It's funny really, most people find seven minutes insignificant and unimportant, yet in seven short minutes, my life would change. Those seven, small, overlooked minutes would change everything I knew, thought, and felt.

Chapter One

It all started with a party. My best friend, Suki, was having a party while her parents were out of town for a week. It wasn't anything special, no booze or drugs or anything like that, none of the popular cheerleaders or jocks, just a bunch of Suki and her older brother, Evan's friends. These groups basically consisted of the emo/goth/punk/outcast crowd or whatever you'd consider it, but you get my point.

The party had begun to get slightly dull, that was when Suki came up with the idea. "Let's play seven minutes in heaven," she suggested. Everyone seemed up to it. Great.

"All guys come over here and give me an object," she ordered as Evan led us girls down into the basement where the big storage closet was. One-by-one the guys started filling the basement with us. Finally, Suki came down with a big trash bag full of stuff. "Okay, girls, pick an object to determine who you get."

My friend Amanda went first, pulling out a pair of headphones. She ended up getting her crush, whose name I don't remember. After they went in, a few others, some that I knew, some that I guessed were Evan's friends went in and out. Then came my turn. 'Just kill me now!' I thought to myself.

"Do I have to?" I asked quietly, staring pleadingly up at Suki, who was waving the bag in front of me impatiently. She should understand. She knew I wasn't ready yet, for I had just ended a relationship because my now ex-boyfriend had been cheating on me.

"C'mon Kaci!" she urged, "Besides, Dawson never deserved you anyway, and nobody else backed out," she whispered quietly into my ear. I thought of something my mother used to tell my brothers and me when we complained with the 'but everyone else is doing it' routine. 'If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?' I thought. I sighed and reluctantly shoved my hand into the bag and pulled out the first thing I could grab a hold of. It was a black skull-printed I-pod case.

"Um," I said, staring at the case. I glanced around the room, and then I noticed Brian Bowers, a.k.a. my worst enemy standing, waiting for me. We've hated each other since fifth grade, when he started treating me like dirt, and it has been a hate-hate relationship ever since.

"Ooooh, tough luck Kace," Evan said as I stood up. Everyone began laughing at my misfortune. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Brian glance toward Suki, she shrugged. I guess he was shooting her a pissed-off glance. He probably hated this even more than I did. They guided us to the closet, and as soon as we stepped in, the slammed the door behind us. I heard the little 'click' of the door locking. I sighed and slid down the wall, pulling my knees to my chest as soon as I hit the floor.

"Sooo…" Brain said, looking down at me. Surprisingly, I could see his face really well for the very little light that slipped through the crack under the door. I glared up at him, he looked well…sad and yet scared, but why? Not that I should care, after all, we hated each other. But—for some reason—I did care, and it bothered me. "Are you just going to ignore me?" he asked after a few more seconds in silence.

"That's the plan," I muttered. He fell silent and slid down the opposite wall. After about half a minute of silence, I looked forward at him, the hood of his sweatshirt was pulled over his head, and his face buried in his arms. Something was wrong, I could feel it.

"Brian?" I whispered quietly. No answer. "Brian, is something wrong?" I pressed. He moved his hands, the very slight bit of eyeliner he always wore was smeared…was he crying? "Are you—crying?" I asked.

"What's it to you?" he grumbled.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"C-can I tell you something?" he asked, sounding a bit frightened.

"Um, okay?" I said. Why was Brian acting so weird?

"Kaci," he began, "You've got me all wrong. I don't hate you, and I never have."

"What is this all about?" I cut in. He wasn't making any sense; he was being extremely un-Brian like.

"Kaci—don't you see? All those years I was trying to get your attention yet hide the one fact that has been true since I saw you. I love you." I was speechless. All those years, I thought he hated me…I spent a few seconds in silence, trying to process my thoughts. "I knew it. I knew you wouldn't feel the same about me," he muttered, burying is face in his hands once more.

"Brian," I sighed. When he didn't answer me, I moved closer and pulled his hands away. Before he could move them back, I brushed my hand across his face lightly, trying to wipe away the tears. I couldn't stand to see people cry. He stared at me.

"Do you think you could give me a chance?" he asked nervously. I knew what he meant. I responded with a quick kiss, and as soon as I pulled away, he leaned forward and pulled me into another kiss. It felt magical, electricity raced through my veins as I returned the kiss with full passion.

Then, Suki wrenched open the door, Brian took my hand and helped me up before we walked hand-in-hand over to the couch. There was only room for one, but Brian plopped down and pulled me onto his lap. As soon as his arms were around me, I felt safe, and I felt like I belonged there. But, we suddenly got a lot of dirty looks from Gregory, the person that's been stalking me since the beginning of high school, and also from Dawson, my ex boyfriend. I ignored the though, I was more concentrated on Brian.

"Brian," I began, he raised his hand lightly.

"Since you are my girlfriend, you, and only you, can call me by the name my family does—you can call me Bon,"

"I love you Bon," I said, laying my head against his chest.

"I love you too Kaci," he said, kissing the top of me head. I glanced over at the clock. It was past one o'clock in the morning, and slowly, exhaustion took over me.

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