Chapter 9: And the Devil Dances

Her mind was hazy, but functioning. There was something wrong. Something flowed through her body with every intention to arouse her. Belle fought against it, waking up from her slumber to only gasp as a spike of pleasure thrummed within her being.

Alphonso smiled, slowly pushing in and out as he stared at her wakening face. "About time, my doll, you've been asleep for too long."

Belle opened her mouth as to speak only to cut it off with a long, lustrous moan. Her brows drew up, eyes closing instantly as her body concentrated on the intruder that was ever so slowly moving in and out. "N-no…uhn!" Her hips subconsciously responded, lifting to each languorous thrust. "Oh, no, oh…oh…"

The Italian gangster merely smirked as he continued to move, torturing her as her body warmed up, accepting his intruding appendage. He dipped his head at the crook of her neck, taking in her ear into his mouth and nibbled at it softly. "How do you feel, my doll?" His lips quirked when he felt her thighs twitching, clenching, around his lean hips.

He watched as she responded (he would've said beautifully if he had never known about her stubborn, brat-like state), gasping as she moved her hips up to meet his with desperation on her face, and a mixture of hatred and confusion in her eyes. Determined to wipe those from her eyes, he quickened his thrusts, grunting as he did so.

Belle hissed as she felt him rub against her walls in delicious pain. Her body apart from her mind, forced her hips to ground against him, wringing every jut from him. She threw her head back, panting and moaning. Arms that were still chained to the bedpost quivered, legs writhed and hips bucked. Against her sense of mind, she stuttered loudly, "M-more!"

She saw that bastard smirk a split second before savagely ripping through her.

And then there was nothing but pain.

The woman beneath him cried, suddenly kicking out her legs to try and kick him off. Alphonso did nothing but place his hand upon her chest and held her there. Her screams did nothing but make him continue to pump faster and harder. He knew what was happening. Those severely tender vaginal walls of hers were sore and still throbbing in agony from his rough treatment towards her virginal wall. But it was all part of his plan, and it was going to go along perfectly.

When he felt his balls clench, Alphonso took in a deep breath and slowed himself down until he came to a stop. Sweat collected at his brow, sliding down the side of his face before it dripped down upon the underside of her breast. He breathed in methodically, controlling himself from spilling within her.

She whimpered, sniffled as her tears ran down past her ears and into her hair follicles. Belle released a shuddering breath, opening her eyes to stare at the monster that was raping her. The stubbornness and brazenness of her nature completely died down. There was nothing left in her but the pride of a beggar. "S…stop…" Belle croaked.

Her head whipped to the side when she saw his face looming down towards her. Eyes clenched shut as she felt his lips brush alongside of her forehead. He whispered something in a soothing, gently voice before moving again.

This time he moved at the pace of a lover. He slowly moved in and out, whispering foreign nothingness into her ear in Italian, occasionally brushing his fingers upon her breast, her clit and her lips. His fingertips lightly went down her sides, tickling her with the strength of butterfly wings.

Alphonso watched her face expressions changed, immensely pleased with it. He manipulated her body with touches she has never felt until now. Though he wouldn't want to admit it, he was lucky that the American woman was a virgin. If she weren't, he would have a tougher time trying to maneuver her into the pits of hell because of all the experience she were to have. But because she was, this was going to be so much easier than an experienced woman.

"My doll," Alphonso said huskily against her ear, pressing tender kisses over it. "My little, sweet, sweet doll."

Belle's eyes fluttered opened, looking up at his face. When the Italian bastard swoop down and kissed her lips, all the pleasurable thrills whooshed out of her body. She narrowed her eyes and showed the little defiance that was within her. "Fuck you." Before she could gather enough spit to throw at his face, she paused when she saw amusement merely playing within his eyes.

"That wasn't nice, little doll."

His fingers skimmed down to her hips and then dug deep within her skin. At the same time, he threw his hips forward, wrenching a cry from her. "Do you know how I feel when you act against me? I feel like this." He jutted his hips harshly against hers again. "Wait, not like that, like this." Alphonso pulled all the way back before slamming his way home.

An earth-shattering scream ripped through her.

"Why do you continue to do this to me, my doll?" He murmured against her lips.

"Oh, god! Oh, god, it hurts!" Belle sobbed, shaking her head from side to side.

