Fade Away

A candle can burn

With hope as its fuel

But hope is forgotten

As a general rule

Why can't you see yourself

In the light of day?

If there's no one to love you, you'll just fade away

If nobody loves you, you'll just fade away

Each dawn is a diamond

Before it is cut

We are the same, just not grand enough

Why should you worry?

It won't happen to you

Smile through the pain

We're all feeling too

If there's no one to love them, they'll just fade away

If someone just loves them, they might just stay

If there's no one to love us, we all fade away

The wind and the tide

The dawn and the dusk

I wander through stars

In the heavens above

The daylight is breaking, of this I'm sure

Join hands with your brother

We'll salvage the world

I'll fade I'll fade away (x4)

A wedding with fireflies

Of Peace and The earth

Their children will dance

Near the dreaming berth

Hope, in its slumber

Will begin to rise

And light the candles

That shine in our eyes

If there's someone to love us, we'll be here to stay

If we learn how to love, we won't fade away

If we find the love

We'll not fade away