A pointless random story of utter discomcribulation and random exfloveratation

John was walking down the road when a van crashed into his toe.

"Excuse me!" shouted John quietly and picked up the van.

The van driver's face was of sheer fear as he did stare at the bear with a hare in his hair.

"Do not drive into my foot again!" he shouted in a low whisper.

John the bear put the van down and walked away.

"You alright?" said the hare- Gerr. He resided in the giant bear's hair.

"Yes Gerr" said the Bear in a loud low voice. "I'm better than Holland"

"It's the Netherlands actually" corrected the Hare.

"Whatever…" John sighed in a shouting whisper. "I am tired and shall sleep this merry day."

Gerr frowned. "Day – night, God – salad."

The Hare frowned. "Bear you're crazy" he chuckled.

John laughed too and they set off down the road and out of France, past Belgium and arrived in Holland I mean The Netherlands.

"The Netherlands!"" exclaimed the Hare. "We are finally here!"

"I thought we were going to America?" asked John the bear.

The Hare rolled his eyes. "America is in Asia. Do you really want to travel all the way to Asia?"

"Yes" whispered the bear in a shouty- whispering way.

The Hare rolled his eyes. "Fine"

So eventually they arrived in Asia so they were happy. Problem was they had walked the wrong way so instead of America Asia they were in the America that actually existed.

Hare did not mind neither did Bear who laughed I a crying-dancing sort of a tone.

The Bear clapped his giant hands together excitedly and tragically.

"Huzzah! America! God bless the queen!"

"Wrong country" corrected Hare.


They walked a few miles in after a few minutes and arrived outside a house made of wood and stone and other absolutely normal housing materials so I'll shut up about making it sounding much more inter-es-tee-ing.

Anyway; Hare said to bear:

"Let's talk to Americans"

Bear shook his head. "Dutch" he corrected then realised it was not a correction and he was in fact being slightly retarded.

"Hello" Said an American with a face.

The Bear waved as did the hair before they moved on.

"Boring" the bear noted.

"Yes" said the hair. "Why would anyone start a conversation with such a boring greeting. I prefer: "Give me you're money or I will decapitate you with a pliers and some green sticky tape"

The Bear nodded. "My thoughts exactly. Let us destroy America"

The Hare thwacked bear on the head. "No it is Spain we dislike fool"

The Bear rubbed his head. "Oh. Sorry"

Suddenly Spain started sailing across the Atlantic.

"Oh crap!" yelled Hare pointing to Spain coming across the water. "Spain is coming!"

The Bear stuck out his chest and he narrowed his eyes. "Bring it on…Spain!" he said with determination in a sort of hissing laughing crying chuckling sighing tone.

To be continued