Chapter 2 : Bobs a Meany

After I told it I was gonna start calling it Bob, it stopped moving the cup, like it was ignoring me.

I knew Bob was still there though, because the evil presence was still there.

In fact Bob was there the whole day.

Following me around like he had no life.

I had tried calling Kara a couple times but she didn't answer. Well I could tell her everything at school tomorrow.


The next day.

I started my daily walk to school. Despite everything creepy that happened with the Ouija board, this day seemed really happy and cheerful.

I got to school and tried to find Kara. As I walked into the cafeteria I got a bunch or stares from people, it was like this everyday. And it was all of the stupid, "popular" cheerleaders too. I thought maybe they were jealous. Or perhaps they just didn't like me. After all I had accidentally stolen the lead cheerleader's boyfriend.

Sherri, the head cheerleader had been going out with this jock, named Jake. Well for someone reason he decided to dump her and go out with me, even though I didn't like him at all. So now all the cheerleaders say I stole Sherri's boyfriend and other stuff like that.

I had told Jake millions of times,too, that I didn't like him, but he was so persistent. And everyday he would find me, even if I did my best to hide from him, and try to get me to like him.

Oh-speak of the devil.

"Hey Britney!" He yelled at me trying to get my attention. I looked over at him. He was wearing one of those shirts that showed of his muscles and he had styled his short, dark brown hair into a fohawk. I had to admit he did look really hot but he just really wasn't my type. "So how did the dare go?" He smiled at me.

I thought for a moment. I didn't know if I should just keep quite about what happened so people wouldn't think I was crazy or if I should go ahead and tell everyone the fascinating story. I decided to play it safe. "It was pretty boring."

"Oh." Jake looked a little disappointed.

Suddenly a certain person in the corner of my eye caught my attention. The girl's eyes were wide as if she was telling the people sitting around her about something scary that had happened to her.

Oh no she didn't.

Then she moved her arms in a way to represent something being flung across the room.

Oh yes she did. I sighed, this didn't surprise me at all.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." I better change my story. "Well, actually something sorta really did happen."

Jake raised an eyebrow. "What?"

I really didn't want to explain it, for some reason I felt a little embarrassed about the whole thing. I looked back over at Kara, she still had that story telling look on her face.

"Can you just ask Kara about it?"

"Sure." Suddenly the bell rang. "Time to go."

I started my walk to my locker and of course Jake followed. And it just so happened his locker was only a couple away from mine. I opened my locker to get my math book, paper, and pencils. "You need any help?" Jake inquired. Despite how annoying and constant he could be, I couldn't blame him for trying. Plus I had to admit it was sweet of him helpful like this. Also he was one probably one of the people on this earth that actually cared about me. Besides Kara. "No, I'm fine." I smiled at him, I could tell he liked this. We walked to Math together, which was a bad choose on my part. I hadn't even thought that Sherri might see us.

Sherri had been standing at the classroom door talking to the teacher when we came into her view. As soon as she saw me with Jake her sweet, innocent, preppy girl look on her face disappeared and turned into to an ugly, mad face. But what surprised me the most was the way Jake seemed oblivious to all of this or perhaps he was just suppressing it.

The bell rang again, signaling for all the students to sit in their chairs and for hel-I mean school to start. We quickly rushed to our seats, but not for one second did Sherri take her glaring eyes off of me.

I began thinking about Bob. I still wasn't sure if he was real or not though, I needed more proof. I looked around the room for something spinning or moving, it could be him. A thought popped into my head. Should I tell anyone else about him?

My teacher cut into my thoughts. "Turn to page 149 and get out a piece of paper. We are going to do some simple problems to start out the day." Ms. Livardo, my cranky math teacher, said. "Also, get out some paper to practice on." I did as I was told.

She started the lesson. "Divide the blahs by the blabblabla blabidy blab la." And thats as much as I heard until I zoned out. I then immediately grabbed my pencil and looked down at my paper to start doodling. The usual for that class.

I almost jumped out of my seat and screamed when I saw what was written on it. Which I'm glad I didn't because that would have been weird.

