Part 1


Ch. 1.

One last warning: This containts EXTREME violence and gore. Do NOT keep reading if you are faint of heart or can't deal with snuff! I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun with it lol.

"Just..jut tell me..why..."

The words garbled out of the girl's throat, more blood coming out then sound. Traces of sperm glistened on her cheeks amid flecks and globules of blood. A few fragments of teeth lay littered on the concrete a few inches below her suspended body. Her neck was stiff to the point of agony, her arms swollen and thickly veined, held tightly above her head in the maniacal contraption. Thick steel chains hooked around her hands and through them; thick 4 gauge hoops peircing straight through her palms in some sick parody of a crucifixion. Her legs were spread wide apart with a long metal pipe between them, attached to another chain which was hooked to the loop above the entire thing, forcing her legs to be both split and bent painfully upwards. Spatters of blood and cum slowly dried, on the chains, on her skin, on the cement ground below. A heavy door swung open, accompanied by the sound of metal heels on the cement. The girl's tear-strained eyes widedened as her body began to shake, knowing what came with those sounds.

"Still awake, are we? My, after all that I thought you'd have given up by now. I suppose you blondes really just don't know when to quit, do you?"

Shannon began to sob violently, wheezing more than crying, her throat dry from abuse and dehydration. Her eyes cast on the ground, she didn't have to look up to know there would be that sick, hateful grin on that strange face. She didn't need or want to try and reason with that face, only to fear what would come next. Shannon knew she was going to die, it was no longer a question of if, but rather of how and when.

"I suppose you should've thought a couple more times before you let strangers buy you drinks, shouldn't you?"

Black, impeccably shined, steel tipped combat boots clinked beneath Shannon's head. She closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. Sharp nails dug into the sides of her cheeks, wrenching her bruised face upwards.

"I asked you a question, dear. I expect an answer". The words slid more out of that mouth, a cruel lip-ringed smile twisting the sides up in a sneer.

"Yes...I I should have..I'm sorry I offended.." Shannon's words were out of her mouth along with a few more teeth, as one of those heavy boots connected with her bottom jaw. She bit down on her tongue at the impact, screaming out a mouthful of agony and blood. Her battered lips twitched, fresh tears coursing down her face again, cutting tracks through the dried blood. As if the kick wasn't enough, he backhanded her, hard enough to make her eyes white out for a moment. When the beatings stopped, she hung, helpless and shaking, praying for some kind of miracle to end this pain.

"Of course you should have thought more, Shannon. You shouldn't have told me to meet you in the first place, shouldn't have marketed yourself as one of those 'kinky girls'. Is this kinky enough for you, Shannon?" The word 'kinky' was followed by a rush of agony between Shannon's legs, as she felt some sudden searing pain in her cunt as the edges of a serrated utility knife re-opened fresh wounds from the past night. She regretted ever seeing a computer in her life, regretted signing up for that goddamn dating site, and especially messaging that freak with the kanji tattoo in the first place.

All of a sudden, Shannon felt the chains rattling, the sounds of metal being unhooked. Before the thought of freedom had a chance to cross her mind, she felt her body slam against the concrete, knocking the little wind she had left out of her. Again she felt those hands skittering across her skin, increasing pressure where there were cuts, bruises, in some areas actual bits of flesh missing where he had bitten at her. Fingernails clawing into her scalp, pulling at her hair, making her cry out. She felt three cold rings of metal accompanied by a pair of wet and violent lips sliding over her, stopping at the fold of her neck to bite down hard enough to make tears well up. She felt his breath in her ear, her hair standing on end, her heart pummelling violently in her chest. Maybe this would be it..maybe it could end now, and she would just die.

"Now..I want you to scream. I want you to scream like the bitch you are, and no one will hear you. No one will save you, and you've only got yourself to blame."

Shannon gritted her teeth as she felt both nails and cock dig into her, crying out in both pain and sheer terror. When she had messaged that guy named Kai, she hadn't been expecting much more than maybe a casual hook up with a guy who liked freaky shit. Whips, chains, maybe some S&M. Shannon hadn't been expecting this, though. She hadn't expected to be abducted and raped by a psychopath who would probably kill her in this awful basement.


As he was rinsing the blood off herself in the shower, Kai could barely keep himself from grinning. Shannon had been much more than he'd been expecting, quickly giving up the "fuck you, I'll kill you" and willingly sucking him off. He would kill her tonight, and then he would find another girl.


"Rise and shine, baby. It's a brand new day."

Shannon shuddered into conciousness to a view of boots, legs, and the bottom of what looked like a black leather smock. Fully aware that this was not a nightmare and was far too real, she could still feel the icy cement digging into every open wound in her body, could still taste the blood coursing from her gums.

