Moonlight and Roses

Chapter 1: Time to Waste

She carried herself with the bearing of a regal queen, entering the hallway as if she owned it and dared anyone to question her authority.

Walking down corridors, her black high heels made a rhythmic noise on the ground causing every student to swerve their head around for a look. Her school uniform clung tightly to her godly made body. The smug smirk on her delicate glossed over lips made the nearest freshman shiver and tremble with excitement and fear. Sighing annoyingly, her expensive manicured hand swept through the blond silky strands of her hair. "I still can't believe she actually stole Tiffany's boyfriend."

Maybellene Buchanan: The 24/7 bitch

"How can you not believe it, Maybellene?" Sarah, a small pixie-like girl walked carefully, making sure that she didn't slip from the wet floor as they passed the boy's restroom. "You know that Jessica is the number one tramp of the school." Sarah tucked her brown hair behind her ears, checking her watch and whimpered. "We have to get to the mall fast. I really want to buy that Gucci handbag."

Sarah Alexander: The A.D.D. shopaholic

Maybellene laughed softly as she came slowly to a stop outside the school. Her cobalt eyes watched two teens in a hot make out session under the benches. "And look where the dogs are at." Sarah turned around and winced in disgust. "She totally needs a new sweater. Prada is, like, out of season now."

His hands were tangled in her hair, messily placing sloppy kisses at her neck as Jessica's hands were unbuckling the belt to his black slacks. She smirked against his lips as she pushed his zipper down, slipping her hands inside until he groaned.

Jessica Sanders: The O.C.D. slut

"J-jessica," He whispered hotly against her ear as he thrust himself into her palm.

"Oh, Theodore," Jessica said huskily, her smoky gray eyes looking up at him with sheer fun. "I want you and only you." She gripped him tighter in her hand.

He moaned at her delicious ministrations. "Let's—let's go over there."

"Oh, no, you don't." Maybellene walked up to the pair and placed her hand on Jessica's shoulder. "I believe you promised us a day where we can hangout." Jessica sighed and pulled her hand away from said boy in disappointment.

"Oh, fuck, Maybellene," Theodore cursed, glaring at her with his hazel eyes in anger and pure fury. "What the fuck do you want? Can't you see that we're busy?"

Maybellene arched an elegant brow at the horny teen, giving him a gimlet stare. She purposely ignored him, turning to her friend. "Jessica," she said in a soft and pitying tone. "I thought you don't do emotional, sensitive dicks." She sighed, turning her back to the couple. "I guess that's the comfort you give him since his mother died from a freak accident."

The area went silent as Maybellene walked towards Sarah with a victorious grin on her face. Sarah can only watch in astonishment as Theodore went dead silent.

"Come on, Jessica will follow us from behind." Maybellene stated as she walked past Sarah. "I need a chance to get out of this ridiculous uniform." Obediently, Sarah followed after her friend

"Why did you say that?"

"What, did you have something better to say?" She snorted, walking towards her wine red Ferrari.

"Oh, there you guys are." A perk dark haired girl skipped towards the two, giggling and smiling at the teens. "I failed my Algebra test and had to make it up." She sighed, her green eyes rolling as she pouted. "The question asked to look for x and it was right next to the triangle!"

Courtney Albany: The oblivious dumb fuck

"Maybe the teacher is asking you to solve the problem and not state the obvious." Sarah snapped as she looked down at her golden watch. "I want to get to the fucking mall now." The small girl actually growled.

"And we'll get there within, like, three minutes." Courtney sighed and spat her gum on the cement.

Maybellene frowned at the small stain on her car as she removed her uniform. She openly changed in the empty parking lot, grabbing a pink skirt and throwing the wretched Virgin Mary loincloth inside.

"Maybellene, there are still kids in the school. Do you want to be caught?" Sarah hissed as her brown eyes darted around the area.

Courtney snorted. "Look around, there are no cars. It's not like someone's watching."

"If I wanted your opinion, I would've asked." Maybellene said in a bored tone as she removed her shirt. Her red bra was on display for everyone.

Right at that moment a group of frat boys strolled towards them, drinking in the sight of Maybellene's god-like body as if it were alcohol. One of them whistled, eyes casting everywhere. "Damn, what does a boy have to do to get in your skirt?"

Sarah cringed, knowing the smart mouth on Maybellene's face.

Courtney merely giggled as she waved to one of the boys.

Maybellene covered her nose and gave out a delicate fake sneeze. She smiled at the boys as she put on a white tank top. "Excuse me, I'm allergic to dogs." Throwing her school uniform in the trunk, Maybellene turned to them, giving the teens their full attention. "I'm not free but I'm sure that my dog will be happy to bite that peanut dick of yours."

They laughed at the blushing boy as he stammered in surprise.

Another one of the boys stepped up, smirking at Maybellene. "I like them fierce."

She went around her car after closing the trunk, opening the driver's door. "If I throw a stick will you go away?"

