Gettysburg: Day 3

Day 3

As we wait under the trees, the cool trees,

the order comes.

We form lines, neat lines

to march.

"For Virginia! For our homes!" we cry, we shout.

With the beat of the drum, we step off, we march.

In our ears we hear the cannons roar, smell the smoke.

The shells hit hard as they destroy our lines,

felling us in droves.

We march on, keep going, as the sun

beats down.

"Double quick! They're on our flanks!" is the order from ahead.

We speed to run as the close firing begins. The wall is just ahead.

A hat on a saber is our guidon now: We follow it with hearts ablaze.

Men in blue with bayonets fixed meet us head on

Smoke is all around, we cannot see, cannot hear.

Then there is pain, terrible pain, piercing a young boy's heart.

And as I fall to the ground,

I pray we will not be forgotten.

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