"Hey Chad" yelled Chelsie from across the cafeteria.

"Hey Chels", Chad yelled back. "We need to talk", motioning her forward.

"What's up?" she asks as she sits with him, at any empty lunch table. "Chels, you know I love you right?" he asks, tucking a loose piece of hair behind her ear. "Sure, I know" she smiles. "Okay, then you'll understand this. We can't be Chels." he says, taking in multiple deep breaths.

"Chels?" he calls, noting that she hasn't said a word yet. Then he looked up at her face. Her expression ranged from hurt, pain, and heartbroken.

"I'm still here" she whispers. "Just confused. Are you breaking up with me?"

Chad looked at her before barely letting out a "Yes." When he looks up, he saw tears streaming down her face.

"It's only for the best, Chels" he tries to comfort her.

"Who is it?" Chelsie yells.

"What are you talking about?" he tries to calm her down, but she shrugs him off.

"The Chad I know, wouldn't leave me without a reason" she sniffs. "The Chad you know?" he questions, clearly taken aback. Couldn't he just break up with her without a reason?

"Yes, the Chad I know." she says clearly unabated.

"It's no one, Chels. I just can't be in a relationship now" he tries to reason with her.

"Is it because I didn't sleep with you?" she says hurt all in her face.

"No, Chels, Of course not. I understood how you felt about that, and I admire it"

"Then why Chad? WHY?" She yells. "Calm down, Chels." he whispers. :No! Why Don't we tell everyone that your dumping me!" she yells again, and catches a few curious gazes. But, she shakes them off and keep going.

"It has to be someone Chad!" she continues to yell and begin to hit him on the chest.

This catches everyone's attention, and pretty soon, all eyes are on them. "Chels, let's talk about this somewhere more..private" he tries to pull her towards the front of the cafeteria.

"Why? I'm pretty sure everyone deserves to know. Hey everybody!" She yells still holding everyone's attention. "Chad's dumping me for another girl" Several boys yelled out asking her if she would go out for them, while the girls rolled there eyes. Yes, she was lucky to have even gotten to go out with him..but, whatever.

"No I'm not" Chad yells back. He glances over to Chels friends, and stops at Hannah. He promised her, he would break up with Chels. It wasn't working out so well. Guess he had to do it the hard way. "I never like you, okay. I lost a bet with my friends, so in return I had to date you as long as they said. I'm tired of living a lie. I don't like you okay!" he yells before storming out of the cafeteria.

Many shocked and smug faces look at Chelsie, as she begins to cry. All except one. She looks at her friends, and notices her best friend Hannah is gone, Where did she go, she thought. Then a forbidden thought popped up. "OH HELL NO SHE DIDN'T", Chelsie yells.

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