When you think of all of the places where you'd meet the man you'd fall in love with, your mind always goes straight to the practical places. You know- college, work, high school, maybe at the grocery store or at some smoky bar; maybe even some stranger's bed on one drunken eve. I mean, hell, I wouldn't have been all that surprised if I would've fallen in love at the race tracks, since that was where I spent a large amount of time. But no. Of course I couldn't meet the man of my dreams at a normal place like that. It's probably because this guy wasn't quite the man of my dreams. Not to mention I wasn't exactly normal…

Okay, let's just say that "average" was the last word you'd probably use to describe me. It wasn't like being normal was any fun, anyway. That's probably why I insisted on keeping my curly hair dyed pink, and why I tended to wear combat boots and giant sunglasses. Not to mention my not-so-average style of clothing. I just wanted to be different, and I didn't really care if I stood out.

I was, after all, the tough girl of North Senior High. Though I didn't usually fight or beat up people or anything like that, a lot of girls were still intimidated by me, though I have no idea why. I was the kind of girl who would skip out on class to meet in the school basement to play poker, or who held a betting pool during psychology on how long it would take for our teacher to finally lose it and start her infamous "I'm-so-much-better-than-all-of-you-so-shut-the-hell-up" lecture. Let's just say that I had an uncanny knack for gambling, and I needed the money. I was the kind of person who would hide in the girl's bathroom to sneak in a smoke or went home and snuck some of my dad's booze. Nothing too bad or anything- I wasn't a real drinker, though I can admit that I had a thing for beer. I think I just wanted to see if I could get away with it, because that was the kind of girl that I was- I loved a good challenge.

Besides, it's not like that made me a bad person or anything. After all, I was the girl who would go to the "Save the Trees" rally or the one who would start a petition for gay rights. I was a humanitarian/environmentalist who just had a handful of flaws, that's all. And somehow, that made me an immediate misfit from our whole school scene. But I didn't mind- I liked it, really. I was just different.

So maybe I shouldn't have been so surprised that, out of all places, I had met the guy I was going to fall in love with in a dumpster…

Huh. Weird.

Author's note: Okay... I don't know... I just had this really weird thought and it turned into this. I'm not sure exactly where this will be going, but I guess it'll be interesting to see :). Please tell me what you think! I'd really appreciate it.