Author Note: Hello sweeties! This is yet another attempt my yours truly to make a story. I know it's kinda dumb to start two different stories at once, but I couldn't help myself. So, read and enjoy. And spread the love, review review!!


It was so cliché. Not to mention pretty stupid. I mean honestly, who in their right mind would go to a match-maker? Desperate people, that's who! I-Tenny Bennson-am not desperate. So why did my mom send me to a match-maker? And even better, why is she matching me up with my mortal enemy? Heh, I think she thinks she can pull off a cliché. Tch, arch enemies falling in love? This lady must be off her rockers. Or is she? Oh no, I think I'm becoming a cliché!


Hey there. My name's Tenny Bennson. No, my mom didn't name me Tenny. It's actually a shortcut for my real name; my real, even weirder name. It's short for Tennesseelyn. Yup, my name is Tennesseelyn Joy Benson. Funny name huh?

See, my parents aren't really good with names. So they set out a map and randomly pointed to any place. Then, poof! That became our name. It's true! I have four brothers: Dallas, Roswell, Phoenix, and Boise. Dallas got Texas, Roswell's Georgia, Phoenix's Arizona, and Boise got Idaho. And me, ironically the youngest and the only girl, got Tennessee. See how creative our parents are? Seriously, who names their children with the names of random places? Insane people, that's who!

Well, we can't change the past now, can we? So, like I was saying, my name's Tenny and I'm just your average teenage schoolgirl. The people at my school are all stuck up dork-wads who live off their parents and go gallivanting around in whore clothes. Well, the girls actually. The guys are all jerks. Thus, I have resolved to never date anyone from school. But that's not why I'm in mid-crisis here, dearies. The real reason is because of him. Yes, him! It's that no good, back stabbing, feelings hurting, cement-licking, jerk face eating, arch enemy slash (Yes, I spelled slash out. That's how bad it is.) neighbor of mine: Caleb McCallister. Stupid prick…

I've hated him ever since he moved next door. Mother dearest, however, used to tell me I was being really cliché and that Caleb was my soul mate or something like that. I tune her out though. Caleb isn't even worth my time.

Or is he? Wow, my life is about to get messed up in three, two, one…