Chad's POV

I wonder what Chelsie's doing in class?

Why do you wanna know? You broke her heart, crushed her soul and THOUSANDS more.

It wasn't my choice though…

Sure it wasn't. Didn't you promise Hannah, you'd go out on a date with her?

No…Yes.. I don't know what I was thinking

Oh, you know. You Just let the best thing in your life walk out. You idiot.

Your not making me feel any better.

Oh well, I'm your conscious. REMEMBER????

Doesn't mean you have to be so mean

Again, conscious. I make you remember all the bad stuff and torture you.

What a conscious!

Thank you very much.

No problem, hey can you do telepathic things or such?

What kind of question is that?

Just wondering. I wanted to hear Chelsie's thoughts.

Why don't you go ask her?

She's sitting next to that dude

Are you jealous?

Why should I? He's doesn't have a chance

Look at him. She's practically drooling over him.

Looking over at Chelsie since she sat down. The dude next to her seemed okay. She'll fall for him in no time. Wait he looks familiar.

Do I know him?


How can you be so sure?

I know these things. Trust me, Chelsie will try to stay away from him as far as possible.

Huh? I'm confused.

Your always confused. Learn to pay attention!

I'm obviously paying attention if I'm talking to you. So, don't get smart.

I don't think I could get any smarter, so suck it up. Be a man!

Define man for me, will ya?

I'm good. Go look it up.

Why? You're smart, right?

We'll yeah…

Then you should know.

Aren't you smart?

Well…yeah. I guess

Then you figure it out. Don't get so sidetracked.

Look at her.

She's a beauty.

Screw Hannah. I have to get her back.

Screw Hannah? GASP I never thought I'd hear you say that.

Oh hush.

So what do you like about Chelsie so much?

Shouldn't you know? You are in my head right?

Well yeah. But I want to hear it from you,

Ugh, ok. I like the way she smiles when she talks to me, for no reason. I like the way her hair matches her brown eyes. I like the way she smells. And I love the way she encourages me to never give up.

Wow. That's a lot.

Well what did you expect?

I dunno. Something cheesy.

"Class dismissed!" Ms. Carter boomed, pulling me from my inner argument. I notice that I'm not alone in the room. I look up and spot Chelsie…with HIM. I tried to quietly hurry up, but the damn chair squeaked. I looked up hoping nobody noticed, and gazed right into Chelsie eyes. So brown, and innocent. She turns away from me and she leaves the room. But not alone. I see HIM falling into step beside her. Anger has taken over me as I step into the deserted hallway.

Dear Conscious?


I'm screwed! She's gone. I lost her forever.

Fight for her man.


"Chad. Are the rumors true?" asked Trevor as he walked up to me.

"What rumors?" I asked dumbfounded.

"That you left Chelsie, for Hannah." he states coldly.

"No, their not" I reply in the same tone.

"Then why is Hannah telling everyone you're her baby daddy?" he states.

"WHAT" I screech. I never slept with her. Barely ever spoke to her, before the accident.

"That's what she's telling everyone. If it's not true, then why did you leave Chelsie?"

"Dude, let's take a walk."


"So you're telling me that she's blackmailing you?" I asked in disbelief. I couldn't believe my ears. Chad told me about the accident, and how Hannah drugged him. It was all too hard to believe that she was this heartless.

"Sadly it is" Chad whispered, looking down. "And the new boy. He was there when it happened. And, he's with Chelsie."

I stared at Chad with my mouth gaped open. I had to get Chelsie away from him.


"Class we have a new student" barked Mr. Tozer.

"Hi my name is Lance" the sexy boy said.

"HI!" everbody replied in unsion.

"Would anybody like to help Lance this class?" Mr. Tozer asked politely.

"I will" Savannah yelled throwing her hand.

Mr. Tozer raised an eyebrow at me but I shook it off. "That's sweet of you Savannah." he smiled. "Find a seat Lance" barked .

I waited for everybody to settle down. Their was only one empty seat.

"Hello, I'm Lance, may I sit here?'' sexy boy Lance asked.

"Of course. Nice to meet you, Lance" I replied seductively.

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