"Sho! Have you seen my blue headband with the white rose attached to it?" Sakiko walked out of her room and into the living room.

"Did you check your own room?" a deep voice came from behind her causing her to turn around.

"Of course," Sakiko crossed her arms. "I wouldn't have asked if I knew where it was."

"Here," Sho held out his hand which was holding the headband.

"Jeez," Sakiko grabbed it from him. "You wanted to use it for a new outfit you got didn't you."

Sakiko walked away from him while putting the headband on. She went to the fridge and pulled out her leftover shake. Sho walked into the kitchen and pulled down the instant pancake mix. As he began to make them, he could feel the glare from his sister's eyes.

"I know, I know," he grinned as he poured the batter into the griddle, "you hate me because I can eat all of this and maintain my good figure."

Sakiko rolled her eyes and walked to the table where she sat and proceeded to drink her shake as she looked at the newspaper.

This was how school mornings usually started. Sakiko and Sho were twins whose parents worked over seas. They have been living on their own for five years now, but they did have family friends who would drop by every once in a while.

After breakfast, the two of them left their home and began their walk to school. When they got close boys started to flock over to them. They began to flirt with Sakiko, who pretty much ignored their advances. Once in the gate, she turned and gave her brother a quick kiss on the cheek before she ran toward her friends.

Sho just shook his head and walked to where a group of his friends. Who slowly struck up a conversation about what happened over the summer.

As Sakiko walked into her class, she saw many familiar faces. Making her way to her desk, a boy with short black hair looked up at her and smiled,

"Good morning Sakiko."

"Um…" Sakiko glanced at the boy who was sitting in the desk in front of her. 'That is Mitsuko's seat,' Sakiko thought as she sat. Studying the boy, Sakiko caught glimpse of the grey eyes that were staring at her.

"Geez," he sighed exasperatedly, "you text me all summer and you don't even know who I am."

"Mistuko!?!?" she was shocked, but her voice was in a whisper. "There is no way."

"Yeah, sorry," he smiled and he knew it was her friend a couple years. "I was done pretending."

"Does Hide, wait. That explains it. I knew that he wouldn't just go straight all of a sudden," she grinned at him. "I've known him for too long."

"I know," the boy who was called 'Mistuko' answered. "By the way, my "real" name is Tsukino Yuujirou."

"I'm kind of hurt that you didn't trust me enough to tell, I mean you know what my brother does every once in a while, so I would understand."

"Sorry, but I didn't tell anyone. Hii-chan found out before we started dating, so that was what happened there."

As Sakiko was about to respond, the teacher walked into the classroom as the final bell rang and promptly started the lecture for the new school year.

The class went by rather quickly and Sakiko and Yuujirou were currently eating their lunches. A small group of boys was slowly growing into a larger group on the opposite side of the courtyard. Sakiko couldn't help but wonder what they were all looking at, but somewhat shook it off. They group that normally would follow her around did annoy her to some degree, but she did like the attention.

Just then, she caught sight of the blonde girl amoung the group of boys. Slowly, she stood to get a better look at the young female and growled. Yuujirou looked up when he heard the feral sound and saw what was happening and innocently looked down at his food.

It took a little time for Sakiko to walk over to where the group had gathered. Walking straight to the girl, she crossed her arms and stood right in front of her. As she exhaled, the girl looked up, and blue eyes met blue eyes.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sakiko questioned.

"What do you mean?" the girl smiled.

"You know what I mean, ONII-CHAN!" she seethed grabbing the small blonde by the arm and dragged her away from the group of boys. Yuujirou only watched as Sakiko pulled the girl along with her. Two other boys then walked up to him, smiled at him but with a puzzled look in their eyes.

"What was that about?" the shorter of the two asked.

"Sho-san decided to cosplay for lunch Makoto-kun," Yuujirou smiled thinking about it. "Sakiko-chan hates it when he does that. How does it feel in your last year Reiji-kun?"

"Fine," Reiji sat down. "Can't wait for today to be over."

"Me too," Makoto agreed

"Me three!" Yuujirou chimed in. "Hii-chan said that he would make sure to be here for dinner.

As the three boys began discussing their day, Sakiko threw the blonde "girl" into the wall of the girls' bathroom. She might have a small frame, but Sakiko definitely was strong for a girl. Breathing heavily, Sakiko looked around the stalls to see if anyone was there.

Coughing slightly, a deep voice then replaced the petite voice from earlier,

"Why do you always have to destroy my fun?"

"Why do you always have to try and be like me?" Sakiko crossed her arms. "Sho, you don't have to do all this stuff."

"But I like it," Sho looked away, then into the eyes of his twin. "Besides, its not my fault that all the guys who usually find you pretty think that I am cuter as a girl."

That was it. Sakiko snapped; and a group of girls who were just about to enter the bathroom stopped dead in their tracks. All they could hear was the sound of slaps, something heavy slamming against the wall and ripping noises. About a minute later Sakiko emerged and upon seeing the underclass freshmen girls, smiled.

"I wouldn't use this bathroom," she smiled sweetly causing the girls to slightly blush. "There's another one just down the hall to the right."

"Thank you sempai!" The girls said in unison then quickly walked away.

Sighing, Sakiko heard the warning bell signaling that lunch was now over. Turing to her left she walked briskly toward her class, all the while smiling sweetly at all the upperclassmen.

A groan came from the bathroom Sakiko had just vacated, and Sho appeared holding a blonde wig in his hand. Rubbing his head he winced as he glanced at the newly destroyed wig.

"She ruined my best one. Damn it! When did she get to be so strong? Oh well, I suppose I'll have to apologize to her tonight. Now, got to change before class."

With that, Sho quickly made his way to a specific boys' bathroom where his uniform was safely hidden.