A.N: This poem is about Ireland's view on the eight hundred years we were under British rule.

Two pointers. "from six" stands for the six counties still under British rule.

Also Ulster men are known to be very stubborn. This was the last province to be taken under complete British rule and the one where the only resistance to freedom was found.

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War Stains My Home

The hollow beating of the drum,

The thumping of the horses' hoof,

The blood and guts that stain my land,

Are nothing new to my ears and nose,

My land has only known war.

My land a reverent green now a bloody red,

Where once the swallows sang now is quiet,

I was a creator,

Man was a destroyer,

For hundreds of years this land stood still,

But greed is ever there,

And I grew blind to those to fear,

And trust gave way to hate.

I watch my children screaming and dying,

I see their children crying,

I stand above,

My heart below on the naked grass,

Where my men lay as cold as stone,

My women were once strong and bold,

But now cower from the red coats.

We stood and fought for many years,

They deceived us once more,

Promising freedom, denying it to some,

I howled up a mighty wind in agony,

But it was too late.

Brother on brother,

Father on son,

Cursed men, why must they seek out a death,

Now the land is still and quiet,

Blood still comes,

But not in the fountain I once saw,

But still it comes from six.

War stains my home,

War destroys my land,

And I, Eire can do naught,

But pray the stubborn heart of Ulster men,

Bow down to peace once again.