I fell from the top of the mountain
To the foothills of the light;
Not so bright,
Once fallen, a jaded sunshine ray.

I carved my name into the red clay
And to that I now say,
"Far away,"
Did my scrawled name not truly display.

I saw the faces carved at the top,
I knew I couldn't stop.
To the top,
I forced myself to see that grand sight.

But on that rough, rocky mountain climb,
Others ran out of time.
Give a sign,
A soothing melody with a rhyme.

And when I finally stopped to help,
My ego fell behind.
It died off.
And never again was there a scoff.

A bastard child of rage and love,
Sometimes pushed, sometimes shoved,
Left or right,
Shades of gray had fallen into sight.

Over the years, everyone evolved
To where they can't turn back.
Future's call,
It's for the greater good, after all.