Alphonso sighed, tutting his tongue. "This is discipline. I can't have my doll disobeying, defying me, now can I?" He paused at midthrust. The man pressed their bodies against each other so that his chest was against hers, feeling her shuddering form as she anxiously breathed for some sort of control. "My pretty little doll needs be obedient. And when she is obedient," He licked her bottom lip, suckling it for a moment before slowly moving against her. "She gets a good treat."

Immediately, a honey-like feeling crept up at her lower abdomen.

"Does my doll, like her treat?" He asked, ducking his head to her neck. When she didn't respond, he stilled.

Belle whimpered. "Y-yes, yes!"

The Italian gangster smiled against her neck and picked up where he left off. Suddenly feeling a need to finish off quickly, he started to do so in a gentle manner. The supposed lovemaking he was doing to her body was nothing but filled with deceit, betrayal and darkness.

Belle lifted her hips upwards, meeting his strokes. She grinded against him, and clenched her thighs around his hips as he prolonged the pleasurable shudders that ran through her body. Dignity, be damned! Her body wanted, craved for what it was anxiously awaiting to receive, blocking her mind from even trying to fight against it. It was nature. It was what her instincts wanted.

She bit down upon her lip, stifling a long, luscious moan before falling limp. He pushed against her a couple of times before stiffening, emptying himself within her. Belle panted, eyes closed as she tried to slow her heart down. She ignored the man as he suckled at her breasts.

"Good girl." He lifted his eyes towards her, satisfaction filling his bones as he saw the weak, defenseless woman that was there for the time being. She was definitely going to go back to being the bratty princess she was, but that didn't mean he wouldn't have fun beating it out of her. More like, psychologically traumatizing it out of her. "My good little doll."

When Alphonso pulled out of her, he heard her quick intake of breath. In a mock of care, he placed his hand above her sex and gently rubbing her clit, trying to console her. "You'll feel better in no time."

He moved off the bed, still in his full nudity, and reached for the drawer. He pulled it open took a pill and laid it upon the drawer. Ignoring the woman, he walked to the restroom and shut the door.

Belle's heart came to a stop. She didn't bother opening her eyes, feeling that as long as they were closed she was safe for the mean time. Her body ached, rivaling the pain of a beaten drunkard. The few precious moments of peace disappeared as soon as she felt something prodding against her mouth.

"No!" She turned her head to the different direction.

Alphonso chuckled. "I do not wish for you to become pregnant. Not even with my child." He pressed the pill against her lips. "Take it. If you don't, and do end up with a child, I will ask my henchmen to beat you until you miscarry."

Not a second later, and she took it.

He placed his hand at the back of her neck, lifting it for her so that she could drink the water from the glass he held up to her. Once finished, he released her gently. Placing the cup on the drawer, he moved to remove the cuffs.

She groaned as he did so, feeling her raw skin pulsate with agony. Belle simply clenched her eyes shut when she saw him give her butterfly kisses on her reddening wrists.

"See, doll, I can be nice." Alphonso said softly.

Belle didn't recognize his words.

Alphonso gazed at her limp, naked body and frowned. He always detested dirty things. Filthy things. He didn't like how her virginal blood, body fluids and his cum slathered on his dainty, white sheets. Narrowing, his eyes, they looked at her body to see her sweat soaking the sheets. He sneered.

He pushed himself off the bed and walked towards the door. Opening it, he turned towards a maid and ordered in Italian for her to clean up the sheets. When she nodded and disappeared he turned back to his mess and smiled. "Well, now it's time to clean."

Her eyes snapped open at that comment. She watched in horror as he drew closer and tried to scuttle back.

"Ah, ah! Can't have any of that, my doll." He grasped her by the wrist and pulled her closer to him despite her cries of pain. "If you promise to behave, you won't ever have to fear my anger." Without a moment for her to think, he picked her up, heaved her over his shoulder and whistled as he made way to his bathroom.

Alphonso walked away past his shower and tub, and made way to the huge, decorated Jacuzzi-like tub that resided near the window. He placed the woman on the corner. "Don't move." He ordered.

Belle was too exhausted to move. She quietly leaned her whole body on the corner, feeling the coolness of it seep through her sweaty, warm body. The sound of rushing water did nothing to comfort her.