Well, hello ho. Was written on the paper in a calligraphy type of writing. Suddenly, if by magic, more words began to appear. You almost made a fool of yourself there, little girl. That made me a bit mad, I wasn't a little girl. Shutup! I'm 16 years old, not a little girl. I wasn't sure how talking to him worked but if I read his words he'd probably just go ahead and read mine.

The words started appearing again. It was so strange watching it happen. You could seen the dark blue ink appear out of thin air and then shape into beautifully written letters one at a time. Shut-up! He was obviously mocking me. Your mean. I quickly wrote back. I am a demon you know. He countered. I could be a lot worse.

I pondered this for a moment. I didn't really know what to say. My intelligent reply ended up being, I'm sorry.

Why? It's fucking awesome! Bye. He annoyed me by how he had acted all excited and went to an abrupt bye.

The rest of the hour went by quick, I missed Bob's company though. The bell went off. I made it out of the room fast so Jake or anybody else wouldn't be able to talk to me. Its not like anyone else would talk to me anyways. Almost everyone had betrayed me or done something else mean to me over the years. It was as if I had a sign on my back saying 'Lie to me. I'm stupid and vulnerable.'

I walked to art class which was the class I had Kara with. I really needed to talk to her. When I walked into the room I was the only one in there. I grabbed my art folder and went to sit down at my spot. I pulled the chair out and sat, but instead of landing in the chair, I heard the chair screech across the floor, out from under me, and I fell right on my ass on the cold, hard floor. "Damn it." It hurt like hell.

I put my hands on the table and pulled myself off the floor. When I stood I saw two words scratched across the entire table, that weren't there before. "Damn it," I cursed again. I was probably going to get blamed for this. I knew for a fact it had been Bob that pushed the chair out from under me too.

Mrs. Gorset, the art teacher, walked in. I hoped she wouldn't noticed the words but that wasn't likely, they were very noticeable.

When she walked by my table she instantly noticed the words and looked at me accusingly. "Britney! Why in the world did you write 'Ha Ha' on the table!" She yelled at me. At this point other students had started walking in, including Kara. "I don't find this funny at all."

Not only did it seem like I had a sign on my back, It was as if I had 'It was me' written all over my face. I got blamed for everything it seemed.

I tried to defend myself. "It was already on there when I got here." I lied. Mrs. Gorset definitely didn't need to know about Bob.

"Sure it was," she said sarcastically. She could accuse me as much as she wanted me but we both knew she had no proof. At that she dropped the argument. I knew better than to think this was over though.

I was mad at Bob. I can't believe he did that.

"What was that all about?" Kara sat down next to me.


She looked at me puzzled. "Bob? Who's Bob?"

I looked at her and stated simply. "A demon."

"Whatever, your lying."

"It's true. He was the one that wrote 'Ha Ha' on the table he was the one that was with us in the attic."

She looked scared again. "How do you know." I could tell she really believed me now, so easily too.

"He talked to me through the Ouija board and earlier through a piece of paper." I whispered.

"Is he nice," she looked at me hopefully. I could tell she didn't want to be stuck with something evil trying to kill her, but I had to tell her the truth.

"No, not really, plus he's dumb and always make fun of me."

"Has he done anything to hurt you." Kara wondered even farther.

"Well he pulled a chair out from under me and made me fall right on my ass."

She started laughing, but her mood quickly changed. As if something clicked in her head, she gasped, "You mean he's in human form or something. How did he push the chair?"

I thought for a moment. "I don't know." I hadn't thought about that. "Come over to my house after school and maybe we can ask him."

She looked uncertain for a moment. "Okay."

As soon as we finished our conversation, on que Mrs. Gorset told us to shut up and listen to her lesson.

The rest of the day went by slowly. But it gave me time to think about things.

I was still confused about all of this. Like, why was Bob even here? How was he here? Things like this shouldn't exist. Bob shouldn't be real. Demons are make believe. Easy as that. At least that's what I had grown up to believe and understand. But now all of that was being proven wrong by Bob showing up.

And what about vampires and werewolves. What else was real that shouldn't be real? First on my to do list was, I decided, to ask him some more questions. And second on my to do list was to get him to stop calling me ho.

Theres a point to the Sherri thing, also I'll try to make the next chapter funnier and not so drawn out. I had to get some of the boring stuff out of the way. If theres anything you don't like about the story please be free to tell me doesn't mean I'll change anything though.