She tried to raise her head to at least look him in the face one more time, to at least face death as it came at her. She could barely move her neck. She watched as he came into view, crouching down in front of her like some violent child about to stone a wounded bird and laugh about it later. Her lips quivered as she whispered, begging him to just end it.

"Please..just kill me already..I'm sorry for..I'm just sorry. Just please, god, stop hurting me.."

She was quickly silenced by his cock in her mouth, sliding in easily with barely any teeth.

"God? There is no god here Shannon, I am you god now. Pain is your god now. There is NO on to save you, no comfort to you but the eventual death you'll have with me."

She cried openly, letting him facefuck her, his fingers wrenching handfuls of platinum hair off her head while he did. He slid in and out of her, forcing her jaws open further, slamming her head harder against his crotch. His hands slid down wards, nails carving into her and leaving deep furrows into her chest as he clamped his fingers tightly around her breasts, tugging at the hoops he'd shoved through her nipples the previous night. Watching her squirm as those vicious little hooks drew towards her body, the way she wailed when they finally penetrated skin, and eventually muscle..

He felt himself tightening, about to let go and threw her backwards onto the ground, almost sure that he heard a bone crack as she hit. She began sobbing, pleading, trying to crawl away. He began laughing, unable to stop himself, terribly bemused at the broken little creature scuttling across the floor. Kai turned and walked across the room, leaving her to her false hope for a moment. He stopped at a tool bench, heavily tattooed hand hovering over a slew of unpleasant looking impliments. He decided on two old favorites, a clamp and a small hand saw. He began to walk back to Shannon, stepping down heavily onto her bleeding back, crushing her body against the floor. He paused for a moment, taking in how helpless and doomed she really was, idly running a finger through one of his liprings. He smiled, hugely, violently.

He grabbed her and flipped her over, an exceedingly easy task due to her miniscule weight. She struggled weakly, flailing uselessly against his chest, her fingers glancing off the butcher's smock he wore over black a pair of black jeans. He straddled her stomach, facing away from her, forcing her to stare against his back unknowing of what he was doing. He began to loosen the clamp, running his hand against her ill-used pussy. She slid one finger, two, begain forcing his entire hand into her.

"You know, for such a skinny bitch, you're loose as all hell. I don't know if that was before or after I fucked you, but at any rate you're one hell of a whore."

He positioned the clamp onto her clit, chuckling as he did. He began to tighten it, revelling in her sudden scream as she realized what was happening.

"Well fuck, you catch on quick don't you?"

He continued to turn the screw until her clit began to bleed, her body twitching, no longer crying for help but simple guttural moans coming from her throat. He got off her and flipped her back onto her stomach, pulling up her ass and shoving himself into her, making sure to grind her hips against the ground, forcing the clamp to tear further at her clitoris. Her ass gave almost no resistance this time, as it had the first few times he'd fucked her ass. He had violated every inch of her he could, revelling each new level of disgrace he could inflict on her. He knelt behind her, the stained level of the butcher's smock laying on top of her ass while he fucked her, tugging on the clamp that was still tightly clamped onto her clit.

"Shannon, I have to say, even now you still feel great. Maybe it's just the way you scream. I might even keep your body after I kill you, at least for a little while."

He slapped her a few times, forcing himself as deep as he could, feeling his balls slap against her wet cunt. He felt himself about to come again, forcing himself to hold out. He grabbed the saw next to him and began to slide it over her lower back, watching the skin split and blood dribble out. His cock was throbbing, almost painfully, his teeth gritted tightly together. He would later find that he'd bitten a chunk out of his lip, almost pulling out one of his rings. He slid the saw back and forth, feeling her body racking with agony, sending him into orgasm. He growled, screamed out as he forced his fingernails into the fresh wound in her back, peeling her skin back, rubbing his fingertips against the exposed muscles. He pulled out, beginning to come as he did and wrenched her head up violently, snapping Shannon's neck.

"Shit, SHIT! I didn't mean to kill you yet goddamnit!" He fumbled with her body, forcing his cock into her mouth one last time as her eyes began to roll back, her body convulsing wildly as an epileptic's, spine severed from brain. Kai's eyes twitched, his body shaking as his balls released into Shannon's dead mouth, his cum filling up her throat. When she stopped moving, he pushed her head against his groin a few more times, looking at her ruined body in some sick deviation of affection, noticing that sliver of ivory spine showed through the mess of blood on her back. His cock soft and husked out, he slid out of Shannon's mouth, a long trail of cum drizzling over her unmoving lips as he did. He smoothed himself out, watching her body tip lifelessly onto the floor, his seed trailing out of her mouth and ass. He signed almost wistfully, regretting that it was all over so very soon. No matter, he would find another girl. He always would.