Meredith Black's Choice.

A/N: Ummm, Idk, plot bunnies attacked me and I decided to write this. This is kinda based off Columbine and the song 'Cassie' by Flyleaf made me think of it. Hope you like.

"Do you believe in God?"

That one question stood transfixed in my mind as our school went into lockdown. Rumors flew through the texts as we all got word from one another that this is another Columbine. You could hear all the sirens from cop cars pull up outside; apparently they were going to use brute force if need be.

Students were glancing at one another their eyes filled with worry. Everyone knew what their answer to that question would be. In order to live would they say, "No," or would they risk their life and say the one word that could change their life, "Yes." Many students I knew right off the bat would say no.

Me, I didn't have a clue as to what I would say. There was the selfish part of me wanting to live and make my own merry way down the road of life, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind telling me not to deny what I've been brought up to believe. I've thought about situations like this but truthfully I could never really determine what my answer would be. I guess today will be the day I would find out.

The students were getting restless; we had been stuck in this classroom for the past three hours. The three 'perpetrators' were going around visiting each classroom. I knew these three kids actually. None of them had the 'signs' that they would do this. They were the kids you see with their friends having a good time; never would you expect them to do this…yet they did.

Feet tapping and nerves getting stretched we waited. Some students had taken the liberty of calling their families and telling them they loved them. I doubt they really needed to do that seeing as they were going to say no. All we could really do was wait; I don't think anyone had the guts to try and make a break for it.

Finally someone broke the silence. It was a girl whom I had known for a short time, her name was Sarah. She stood up and went to the door, "Can't they just come and get this over with?"

One of the guys, Matthew, he stood at the door clutching a gun. "Get what over with?"

Backing away to her spot she mumbled, "Nothing, nothing at all."

Cocking his head to the side he said, "Well if I have nothing to do why do I have this gun?"

Sarah's eyes widened and she spoke hastily, "To protect yourself?"

Matthew chuckled darkly, "No, I think it's quite the opposite. C'mon outside, I have a question to ask you…"

Sarah could've said no, but that would've been the end of her… She went outside of the classroom and we all listened to them with alert ears. There it was, the one question everyone said they were asking, "Do you believe in God?"

Sarah hesitated for a second then spoke, "No, I don't."

Matthew pushed her back into the room with us and pointed at the next student. One by one they filed out there and answered that question. I think Matthew knew some of them were lying, but he wanted someone with the actual guts to tell him that they did. I was the last one to be called. "Meredith Black."

Walking out into the hallway I faced Matthew with my bravest face. "Yes?"

"You probably know the question already, but I'll ask it anyways… Do you believe in God?"

The barrel of the gun was pointed at my head and I thought of every single thing that came down to my one answer. I knew my fate came down to this and it could let me live or let me die. My family, friends, and peers may have said no to this, but I couldn't. I couldn't reject God. Looking at Matthew, I gave one slow nod. "Yes."

The next week a funeral was held. The sky rained down tears of sadness, or was it joy? Meredith Black, the only girl in her entire school was the one who answered the question with her heart. Saying you believe in something is easy, but when the stakes are high it takes pure bravery to do what Meredith did. Rejection is simple when your life is in danger, but if a simple teenager went against the odds and proclaimed herself in the midst of death, why can't you?