Author Note: This is one of my very few attempts to start a story. Sadly, I'm very lazy and I don't have much time on my hands. Oh, and I pretty much lack all the basic skills to be a VERY good writer. I'm only FAIRLY good. Anywho, this was my first trial at a prologue. Read and enjoy. And it would help a bunch if you told me if I made any mistakes or anything....


When I was little, I loved fairy tales. I was just like every other little girl. I dreamed of my very own Prince Charming. I wished for true love's kiss. And I believed in 'happily ever after'. My mother used to read me bedtime stories. Every single one was always a fairy tale. Since we only had a few, I'd already memorized what stories were read on what day. Monday was Cinderella. Tuesday was Snow White. Wednesday would end with Sleeping Beauty. Following that was The Little Mermaid on Thursday. Fridays were given to Aladdin. And on the weekends, mom told me stories of when she was little.

I would fall asleep every night, only to dream that I was a fairy tale princess who meets her prince. I was always the damsel in distress. Then, when trouble became too much, a handsome knight would come to my rescue. He would swoop in and save me. He'd carry me off into the sunset, where we would share true love's kiss. Then he would take me to his castle. It was there we lived happily ever after. I used to believe in fairy tales so much, it killed me when reality opened my eyes.

Reality struck me with so much force, it shattered my hopes and destroyed all my beliefs. At first I was stubborn. I refused to believe in anything else than the thought of my prince coming to find me. But as time went by, my eyes were opened to the truth. Reality practically slapped my in the face! It hit with such a brute force, I had cried myself to sleep for a five whole months!

I finally realized there is no such thing as 'happily ever after'. Well, for me anyways. I'm probably the most unfortunate person out there. Why, you ask? Because it happens.

By 'it', I'm referring to the events that occur. These events that lead me to believe I'll actually get my happy ending. Then when my hopes are high and I'm on Bliss Mountain, something else happens and I end up like I always do. Alone, all over again. This happened so many times that I've reached an epiphany.

I was the forgotten one. I was the character the writer played with. The one whose strings were pulled just to see how many outcomes there were. I was a doll. And nothing but a doll. It seemed like God liked to play with me. But whenever I was close to a happy ending, he would change the story so I would remain alone. Thus, I am God's doll. Since God's the world's creator, he must be the writer to my story; the story with no happily ever after. The story without a prince. The story that definitely didn't have true love's kiss. The story that is my life…

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