They stood there in shock.

Sarah sighed and went inside the car, keeping an eye on her watch. "Oh, I hope we're going to be on time. After the Gucci bag, I really want to go and buy the Prada shoes I saw." Her hands began to wring in nervousness.

Maybellene sighed and reversed her car rather roughly, causing the frat boys to yell in shock and confusion. She rolled down her window and looked at them. "I don't play with small boys." With those last words she put the car into gear and drove out of the college parking lot.

"Oh, look, there's Jessica!" Courtney leaned out the window, waving her hand. "Jessica!" She yelled. "We're over here!"

Jessica was fixing her rumpled clothing. There was an aura of rage and anger when she opened the door to Maybellene's Ferrari. "Move, bitch." She pushed Courtney to the side.

"Ow," Courtney whined, pouting as she sniffled. "Why are you so mean? Are you angry?"

"Dumb fuck," Jessica rolled her eyes as she changed her clothes. "I still wonder why the hell you're in a private college. You should be attending a community college."

Annoyed by the pestering friends from behind, Maybellene looked into the rearview mirror, her blue eyes piercing into Jessica's. "I don't know what your problem is, but whatever it is, I bet it's really hard to pronounce."

Jessica sat there, her lips tightening in anger. "Whatever," S she mumbled as she stared out the window.

Maybellene didn't let the situation go. "Why are you so down? Weren't you happy just a second ago with Theodore?" She chuckled prettily, her giggles sounding like chime bells. "If you are going to be two faced, at least make one of them pretty."

Total silence filled the car.

The car neared the packed parking lot, weaving in and out, breaking the rules as eyes scanned desperately for an empty space.

"Goddamn fat fucks," Maybellene cursed, swerving her car to the side to dodge an overweight woman. "Why the hell did god fuck up on some human beings?" She asked angrily as she finally reached an empty lot.

"We're human beings, we can't be perfect." Sarah stated, fixing her lip gloss with her small pocket mirror.

Maybellene snorted. "You're right. Nobody's perfect. I'm as close as it gets." She exited the car with her small pink handbag in hand. "Get out of the car and let's shop the fuck out of our minds."

Jessica hesitated as she exited the car, watching the blond fix her hair. "Are you okay, Maybellene?" Her grey eyes watch the blond let out a fake giggle.

"I'm the daughter of a rich business man. My step-mother is a famous lawyer, the number one in the country. And my older brother is following the steps of a senator. Why would something be out of place in my perfect life?" Maybellene left it like that, walking past Jessica with a royal aura.

Jessica narrowed her eyes and muttered a profanity, humbly walking after the others.

"I can't wait to get my hands on those brand new bags." Sarah squealed in delight. "My hands are itching for them."

"Do you need some sanitizer?" Courtney asked, rummaging through her bag. "If your hands are itching, it might be because your hands are dirty."

Sarah sighed and rolled her eyes, ignoring her friend.

The college girls walked into the mall, every pair of male eyes landing on them with lust and excitement. A group from the right pestered one of the boys to go talk to Maybellene, who was looking around the mall with curiosity. Suddenly, pushed forward, the boy had to talk to her.

"So," he started, dimples forming on his cheeks.

Maybellene turned towards him, her cobalt eyes firing with impatience. "Why are you talking to me? You're not even in my salary bracket." With those piercing words, she turned on her heel.

Her friends merely walked by without a word of pity.

"Sarah," Maybellene called. Immediately the small girl was at her side. "Where did you say they were selling the Gucci bags?" She looked down at her one week old bag hanging limply from her arm. "I need a new one."

"It's right over there," Sarah giggled and walked quickly. She could practically smell the leather bags from the small distance.

"She's such an obsessive freak." Maybellene said to Courtney who nodded happily. Maybellene slowed when she noticed Jessica had stopped following them, flirting with an attractive redhead leaning on one of the walls of the store.

She narrowed her pretty eyes. "Hey, shouldn't you be saving your energy for the twenty seven kids you'll have?"

Getting the clue, the attractive man left, leaving Jessica wallowing up in pure fury. "What the fuck, Maybellene?" Jessica hissed, approaching her quickly.

"Ooh, Jessica looks pissed." Courtney shied away from the intensity coming from the grey eyes.

"Damn straight." Jessica looked into Maybellene's blue ones. "What the hell was that? Why the fuck do you have to keep every other male at a distance from me?"

"Because I can," Maybellene simply said. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, in fact I do." The girl stared deep into the blue orbs. "Get a fucking boyfriend and take my love life out of your shitty brain."

"If I don't watch your back, you'll have one huge regret." Maybellene said with a strong and firm voice. "Then you'll be some white trash, working your ass off with five kids with different fathers. Is that what you want?"

That shut her up.

"Good." Maybellene turned, Courtney happily trailing at her heels. "Let's go then."

They separated once they were inside the mall, following their own interests with curious eyes.

