Ouija Board Adventures

If you don't know what an Ouija board is, it's a board that can supposedly make contact with the dead. It has YES, No, the alphabet, and GOODBYE on it. Then you have something like a cup that you put your hands on and then the spirit supposedly moves the cup to answer any questions you might have. You can buy one at Spencer's.


"Britney, are you sure we should be doing this." My best friend Kara looked freaked out.

I looked down at the Ouija board. "It's not actually going to move by itself, now finishing lighting the candles."

She began lighting the candles absentmindedly. "But what if it does!?" Kara's eyes were wide. I hadn't realized this stuff scared her so much. "And the ghosts try to possess us!"

I laughed. "Then I guess were screwed."

"It's not funny, my mom said these things were dangerous."

Ok, so let me fill you in on what's going on.

One day at school we were playing truth or dare, and a couple of kids decided to dare us to try and contact a ghost using an Ouija board. Where they come up with that idea I will never know.

That's when, stupid me on the subject of ghost, told them about my grandma's house which was haunted or something and had noises always coming from the attic.

Then they dared us again.

But this time instead of just trying to contact a ghost using an Ouija board we had to try it in the haunted attic at my grandma's house with all the lights out and a couple candles lit.

So here we are, in the haunted attic with no lights on, a couple candles lit, and a homemade Ouija board with rainbows, stars, and smiley faces on it.

"This is scary."

I had to admit even though I wasn't as scared as Kara was, I was still getting spooked.

Suddenly a chill spread throughout the attic. "Burr, it's cold in here." I said rubbing my arms.

"I know," she had calmed down a little bit.

"I can't believe were doing this." Seriously why was I doing this? It was just a dare. I didn't really have to go through with it. A normal person would have been like 'no way' but I guess I wasn't a normal person. I was more of a thrill seeker.

Either way the Ouija board was never going to work. It was just impossible. Right?

"Were should I put the camera." Kara cut into my thoughts.

"It doesn't really matter just make sure the whole board is in view and the candles too."


I grabbed the small clear glass cup we were using for the so called "spirit" to move and put it on the board.

I put my hands on it and looked at Kara. "You better not chicken out."

"I'm not! I just umm ok fine!" She put her hands on the cup. "What now?"

"I think we have to spin it around and chant Ouija or something."

"Ok let's try that."

We started moving the cup in a circle on the board.

"Ouija. Ouija."

Nothing happened.

"That was dum. I knew nothing would happen. I wasn't scared at all."I really was scared.

"I think we have to ask a question." Kara said. Crap. I wanted to get out of this attic.

"Ok what should we ask?" I asked impatiently.

"I don't know."

"Ok umm is there a spirit here?"

All of a sudden the cup jerked across the board. I immediately let go.

"Holy shit! Kara don't do that."

"What! Oh MY GOD! I did not do that." She looked really scared.

I started laughing. "Do you think I'm that dum. I know it was you."

"Whatever it was you!"

"OK no it wasn't. Either way I want to try again."


We put our hands on the cup again. It immediately started going around the board in a figure 8.

"This is weird."

"Make one of the candles go out if your here." I commanded the "spirit".

The glass cup went to two letters. O-K.

"What the hel-"

One of the candles flew and slammed into the wall and pieces scattered everywhere.

We screamed.

"Holy FUC-"

Then the light bulb exploded even though we didn't even have the light on.

I ran as fast as I could down the stairs. Not even caring if Kara was following me.

I heard Kara slam the door behind me to the attic.

I turned around, scared out of my mind. "Are you ok?"

"No! I'm calling my parents so they can come get me."

"What about the camcorder and the candl-"

"Screw the camcorder, screw the candles, I'm going home NOW!" Kara looked like she might faint.

As soon as Kara's parents came and got her, I started running to my house only a block away.

Holy shit, I kept thinking to myself. That did not just happen. And what made it scarier was that no one else had been at the house. Just us. Not to mention it was like 12 o'clock in the night. At that thought I ran faster.

It was pitch dark outside. I could swear I kept seeing things follow me which made me run even faster.

It's just your eyes tricking you, my conscious kept telling me . It was all that could be done to stop me from screaming again.

When I got to my house my parents were asleep. I immediately ran to my room and laid down on my bed. After awhile nothing happened. But then the weirdest feeling started to come over me. It was as if something was watching me. As if an evil presence was there. I started hearing things too. Every small nose that was really just the wind or some bug flying into the side of the house sounded like a monster to me.

I pulled the covers over my face and tried to fall asleep. I couldn't.

I began thinking logical about what happened. I had to get the camera, and see what was on it. Then I'd at least have evidence. I was going to figure all of this out once and for all........ In the morning of course.

I walked up to the attic with a flashlight cause it was dark up there.

The candles had long since burned out. I saw the Ouija board and the cup and grabbed them.

Where's the camcorder.

Oh there it is.

I turned it on. Full power. Kara must have put it were it automatically turned off after so long.

I went to the video and hit play.

It was disappointing. The candle hitting the wall and the light had been out of view. I couldn't prove anything with this. It did look creepy though because the candle rose a little and quickly went out of the shot, but it still wasn't enough. There was also the noises from the candle and the light breaking but that could have easily been faked.

I went back to my house. Maybe if I put it on youtube someone would put a comment explaining everything. Probably not.

I glanced at the evil Ouija board. The presence I felt the night before was stronger now.

I decided to see if the Ouija board would work again.

When I put my hands on the cup, a strange sensation came over me.

That's creepy . . .

"Is there a ghost here?"

The glass went to NO. My heart skipped a beat. I got myself under control.

If it wasn't a ghost what else could it be. Maybe it's an angel or something.

"Are you an angel?"

The glass didn't immediately go to NO. It went to four letters first.

H.E.L.L. Then it went to NO.

I almost felt like laughing. Here I was asking a spirit or something if it was an angel and it goes 'hell no'. What are the odds? I mean really, what are the chances of this happening to someone?

"Are you the devil?"

It spelled out something. C-L-O-S-E.

"Are you a demon?"

The glass moved to YES.

A demon?

"What's your name demonoe?" Adding my own extra syllables.


I don't know why that set me off to go crazy but it did.

"Ververoteeuh? What the hell kind of name is that? I can't even say it right!"

It spelled out W-E-L-L T-H-E-N Y-O-U-R S-T-U-P-I-D H-O.

You may think that would take a long time to spell out but the demon thing moved the cup fast. I'm surprised I even got all of that.

"A ho? Are you kidding me? Well your names .. ." I wasn't good with comebacks. "Stupid!" One of those weird awkward moments passed.

"Why are you here Ververoteeuh?" I really hated it's name. My hands came off the glass. It still moved though.

I-M-P-R-I-N-T-E-D H-O.

"OK I have no idea what that means, but it, sounds dum." I said completely stating the last part and saying it fast.

"Oh, and by the way since you decided to nickname me 'ho', I'm not gonna call you Ververoteeuh anymore. I think I'll call you . ." I thought for a minute. Out of all the names I could call it, what would be the best one......?