"Yeah, well, Je suis dans l'amour avec toi!" she yelled. Then the whole student body was staring at her. "Did you just say you were in love with him in French?" someone asked. "What?!" she yelled. OneShot.


"Eve!" Rose exclaimed, capturing her best friend in a hug. "Oh my gosh, it's been so long!"

"It's only been three months, Rose," Evelyn laughed.

"Yeah! A whole season!" she cried. "So how was Seattle?"

"Fun, I guess. Saw a lot of family members," Evelyn shrugged, putting her dark purple backpack down so she could tie up her dark brown hair before it gets even messier.

"Cool! My cruise was fun too!" Rose exclaimed. "But I'm so excited! We're finally back in school!"

Evelyn picked up her bag again, and raised an eyebrow at her best friend. "'Finally back to school'? Don't you mean: No! We're finally back to school! Ah, the pain! It burns!"

Rose laughed. "No! I mean: Yay! We're back to finally back to school! I've missed everyone, Eve! Haven't you?"

Evelyn nodded. "'Course." Then, none other than Jay Rotsford was behind her. Evelyn likes to point out that his name has the word 'rot' in it, because he smells like rotted garbage. But of course, then Jay would point out to Evelyn that he is too mature to play her childish games. Which was completely untrue. "Actually, no, I did not miss everyone, Rose. I definitely didn't miss Jay and his posse."

Jay sneered at Evelyn. "Right. And on second thought, I'm not going to waste time talking to you."

Evelyn returned the sneer. "Good! Because I don't want you to, either!"

"Sure, sure, Evelyn. I'm pretty sure you actually love these 'conversations' of ours, and worship them for they are the only times I, Jay Rotsford, would talk to you, a waste of human life and air."

"Oh, on the contrary, Mister Rot. I think you're the one who secretly documents these 'conversations' of ours on a tape recorder, then play them to yourself in the night, crying because you know that I am too good for you."

Jay laughed. "Big imagination there, kid. But if only you could make it all real so that your childhood fantasies would become true."

She scoffed. "My only childhood fantasies of you were of you dying."

He smirked. "But you still fantasized about me apparently."

She growled at him. "Of you dying. Do you not understand the word 'dying'? It means of you being dead."

He watches her amusingly. "And do you not know the word 'fantasizing'? It means thinking or dreaming about someone. And that someone is me."

Evelyn was about to charge at Jay when Rose grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the fight. Rose seemed wary now after the fight. "Must you two always fight?" she groaned, rubbing her temples in small circles to try and erase the headache and memories of their fight.

"He started it!" Evelyn defended, crossing her arms like a stubborn child.

"You two are so childish," Rose scolded. "Have you ever thought that maybe you two always snipe at each other because you secretly like each other?"

Evelyn laughed at this. She was going in hysterics, falling down to the floor, clutching her stomach. Then, as the laughter died down, she stood back down to face the annoyed Rose. "No. Never. Ever. In. Our. Lives."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Sure, Eve... sure."

"Yes, I am sure, Rose," Evelyn insisted. "This isn't one of your cliche stories that you enjoy reading. It's real life. And in real life, enemies don't... like each other." She shuddered at the thought.

Rose pouted. "Fine, fine... I guess you're right. I did read a lot of romance novels during summer, I guess..."

"See!" Evelyn encouraged. "So how about we go to class, and pretend this thing never happened?"

Rose reluctantly agreed, and was about to get up when she was stopped.

"Oh, and Rose?" Evelyn asked, stopping. "What is 'I hate you' in French?"

"Why?" Rose asked warily.

"Just in case I want to insult someone in a foreign language," Evelyn grinned.

Rose rolled her eyes, and was about to say the real translation of the word, when she suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. She knew that Evelyn would wind up saying "I hate you" to Jay, so why not tell her the exact opposite of the translation. "Je suis dans l'amour avec toi."

"Je suis dans l'amour avec toi," Evelyn repeated, trying to remember it. "Okay. Thanks, Rose. See you after first period, 'kay?"

"'Kay," Rose answered, smiling to herself. It may have been the wrong thing to do... but in the end it'd be the right thing and she'd thank her for it. Or at least so Rose hopes.

Rose ran down the hall, her light blond hair flying. Theresa had just told her that Evelyn and Jay just got into another argument. And if she was going to say what Rose taught her, she wanted to be there to witness it. She currently felt like Cupid helping her best friend.