Once the tub was filled, Alphonso dipped his hand in to test the water. Letting out a huff of satisfaction, he turned back to the woman. He held her against his chest and stepped into it, sitting down upon a chair-like feature that was molded into the ceramic of the tub. He felt her twitch against him as she was slowly dipped into the water.

She leaned against him, totally spent. Belle felt him lather the soap bar against her skin, taking care of each arm one by one. He went down her chest, rubbing it against each breast with extra care, molesting them for a while before moving down.

Before he went past her mound, her hand moved quickly and grabbed his wrist.

Intrigued, he allowed her to do that, turning his head towards her bared neck. "Release me." He faintly ordered.

She held on. Despite her knowing what her defiance will cause her, she felt as if she couldn't allow this to happen. Belle turned her face towards his.

"I will be gentle."

Her eyes narrowed.

"Or would you like me to use one of my knives to clean you?" Alphonso hummed at the thought, tilting his head in a thoughtful pose.

Belle gritted her teeth, pursed her lips before turning away from him. She slowly released his hand, clenching it into a fist as she took in deep breaths. A small unintentional whine escaped from her when his fingers slid down.

"We must get you nice and clean, no? Because I hate filthy women." Alphonso murmured. "Dirty women are bad, they are filled with poison and ugly thoughts. But not, my doll. No, no, no, no, no, my doll is clean and spotless because I make sure that she is. My doll is going to be my prize, my trophy amongst all the things I've done. You'll be my perfect little doll, Belle." As he said those words, he cleaned her pussy thoroughly (inserting a soapy finger, wiping the lips and brushing through her curls) and breathed hot breathes against her ear.

"My sweet, little doll." He kissed her ear at the same time as he stroked her clit with the warm cloth.

The cloth moved back up, curving around her breasts. The soapy fibers lathered her left arm, bringing it closer to his face to clean each and every finger. As soon as he finished, he brought it close to his lips and left a lingering kiss upon her pink wrist.

"Just hurry the hell up." Belle spat, unable to bear his mind twisting, soft touches.

Letting this slide, Alphonso chuckled humorlessly. With a sigh, he soaked her hair and finished the final touch of her bathe. Once finished, he quickly rinsed and scrubbed himself, shifting her to the side. When she tried to get out of the tub without him, he just sighed heavy with purpose and that alone slid her back into place.

Every single drop of water slid down his body as he stood in the tub. He was mindless about the puddles he would be making on the tiles when he stepped out, knowing that the maids would be there to clean it up. Alphonso wrapped a towel around his waist, tucking in the end inside to hold it in place. Reaching over to grab the extra towel, he flapped it open and spread it out while he turned towards Belle expectantly.

Goddammit, this was humiliating. There was nothing more shameful in the world than acting like someone's goddamn trophy: a fucking marionette. Belle bit down on her tongue, enduring the degradation and walked into the towel.

"My beautiful, my obedient doll," He whispered in Italian, wiping down her body with the towel. The sharp flinches and quick intake of breath didn't stop him from cleaning what was his to break.

When he came to the juncture of her thighs, he slapped the inside of her thigh, ordering her silently to spread her legs. Long, painful seconds passed by before she complied.

Pressing the towel against her curls, he frowned at the sight of them. The ends tickled his fingers, coarse hair slick with water soaked into the towel. It smelled fresh, melon-scented from the bar of soap he used. A small smirk adored his face as he realized that these hairs were hiding the pearl of temptation. And as he patted her mound dry, he thought for a moment:

He didn't like those brown curls. They were hiding something that belonged solely to him.

"I am going to shave you."

Belle blinked, careful not to pull away from him as she felt him comb through her pubic hair.

"This does not suit me well. It's too deceiving." The expression on his face told her that there was much more words delved within. Her fingers flexed when she felt him curl his finger around, catching those hairs. He tilted his head up, glaring at the hair on her head. "I will also rid of that atrocious dyed hair you have. Everything must be natural, no, my doll?" He tugged lightly.

Belle's lips thinned and she looked away from him with no intention of answering.

"I said, 'Everything must be natural…no, my doll?" He hissed, pulling harder that brought out a painful grunt from her.

"Yes." She said through clenched teeth.

"Si, padrone." He emphasized, givng a sharp yank.

The American woman groaned in a mixture of pain and annoyance. "Goddammit! Si, pah-drone-ay!"


