Fresh air was never good enough for her.

All she wanted was beauty.

Little did she know,

She never had it.

When she was young,

All she wanted was that princess tiara

Because it was beautiful.

Then all she wanted was the red Porsche Boxter

Because it was beautiful

She worked hard for her things.

She deserved her things.

Her nose was off center and she got a new one

Because then she was beautiful.

All she wanted was the large house on the corner

Because it was beautiful.


It was an accident.

That night she was just minding her own business.

It came so fast that she didn't see it coming

And by the time she did it was too late.


She stared out of her window

From the hospital bed where she was trapped.

All she wanted was some air, some life

Because it was beautiful.

A/N once again ficitonpress didn't put in the stanza breaks. i tried everything that you all suggested and yet no luck. am i missing something?