Then, she arrived. There was sort of a crowd circling the two, but she could hear their yells.

"Oh please," came Jay's voice. "Do you seriously think that you are smarter than me? I doubt you can even spell my name correctly, let alone write a complete sentence."

"Oh really?" came Evelyn's countering voice. "Because I've personally made a website."


"Yeah. It's a blog all about the embarrassing times you've tripped, acted stupid - which is often -, or have done anything worth posting on the internet to humiliate me! It's called 'Dumb Ass Meets Smart World'. Not many hits though, but that's probably because everyone already knows what a failure to the human race you are!"

He glared at her. "And we all know that your mom's a donkey's ass, your dad's a freakin ape, and your sister's a slut!"

She glared back at him. "Well at least I have a mom, dad, and sister. I heard your parents left to join the circus, and you were adopted by a pack of wolves because no other human being wanted you."

"That's it. I'm through talking to someone of lower class like you," he snapped.

"Does that mean Jay Rots is giving up?" she challenged.

"Jay Rotsford is not giving up. He is merely leaving someone worthy of only eating dirt to fight to herself."

And before he could leave, Rose saw the determination in her eyes that she wasn't going to let him have the last words. So she yelled, "Je suis dans l'amour avec toi!"

Then the whole student body was staring at her. "Did you just say you were in love with him in French?" a girl in glasses asked her, shocked.

"What?!" Evelyn yelled. She turned around to search for Rose, who was currently hiding herself behind her folder and a big guy who was conveniently standing beside her.

"Wait, what she just say?" Jay asked, grinning now. He was getting even cockier as the seconds ticked by.

"No - wait - but - Rose said that that meant 'I hate you'!" she defended, tongue-tied now. Her reputation was practically ruined now that everyone thought she loved her enemy! And she knew that Rose didn't make a mistake while translating! She speaks fluent French, and has been taking it since the third grade. This was no simple accident.

"Sure she did," Jay said. "Let's face it, Evelyn. You like - no, love - me. And right now, you just proved it by screaming it to the whole student body."

Evelyn growled at Jay, but didn't say anything. She was too busy scanning the crowd for Rose. Angered, she ran off. Of course, no one expected this. Evelyn was usually one to stand up for herself.

Rose later retreated outside of the school, towards the back. They had a big, grassy field in the back of the school where kids would always hang out, and Evelyn and Rose liked hanging out by the big tree near the back corner of the school.

But of course, Evelyn found her.

"What were you thinking?!" she screamed at her best friend.

Rose flinched. "That you'd thank me... in the future."

"And why is that?" Evelyn snapped, falling down to sit beside the tree trunk. She angrily grabbed handfuls of grass out of the dirt, throwing them into the air only to fall a couple of inches away.

"Because... I see the way he looks at you," she sighed. "You may not like him, Eve. But he does like you."

Evelyn laughed harshly at this. "Rose, there is nothing but hatred in those cold eyes of his."

She frowned. "I know what I saw," she answered. Then she looked behind Evelyn's shoulders. "So don't doubt me. I am your best friend after all. So trust me just this time: he likes you."

Evelyn rolled her eyes. Then, Rose got up. "Where you going?" Evelyn asked.

"Um... I forgot my book in first period. See you later?" Rose offered, seeming like she was in a rush.

"Uh, sure. But when was the last time you forgot anything?" Evelyn asked suspiciously.

"Apparently today," Rose answered. "Bye!" Then she went off running towards the school.

"Bye," Evelyn muttered, lying down on the grass. That was when Jay decided to make his entrance.

"Evelyn," he greeted coolly, as if what happened ten minutes ago never even happened, as if they were never enemies.

"What do you want Jay?" she snapped. "Because if you're here to hear me say 'I love you' to you again in French, then think again."

"Actually, I'm here to hear you say 'I'm in love with you', not 'I love you'," he answered, sitting down beside her.

She stared at him, examining his words carefully in her mind before she spoke. "What?"

"You said 'I'm in love with you' in French," he answered, rolling his eyes.

"And I care why?" she asked.

He groaned. "Oblivious girl, you are."

"Oblivious, huh? How so?"

"Have I not made it obvious? Did you not listen to what your friend just said?"

"Of course I heard her!" she snapped. "I always listen to Rose."

"So what did she say?"

"That I'd thank her in the future for telling me how to say 'I'm in love with you' in French. But I doubt that," she rolled her eyes.

