First Encounter

I sighed and lent my head against my hand, staring out the window of the classroom at the teenagers milling about outside. Sarah Lake walked passed the window with two of her cronies, Charlotte and Jessica McNealy, and laughed, pointing at me. Jessica and Charlotte gave me a snooty look and forced out such a fake laugh. I rolled my eyes and turned my gaze away from the window reluctantly to stare at the door to the room.

It was there fault I was in here.

I didn't need to watch them laugh at me about it either.

I was in maths class, doodling in my note book while listen to the Mr. Langley's long drawled voice, when Sarah decided to throw small pieces of paper at me and poke me in my shoulder. I ignored it at first but there's only so much a girl can take. I turned around and snapped loudly at them (I don't remember much of it but it did involve me ramming the pretty blond haired girl through a brick wall) but that only caused me the trouble I'm in now.

I hate Sarah Lake.

I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard the door to the classroom creak open. I looked up and lost all moisture in my mouth.

Marquis Nicolletti.

He handed his slip to the teacher, smiling in his usually boyish way, and began walking towards the back row of the room: the row I was in. I waited, anticipating what was going to happen next, as he took the chair beside me, shooting me one of the best smile I have ever received in my life.

I returned the smile slightly, but I could tell I was still physically in shock. My body didn't seem to want to move at all, and my eyes couldn't leave him. He gave me this confused cute look before leaning closer to me and dropping his voice.

"Are you okay ...?" he asked, his smooth voice filled with concern. "You're not having a seize are you ...?"

My mind seemed to finally gain control over my body at that point and I blushed deeply, turning my head away and looking at the floor in embarrassment.

"... I-I'm fine ... really ..." I cleared my throat loudly and nervously, "So ... why are you here?"

Marquis lent back in his chair, his hands coming around the back of his head, as he study me with interest. I didn't think I could go so red until that moment.

"I was chewing gum in Mrs. Furtele's class." he answered simply, "Then I back chatted and refused to take out the gum."

I gave him a look that was a cross between confusion and shock. "Why?"

He lent closer, his face coming within an inch of my own, his breath brushing against my cheeks, and grinned in a boyish, cocky way that almost made me melt.


What he said next was the real cause of it.

"I did it, so I could share a detention with you."

I stared at him with wide emerald eyes before glancing into my lap and fiddling with the end of my skirt. "Why?"

I felt his hand touch my hair slightly before trailing around and lifting my chin upwards, so I could see his dark eyes. "I've been trying to find an excuse to talk to you for weeks now, and then you got a detention so that was when the idea hit." he paused for a moment to stare at me "You seem shocked, surprised. Why is that?"

I forced out a laugh that could be described as an insight to my madness. "Why? You're asking why? Why? Because I'm not someone that people willingly get detention for ... what's special about me, compared to you?"

Marquis stared at me for a moment in complete silence before he lent forward, allowing his lips to brush against my ear, and whispered, "More than you know ..."

"...Riddle? Mrs. Riddle!"

I jumped at the voice and turned to stare at the old crabby women who was supervising the 'detention birds'. She eyed me with an annoyed gaze before gesturing to the clock.

"Mrs. Riddle, your detention time is up. You may return to lessons." she told me before returning her gaze back to the magazine in her hand. I nodded quickly and stood up, grabbing my things and approached the door. I paused and turned slightly to look at Marquis, who just smiled slightly at me and waved with the end of his fingers before return his gaze to out of the window. I flushed and left the room, faster than I ever had before.

- - - - - - - - -

I could feel his eyes on me from the back of the classroom. For another time in my life, I can dread sitting at the front of the class: Marquis' eyes were glued to me. It was obvious that he wasn't listening to anything that Mr. Wiggins was telling him but strangely he could answer every question, word for word, all without moving his gaze from the back of my neck. I slouched down in my chair; the hairs on the back of my neck up, and decided I could how confirm that Marquis Nicolletti was the perfect guy on his little ball of water.

And he was staring at me.

I could Sarah's annoyingly innocent and high-pitched voice from the front of the class. She was flirting with Marquis. Again. She always did this: in every class, every chance she got. Marquis always just let it happen, staying in place, pretending to be interested.

Except for now.

He had his body tilted away from her on his desk; the back of his head was all Sarah could see; his gold-rimmed eyes on me.

" … And, um, I do horse-riding …" Sarah was leaning over the desk, trying to look at the guy's face, despite the fact that he was completely ignoring her, "D-do you like horses?"

Marquis didn't even answer her, at least from what I could hear. I did hear the sound of a chair scraping against the floor and then the class went silent. I kept my eyes on my notebook pages, pretending not to be affected by the eerie silence that had spread across the room and only interested in the physical structure of an insect. I heard padded footsteps against the floor and then felt a shadow looming over me.

Biting my lip nervously, I looked upward and met the piercing eyes of Marquis Nicolletti. He was silent, as was the rest of the class, just staring at me before he held his hand out. Hesitantly, not entirely sure what the plan was, placed my small hand in his larger one. I was swiftly pulled to my feet and his free hand came around to hold my hips. I gasped at the sudden action, my vision becoming black as his lips forcibly met mine. The kiss was demanding and impatient at first, before I subconsciously reacted to it and kissed back, to which it became softer and more loving. It was my first and best kiss ever!

There was a cry of outrage across the classroom and I could hear the sound of Sarah's shoes tapping across the floor as she stormed her way over to us. I felt her dainty hands pulls the two of us away roughly. We stared at each other for a moment, out of breath, and Marquis gave me a lopsided grin, to which I returned breathlessly.

"What's going on here?" Sarah demanded, her pretty face distorted with anger, staring at Marquis, "Why did you kiss her?"

Marquis shrugged and pulled me closer to him again. "I have no idea. Just felt like it."

Sarah frowned before turning to me, her eyes blazing. "What did you do to him? What are you? A witch? What spell did you put on him?"

"I didn't do anything." I protected myself, hands raised in defense as if to protect myself from the girls evil stare. Marquis grinned down at me again and kissed me full on the lips, taking my breath away, again. Sarah huffed loudly and stormed her way back to the other end of the classroom. I could hear Jessica and Charlotte trying to console her. Badly, I might add.

"Ahem, Mr. Nicolletti and Mrs. Riddle." Mr. Wiggins voice broke through our thoughts, causing us to pull part and stare at him. The teacher eyed us slightly, before turning back to the SMARTboard.

"Detention, after school tonight." he continued to speak, writing down the rest of the notes across the board. Marquis and I glanced at each other and smiled slightly.

Detention …

That's where it all started …