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I'm slippin' into the lava
And I'm tryin' keep from goin' under
Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
'Cause I'm burnin' up, burnin' up for you baby
-Jonas Brothers, Burnin' Up

"Who is that?" Steven asked glancing at a girl he was certain he had never laid eyes on before.

Ryan followed his gaze and laughed. "Move on, dude," he said, still laughing.

"What? Why?" Steven sat staring at the girl for a few moments longer before facing Ryan with a confused expression. "I've been on the team since freshmen year and I have never seen her at the exclusive pre-season parties before. Wait! Is she Mikey's new girl?"

Ryan just shook his head, a smirk playing on his lips. "Seriously, man, detach yourself from your admirers sometime. Maybe you'll actually learn how to pay attention," he said. "Besides she doesn't date jocks." He never approved of Steven's serial dating.

"So you know her? She doesn't look like she belongs here," Steven said, frowning as he glanced at the girl again.

He was right. She was pretty—all five feet and four inches of her—yet, she didn't look like she belonged. She stuck out in her non-revealing, white sundress. The dress had tank-top straps and an empire waist. It matched her white flip flops and white hair tie, which was holding her curly brown hair back from her face. She looked fragile, like an innocent child. She didn't look like she was supposed to be at a party.

Mikey showed up, sitting next to Steven on the couch. "Yo, boy, where's Tami?" he ruffled Steven's brown hair jokingly.

"Steve thinks she's your new girl," Ryan butted in, not wanting to hear the Tami story again.

Mikey followed his gaze, his eyebrows shooting upwards. He burst out laughing. "Seriously, you have got to be kidding me!" he exclaimed.

Steven shook his head. "I don't get it. Is it some secret or something? What is it with this girl? Is she famous or something?" he was exasperated and could feel himself getting annoyed.

As he focused his gaze on the girl again, she took that moment to glance up. He winked at her and as their eyes connected, her deep chocolate with his speckled blue, she smirked. Shaking her head, she walked away from the small group she had been standing with, leaving him with a stunned expression. Being the school's varsity ice hockey team's captain, and the school's biggest player, Steven wasn't used to being dissed or rejected.

Mikey and Ryan laughed again at his startled expression. "Face it, man, she's just not into you," Mikey said, patting him on the shoulder.

Ryan looked more serious as he said, "Leave her alone, Steve. Don't go and try to mess her up." There was a hint of warning in his smoky eyes. He stood, pulling Mikey up. "Let's go, guys. It's almost midnight and I told my mom I'd be home by twelve thirty."

Steven just nodded, glancing around for his mystery girl. Not seeing her, he followed Mikey and Ryan to the door.


Steven hated the first day of school. Now that he was a senior, he felt even more tired waking up at six thirty to get ready. All six feet of him climbed out of Ryan's car, landing on the ground. Mikey got out after him, groaning. "Dude you got to get the Ferrari fixed," he said, narrowing his eyes. "Ry's car is seriously ruining my mojo."

"Yo, man," a guy from the football team called out to his buddy. "See the new girl yet?"

"Yeah, she's hot," the guy called back.

Ryan narrowed his eyes after hearing the exchange. Steven faced his friends as the bell rang. "What new girl?" he asked, interested. The school hadn't had a new girl since Tami Curtis came sophomore year. Steve had dated her off and on for almost two years. The relationship was more off than on, though.

Ryan looked at Mikey and shook his head slightly. "We have to get to homeroom. We'll see you after," he said.

Steven watched as his friends walked away. He walked himself into his homeroom. "Lawrence," he said to the teacher. She nodded, beaming, and pointed to a seat. She was excited to have the school's charmer in her homeroom.

He hated homeroom. It lasted ten minutes, followed by eight forty-five minute classes. Homeroom was just a sorry excuse to getting everyone to show up at seven thirty until two twenty every day. He sat in his seat and pulled his schedule out.

Period 1: Psych

Period 2: Study Hall

Period 3: Calculus

Period 4: AP English

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: Physics

Period 7: Gym

Period 8: Study Hall

He knew he had a lot of periods with Mikey and Ryan already, having gotten his schedule early with the rest of the hockey team. He turned and faced Molly Leonard. "What do you have?" he asked.

She flipped her blonde hair and passed him her schedule. He skimmed it quickly and realized they had almost every class together, except she was in a different gym class and AP Calculus.

He nodded at her. "Cool," he said, passing it back. "I didn't know you were taking AP classes."

She frowned. "I'm not," she got up to talk to Mrs. Murphy about it, leaving Steven laughing. Molly was known for her looks, not her brain.

She came back a second later, sitting in her seat. "Wrong schedule," she said. They compared schedules finding only a few similarities. She smiled. "Maybe you can save me a seat at lunch?"

"Yeah, maybe," Steven replied, winking. He turned back around, rolling his eyes. He had no plans of saving her a seat.

The homeroom bell rang soon after and Steven stood quickly. He walked out of the room and right into Mikey. "Watch where you're standing," he joked.

"Are you ready to go to psych?" Ryan asked, pointing at the classroom a little down the hall. He hated having only five minutes in between periods.

Steven nodded and they took off together, saying goodbye to Mikey.

When they got into the room, they took seat in the middle of the room. The back few seats were filled already, and there was no way they would be sitting in the front.

"So, have you seen the new girl yet?" Steven asked Ryan.

Ryan raised his eyebrows. "You haven't seen her?" he asked in surprise.

Steven only had time to shake his head as the teacher came in. The bell rang and everyone got comfortable. It was first period, and it was evident everyone was tired.

It took Steven a second to realize his name had been called for attendance. "Here, Mr. W," he said, raising his hand in the air.

"Is Miranda Leonardis here?" Mr. W said, glancing around the room. Steven's head snapped up in confusion from hearing the familiar name.

"Please call me Randi, sir," a voice spoke up from behind Steven.

He turned, searching for the owner of the name and voice. Two seats behind him, and to the right one, he came face to face with his mystery girl.

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