"Fuck! Stop pulling that hurts!"


"Si, padrone!"

Alphonso hummed pleasantly, uncurling his fingers from her hair. "Good, my doll, good." He leaned forward and gave a sounding kiss to her pussy. "We'll leave that for later, tonight. For now, we must get you ready." He stood from his kneeling position and quickly dried her hair despite her growls and hisses.

When he sensually applied lotion to her body, Belle closed her head, gritted her teeth and prayed for the nightmare to be over. But the devil wasn't so kind.

What the hell was he doing? Why was he treating her as so? She hated this kindness, this soft touches full of treachery and ire! She knew what he was capable of. Oh, gods, she knew because she had a couple taste of it from the past days she's been with him. Belle was never a masochist; she didn't even dare to think of venturing in that area.

This devil was infuriating her.

Belle sneered at him as he drew up the lacy black underwear up her toned legs. Her eyes narrowed at him as he literally glided through the room, picking out each and every article she was to wear. When the Italian bastard added the final touches (the black and white frilly headband), he turned her to face a full-length mirror.

"I look like a puttana." Belle snorted, throwing out the only Italian word she learned back in Catholic school.

A cry wrenched from her mouth when her hair was sudden seized by his hand. "My little doll, you are anything but a whore." He snarled quietly into her ear. "A whore spreads her legs to every man, and even women and animals. But no, not my doll. You are mine, and mine only! You open your legs to someone else and I'll break them." His words held a deadly promise. "Do you understand? Hm?"

Those baby blue eyes slanted, lips lifting over her teeth. "I understand."

"Good." His wrinkled face smoothed out alongside of his hand. He petted her hair, placing each lock of hair according to his preference before stepping back.

Alphonso moved away, moving around in his room to change into his desired choice. An Armani suit sounds well for the day, especially with his meeting with a businessman from Argentina who was interested in his second line of work.

His eyes roved over to the American woman who was huffing in annoyance and checking her nails with a distain look on her face. He knew how she felt despite her outer appearance. She couldn't hide from him.

And he couldn't allow that.

The man admits. He hasn't had much fun in his life for some time. But that wasn't the only cause why he wanted to destroy this woman. It was mainly because of her defiance. Her insolence that he has a problem control, and no matter how hard he tried he still couldn't kill it. And the reason why? He didn't know himself. Perhaps it was because she wore his sister's clothes before he meant to shoot her, perhaps it was because he lacked vitality and she was there, perhaps it was because she refused to conform, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

The gun in his drawer was mighty tempting.

But his hand upon her flesh was more appealing.

Finishing up with his Giorgano perfume, Alphonso walked towards the bedroom door. "Let's go." He jerked his head to it.

Belle pursed her lips, giving a small 'hn' before moving past him with her chin up. She yelped when his hand crept up her skirt and squeezed a cheek. In retaliation, Belle flipped the finger and ran ahead. Luckily the maid's shoes he chose for her was five inches, something she was able to deal with when running.

"Shit!" She said when she ran into someone.

Hands clasped around her arms, holding her still against the board chest she struggled against. "Ah, and who is this?" A curious voice asked.

"She is mine."

Alphonso nodded to the main butler of the house. "Fausto."

"Mr. Giordano," Fausto nodded to the master of the household. "I do not recognize this woman. And because of this, it means that I did not hire her into the household's staff."

"You are correct. Because she does not work for me." Alphonso grasped Belle by the arm and tugged her towards him. He dug his nails into the softness of her arms when she tried to jerk her arm away. "This is Belle, and she is my personal maid."

Fausto nodded, indifferent about the situation. "Mr. Alphonso, the Argentinean businessman is in the living room at the left wing. He has been served wine, and is expecting you now."

Nodding, Alphonso moved past Fausto. "Do not bring any more maids to assist us. Mine will do the work."

"Where are we going?" Belle growled, annoyed that she didn't understand what was being said between the Italian bastard and the well-groomed middle-aged man with an impeccable mustache. When she attempted to throw his hand off of hers with her own, he came to a rough stop and swerved around with a malicious aura surrounding him.

"Obey or else." He merely said. That was all it took for her to nod her head.

