Curiosity killed that cat.

Have you ever heard that expression? I bet you have. I know that it was a phrase that I heard almost daily- it's just, I never took it to heart. The whole saying seemed silly to me- just a joke. Besides, I wasn't a cat, so it shouldn't apply to me, right?


Maybe I should've listened before it was too late. But I've always been such a curious person- that's just the way it's always been. I guess it isn't much of a surprise that I might just lose my life because of it. I should've seen this coming from a mile away. I guess my insight is slowly fading.

But who could have guessed this? Who could ever imagine that this could actually be true? I'm so awestruck, so horrified, that the thought of me dying just isn't quite registering in my mind.

Everything I've ever known is twisting, changing, rearranging what it is. Everything they've ever told me were lies, the blackest form of deceit. What am I? What are they? Where do I belong? Here? Or out there, back where I once was?

At the bottom of these deathly hallows, I witness murder, torture, and exposure. In these chambers of midnight, I question life, death, and everything I ever was. Will I be the murdered… or the murderer?

Author's Note: I actually just found this file on my computer. I wrote it quite a few years ago, I believe. I'm just now starting to remember all of the ideas I had for this- after all, the whole idea came from a particularly morbid dream that I had. I will continue writing this if anybody actually likes it...

Well, tell me what you think? I know it's just an intro, and maybe not the best. Is there anything that you think I should work on? Don't be afraid to tell me!