away. With a thump, it fell down on the carpeted floor of my bedroom. Not that I cared at the particular moment. I slid back down onto the bed, adjusted my blanket and my pillow, and soon found myself drifting towards a peaceful slumber. I'm certain I would have fallen asleep if not for my mobile phone which started ringing again.

Clumsily, I reached out towards my bedside table only to realize that I had just thrown the offensive device away some minutes ago. God, I should just have just turned it off. I groggily got out of bed, and strained my eyes to see where it had fallen. At least, the fact that my ringtone was still playing helped me to locate the damn thing quite quickly.

It was the same number, I realized.

And this time I picked up before he had the time to hang up, determined to give him a lecture on how rude it was to wake people up at this time in the night.

"Hello," I said. Unfortunately, what I had meant to be an aggressive greeting came out as slightly slurred instead. Well, not my fault if my mind is not fully functional at 3 a.m.

"Is that Sarah?" the caller had the nerve to ask.

It was a guy; most probably a prankster from my class. Damn, those guys really needed to get a life. Phone pranks? Hello, that was so last decade.

"Yeah," I started, now royally pissed. I was totally prepared to give him a piece of my mind when he did something unexpected.

He started singing.

"Well, I'm calling you to see if you're ok when I'm not around, I'm calling you to see if you're sleeping, are you dreaming? If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me? I can't believe you actually picked me… You take away the old, show me the new and I feel like I can fly when I stand next to you…"

His voice was shaking a little, but I still recognized the song right away. It was my favourite. Romantic, passionate, and definitely not corny.

Calling You by Blue October.

Now I can already guess what you're thinking. That this had to be my boyfriend and that he was soooo romantic.

Well, for first, I'm single. And while I could have agreed on the second part in my normal state, it was 3 a.m. for God's sake. And in my sleepy state, my mouth seemed to have a brain of its own.

So I was helpless when I heard it say in a very rude manner, "Look, you just woke me up you jerk. Call me back when I'm awake."

He immediately stopped singing at that. And I immediately regretted my mouth's words.

"Oh, I'm sorry…" he trailed then started again. "I didn't think you'd mind and, I know it's late… I'm sorry. Huh, bye. Goodnight."

Then, just like that, he hung up.

While I hadn't recognized his voice right away, his rather awkward apology made me realize who he was.

Derek Ames.

Same year, different class. I had always thought that he was a rather awkward guy. Well, he looked comfortable around everyone else but me. At first, I had thought that he disliked me. And that was kind of sad because well, I had a small crush on him.

But then we had the chance to speak twice. Though he was the drummer of his band, he was one of the most approachable popular guys in school. I was the normal girl. Black haired, brown eyed. The epitome of plain (with a personality).

Yet, despite our differences, something just clicked during those conversations. We were both huge fans of the same bands. Yeah, he shared my fantastic taste in music. In the end, I concluded that he was probably just a little shy.

In any case, his phone call right now made no sense. Because I had never given him my number. A dare maybe? Nah, surely he wasn't one to make prank calls. I mean, while we weren't friends friends, we were like, on friendly terms. And he wouldn't do that to me.

But if that wasn't a prank, then why would he call me to sing me a love song? Could it be that he also had something for me?

Yeah, and if you didn't know, wishful thinker is my middle name.

Maybe it was not him then. Maybe I had just imagined the whole thing. Maybe I was dreaming.

But what if it was really him? He'd think that I'm some kind of person who enjoys insulting people. And I wasn't. It wasn't my fault if my mouth sometimes acted on its own.

I decided to call him back, to apologize, just in case.

I think he answered on the first ring.

"Sarah?" he asked.

"Is that Derek?" I asked back.

"Yeah," he whispered.

And then I started singing. I knew it was his favourite song, cause that's what the singer of their band had said during one of their local gigs.

"Looking back at me I see that I never really got it right. I never stopped to think of you. I'm always wrapped up in things I cannot win, you are the antidote that gets me by, something strong like a drug that gets me high. What I really meant to say is I'm sorry for the way I am, I never meant to be so cold, never meant to be so cold…"

I stopped singing because I didn't know the rest of the lyrics. I was feeling a little self-conscious because I wasn't a great singer and when he didn't even comment, I decided that I couldn't stand the silence.

"Huh, well goodnight Derek."

"Wait!" he urged. "Sarah, I'm sorry I woke you up and I'm glad that you called me back."

"Oh, well I'm sorry I said you were a jerk. I'm always cranky when I wake up."

Another pregnant silence.

"Have you fallen asleep?"

He chuckled at my question. "No."

"How did you get my number?"

"Deborah," he answered.

Deborah is my best friend. I guess I should have known.

"So, why did you call me?" I finally dared to ask.

"I thought the lyrics were pretty self-explanatory."

"Oh," was all I could say. Did that mean that he really liked me?

"So," he finally said when he noticed that I wasn't going to continue, "huh, would you like to go out with me sometime soon?"

"Hm, yeah," I replied, and I was certain he heard the smile in my voice.

"Great. Well, I won't keep you up any longer then."

If it meant speaking to him, I wouldn't mind staying up all night long. But I think I scared him with my earlier insult.

To redeem myself, I started singing once again.

"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing…"

And he just laughed before also deciding to hum some lines…

"Say goodnight, our first goodbye. I've only got forever and forever is fine…"

I didn't tell him that that was the song that had woken me up. I didn't even tell him that I preferred his version over The Cab's.

I only said "Goodnight" before hanging up.

And I was certain that it was indeed going to be a very good night (or at least, what was left of the night).

So, this is my second fic ever on fictionpress. Really cliche, I know. But i was stuck on my other stories and while listening to Blue October, that idea came to my mind. Constructive criticism/feedback is appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Songs metioned in this story are :

Calling You by Blue October, Cold by Crossfade, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith and Vegas Skies by The Cab.

(Alex DeLeon is the lead singer of The Cab and he's got one of the loveliest voices I've ever heard. Seriously, If I could I'd marry his voice. LOL.)