"Not that," he snapped. "That part about me."

"Uh..." she stuttered a bit. How was she supposed to explain that? "That... you look at me weirdly..." she muttered, staring intently at the grass while playing with it with her fingers.

"Weirdly?" he asked. "No, she said that I look at you like I like you. Like like, Evelyn."

"So?" Evelyn snapped, slowly regaining her attitude. "Rose tends to be weird sometimes!"

"Well not this time!" Jay yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Evelyn asked in a low voice.

He groaned and put his hands on his head. "Ugh, must I spell this out for you?! I'm in love with you! Je suis dans l'amour avec toi! Sono nell'amore con voi! Estoy en amor con ti! Ich bin in der Liebe mit dir! Ik ben in liefde met u!"

"And how exactly did you remember all of that?" Evelyn asked.

He growled at her.

"Sheesh, I'm curious. But never mind, mister touchy."

"I just told you I'm in love with you in six languages -"

"Six, really?"

"... Evelyn..." he warned, his anger level rising.

She rolled her eyes. "Fine... keep going."

He groaned. "You are so difficult, Evelyn."

She scoffed. "How so?"

"Most girls would die for one of these gushy things where the guy pours out his heart for the girl, but you seem to be distracted by every single thing but this conversation!"

"...Wha-? I was looking at a butterfly. Sorry, could you repeat that?"

He growled at her. She tried smiling though. "Hey, I'm just kidding," she said.

"Oh my God... you know what, I'll just cut to the chase. Evelyn, do you like me, or not?" He looked deep into her dark brown eyes, trying to find something. There wasn't much of it... but there was something there.

"... I don't know," she whispered. "Do I?"

"I'd like it if you did," Jay answered.

"Well... I think I might, because right now, my stomach feels all tingly."

He groaned. She looked so... cute, when she wasn't tearing his head off.

"M'embrasser?" he asked, leaning in closer to her.

"What?" she asked warily, watching him with just as much care.

"Kiss me?" he repeated in English.

She hesitated, leaning in closer. He leaned in closer, their lips hovering above each other. Then, he closed the gap by softly planting his lips onto her. The kiss lasted for about ten seconds, but in those ten seconds, Evelyn fell all the way in love. The kiss was brief and short, but incredibly sweet.

"Well?" he asked, slightly parting, but close enough that their noses were touching.

"Yep... I'm in love with you," she sighed.

He smiled. "Good. Now let's get to class before a teacher busts us out here."

She gave her his hand to pull her up, but he didn't let go once she got up. While they were walking back, he whispered closely to her ear, "Je vous déteste."

"Huh?" Evelyn asked, looking at Jay confused.

"It means 'I hate you' in French," he answered, smiling softly at her.

"And why do I need to know that now?" she asked, smiling softly back at him.

"Because I don't want you going around saying 'I'm in love with you' to people. If you're going to say it, say it right."

She laughed. "Je vous déteste."

"Je suis amour vous aussi."

A/N: Okay... did you like it? Hope you did :) Okay, below are the translations. Most of them are the translations for "I'm in love with you". I didn't get every language in the world, because that would take too long to do on a translator... but I did get a lot. And why didn't I just put "I love you"? Because "I'm in love with you" is so much cuter! I mean, you can say "I love you" to a close friend or family member, but not to a crush! :)

And I didn't use the Japanese and Chinese translations in the story because... well, how exactly would he say that? Those are the way you write it, but not the way you say it, sadly. Sorry. And no offense to those languages :) And if I got anything wrong... don't blame me, blame the translator xD

But otherwise, hope you enjoyed the story!


M'embrasser? - French for: Kiss me?

Je vous déteste. - French for: I hate you.

Je suis amour vous aussi. - French for: I love you too.

Je suis dans l'amour avec toi. - French for: I'm in love with you.
Ik ben in liefde met u. - Dutch for: I'm in love with you.
Ich bin in der Liebe mit dir. - German for: I'm in love with you.
Sono nell'amore con voi. - Italian for: I'm in love with you.
私はあなたとの愛にある。- Japanese for: I'm in love with you.
我恋爱了以你。- Chinese for: I'm in love with you.
Estoy en amor con ti. - Spanish for: I'm in love with you.

I'm in love with you - Worldwide message for: I've given you my heart and soul.

Revue svp ? - French for: Review please? - Writer's Language for: happiness =)