if we die before you, we want you to know that we loved you.
we want you to think ridiculous things outside in the rain
and set your eyes on fire.
i don't want you to wish you were me anymore.
we overdosed on your jealousy, saying: you could have
had me.
if you wanted me.

try not to be
away too long
try not to be
messages left on the answering machine.
we were dreams for the poor and stupid.
now, they are dreams for us.

we got dressed down, got makeup in facial wounds, and waited.
when a phone rang, mary poppins lost her fake red fingernails searching for the
answer button – because, as we told her, it might be
important. mary poppins, not pleased.
mary poppins, losing another patch of skin.
what do fairy tales do to ruin a child's life?
stick around.

mary poppins: heard something unpleasant, then hung up her neck.
the poor dear.

i stumble, glance down, see my feet and a hole in the earth.
if i am not careful, it will
swallow me
attention: boy missing.
the headlines read: food shortage.
if i let the big earth teeth tear out my hippie mind,
i am a victim of circumstantial cannibalism.

tonight you are
it doesn't matter why.

tomorrow you are
a hooker in a friend's skin.
when we are this simple-minded,
we are unable to see you as anything more.

who says we're too young to get off?
eyes closed, lips shoved around our skulls,
exploring the world in a truck full of blood,
both of us unzipped
and stuck in between the dashboard and the steering wheel.

liberty and discomfort for all.

wake up your mind
turn me on or touch me.