Satisfied, Alphonso released Belle, expecting her to follow him as he strode towards the left wing. When he heard her heels clacking behind him, he smiled. He snapped his fingers at a maid getting ready to enter the living room with a tray of small, bite-size elegant sandwiches. "Give the tray to her. You are dismissed."

"Fuck me sideways." Belle cursed as she received the silver tray.

A hot look was sent her way from Alphonso.

"Pervert." She hissed defensively.

Not bothering to reprimand her, the mafia gangster moved ahead of her. He took a couple strides before coming across the man who was lounging on the couch. "Andres," He greeted with a hand extended. "I'm assuming you know English, yes?"

"Hello, Alphonso, and yes, yes I do." The man stood up, revealing bright white teeth behind his smile. Dimples etched in his cheeks as angel-like, blond hair billowed about. "Alphonso, this is my brother, Manuel." The greasy, fat man merely nodded at the Italian, keeping his eyes peeled open for any surprises.

Alphonso ignored the brother's rude manner. He sat on the couch opposite of them, sweeping a hand towards the coffee table before them. "Place it there, Belle."

The two men didn't notice the woman who was hidden behind Alphonso's large frame during the introductions. The brother immediately took notice of her, drinking in her curvaceous hips with an approving, never-ending nod.

And this was something Alphonso did not miss.

Belle felt the scoop of her shirt dipping down, revealing a generous amount of cleavage. The slutty maid outfit Alphonso dressed her in did not maker her comfortable in the presence of these men regardless of how comfortable she was with her body. As soon as she placed the silver tray on the table, Alphonso chuckled.

"Lovely, isn't she?" His dark eyes smoldered, watching her as she moved from the table. "Belle, turn around for me, will you, my doll?"

Amusement flickered over Andres' face whereas hunger clouded Manuel's eyes as he reached over for a small sandwich.

Belle crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot upon the marble tile. She was unamused and will not be treated with such disrespect. But before she opened her pretty lips to speak, she hesitated, catching the knowing look in his eyes. With a quiet groan of displeasure, she moved off to the side and moved in a circle. Slower even when demanded.

"Beautiful. Where did you get her?" Andres asked, his eyes lingering over her nylon-covered legs.

"Hm, a present from my uncle." Alphonso waved his hand in the air. "But that is not the reason why you are here, no?"

"No, but it makes it more pleasant." Manuel licked his lips, waggling an eyebrow to throw a silent message to the stiff woman.

Belle replied it with a flick of the finger.

Alphonso let out a hearty laughter, feeling no need to punish her from that. She was simply doing what he was asking and staying away from other lustful men. "Please excuse my chaotic doll, I haven't broken in my mare as of yet."

Thought there was a need to feel insulted, Belle didn't show it. Alphonso shrugged and started the discussion about the illegal weapons and even knew better, controlled weapons can be created if needed.

And throughout that time Belle wasn't listening.

Her ears buzzed, eyes dulled as she recessed back into her mind. Her mind was vibrating with the need to release held information. It leaked, letting slow videos and pictures of her life into a part of her brain so that she was able to watch it as it played.

The American dream house told her that she lived in the United States, and that she was not from a poor family.

The image of her in expensive clothes, body decorated with accessories immediately told her that she was not an everyday citizen. She was not a normal person one would see on the streets. The ancient structural buildings, the impeccable poise body language, the laughter of other rich people, the heavy and extravagant jewlery…

She did not belong her.

She was not meant to serve.

"Belle," Alphonso called. When she didn't respond, he snapped his finger, trying to get her attention, but failed to do so once more.

"It seems as if she's broken." Andrews joked, nibbling on the last sandwich.

The Italian man shook his head, knowing what Andres said was definitely false. This woman was tough to break. And she had hardly cracked. "Belle!" He barked with impatience.

She turned around and blinked at him blankly.

"Get more sandwiches of this kind. Take the hallway down and make a left before the Roman statue of Aphrodite. If you're lost, find Fausto and he'll help you. Also, get some champagne for us." Alphonso motioned to the tray and the door. "Hurry and do so fast."

Belle was still in a daze as she moved, struggling to understand what the hell went wrong in her life. When she grabbed the tray and moved back, she felt a hand caress up her thigh and cup her ass.

She was not meant for this kind of life.

The hand went between her thighs and stroked her through her underwear, exactly where the slit of her pussy was.

She was not meant for this deprivation of a life

Her temper snapped.

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