Maybellene smiled when she saw the perfect bag. It was an off white Pelham medium shoulder bag. She looked at the price and smiled. It was $1,589. It was perfect, because she never bought anything that was lower than $1,000 when it came to bags.

Made in Italy.

She smiled—interesting.

Two men had been eyeing her for a while with disturbing interest. They walked around the store, giving fake interest into the expensive purse and shoes in the store. She was everything they imagined. She bled good aristocratic breeding and taste: just like her father-

Just like her life.

Maybellene walked around the table, determined to buy the bag in her hand. Her eyes slid over to the side momentarily, watching the two men who paused in the shoe section, acting as if they were going to buy something. One of the men looked up at her and smiled.

She couldn't help but feel a shiver run up her spine. There was something lethal about the leopard's eyes that told everyone to leave him alone if they valued their lives.

She was the mean bitch in her class, why on earth would she be afraid of a man? A man whose body looked like it wouldn't even do her any harm. Lifting up her chin, Maybellene walked past him and his friend, towards the cash register.

"Excuse me." A hand grasped her by the elbow, forcing her to turn.

"No, I don't have any change." Maybellene said as she forced herself to look into his eyes. The man staring at her with such intensity was extremely wild and disturbing.

"I'm not homeless." The grin on his face made everything worse.

"Oh," she said, pausing for a moment to collect herself. Her heart was practically flying out of her ribcage. "I couldn't tell." She turned to walk away, but the man had grabbed her by the elbow again.

But this time, it was the other man.

"You're a spoiled little bitch, aren't you?" His green eyes were perplexing.

Maybellene widened her eyes at the deep intensity of his voice. Both of the men spoke of danger. "I'm not spoiled. I deserve everything I have." But because of her nature, she didn't back down. "At least I'm not the one with the receding hairline."

His face suddenly ashened as he ran his hand along his hairline.

"You're not getting bald." The other man snapped.

"Now, if you will just let me go," Maybellene jerked her elbow out of his grasp, "I will be on my way."

"But I'm sure you can help us." One called after her as she walked away. "We're trying to look for someone-"

She stopped, slowly turning around to look at them. "Why don't you find a quarter and call someone who actually cares?" With those last words, she turned on her heel and left. Maybellene walked to the cash register and paid for the bag. As the woman registered her purchase, her eyes scanned the area for her friends.

They were still shopping.

"Where's the nearest restroom?" Maybellene asked the sales woman.

"You go outside and walk down the long hall. It should be to the right." The older woman directed.

Maybellene nodded and walked outside with her new bag. Her friends would know what to do without her always directing them. She walked down the hallway with a brisk gait, never breaking her pace. The hallway was emptying and the route to the right was dead silent.

She paused before she turned to the right, her eyes surveying the area. It was quiet and a bit dim. She pursed her lips, debating whether or not she really needed to use the restroom.

The pang in her abdomen screamed for release.

"I'll just be in and out," S she said, walking down quickly. Spotting the restroom door, Maybellene opened it, her nose wrinkling when she smelled the horrible stench of it. But despite the odor, the pulsing pain in her stomach screeched.

After she finished, she exited the stall, walking up to the sink. Lathering up her hands in soap, Maybellene cringed when she saw a dark dirt mark on the back of her hand. "How on earth did you get there?" She asked softly as she rubbed at it.

She didn't hear the door opening quietly.

She didn't hear the clothes rustle.

She didn't hear the soft thuds of their shoes.

She didn't hear the heavy breathing.

She didn't hear all the things she was suppose to, to know that she was about to be kidnapped.

Finished with her hands, she looked in the mirror only to see someone right behind her. Horror filled her eyes as she opened her mouth to scream. But the huge flashlight in his hand quickly came down to the back of her head, rendering her useless as she fell to the floor.

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A/N: I wanted to try a new story(: I was daydreaming and started writing my fingers away, haha. I know I should be finishing up the other ones, but I couldn't help it. I needed to write this one. The beginning was kind of boring, because I have the introduce the characters and their personality :p but towards the end it got a bit interesting. I'll make sure the next one is even better(:

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Maybellene is pronounced as "May" (as in the month) "Buh" (as in Bubba) "Lean" (as in a lean stomach)

Full summary: Maybellene Buchanan belongs to a rich and endowed family. To the eyes of the media, they were: perfection. But in reality they weren't. Her father is a very frisky (famous business) man who cheats on his wife weekly. Her step-mother is a (miserable) famous lawyer, known to throw many criminals in jail. Her half-brother is a (bastardly) man, getting ready to take up the steps of a senator. Maybellene is the ultimate (bitch) goddess of her school. She had the looks, the brain and the image. But because of her image she gets kidnapped, and they want a ransom. What happens when her father denies his daughter?

What happens next?

This story will not be rated 'T', because it's going to be a bit too strong. It may not seem now, but it will be. There will still be romance in this story XD I have everything planned out(: