Chapter Five

"This is getting boring, you know" He sighed, breathing out a cloud of smoke as he did. Her lips twitched, face a mess of bruises and cuts, barely any skin showing through his handiwork. He glared at her sidelong, the edge of his mouth lilting up into a smirk, a tangle of thick black hair dangling into his eyes. "You've stopped trying, Karyn. " The girl moaned, swollen eyes never leaving the ground. Kai had realized years ago that breaking someone was the fun part; a mindless, willing slave was beyond boring to him, if he wanted that, he would just fuck a corpse. What got him off, what made it a good time for him was the screams, the struggling, the pleading, and above all the terror.

Kai sighed again, rubbing his forehead as he finished the cigarette and flicked it, still glaring at Karyn. After a long pause he stood up and shrugged, mumbling "Oh, the hell with it." He grabbed hold of the chain holding Karyn to the bed and, respectively, to her dead boyfriend. He unhooked it, wrapped one end around his hand and threw Karyn onto the filthy concrete, forcing her down with his boot. "You girls, you're all the fucking spark, no survival instinct, not a goddamned thing..." He swung the heavy chain and lashed it across her face, catching one of her eyes. Karyn cried out, a dry wheeze and cringed, futilely trying to worm herself away from him. He watched for a second, tilting his head in a bored amusement before he stomped down on the back of her hips, forcing a muffled crunch out of her already destroyed body. He stomped again and swung the chain, connecting with her face, knocking out what teeth were left.

Before Karyn could react he dropped down on top of her, wrapping the chain around her neck and pulling tight. Her eyes fluttered, fear changing into some kind of acceptance, her lips quivering. Kai snarled, too aware that all Karyn wanted at this point was to die and let go of the chain, letting her breathe again. His right hand curled into a fist and he swung, knocking her jaw off to the side with a loud pop. Karyn screamed, clenching her eyes tight, weakly bucking her hips against him and he grinned. At least this was a bit better, he thought, at least this way she won't go painlessly. He brought down his fist again, and again, beating her face until her skin started to give way and her screams melted into one, droning howl of pain.

He crawled off her and flipped her over, grabbing hold of her hair and slammed her face into the concrete, her face making a sound like raw hamburger hitting the ground. He stood, up, lit another cigarette and took a hard kick at her head, almost throwing her over. He breathed in deep, shuddered and stamped down hard on the back of her skull, crushing her nose. Karyn vomited again, more as a reflex than anything, bile and blood mixing in a mess around her ruined face. He grabbed hold of her hair again and swung her hard, tossing her limbless body against the wall, a trail of blood flinging through the air after her. He stood over her, fingers twitching, eyes blazing with an almost inhuman hate and he inhaled again. "You're done, darling. You've about bored me to death." He brought his boot down once more, against her throat.

As her windpipe collapsed, Karyn's eyes fluttered and she gasped for air, blood gurgling up between her lips. He crouched down and watched her spasm, watching her cunt contract and her stumps shaking. Good riddance he found himself thinking. She'd become more of a chore than anything, increasingly boring to him. He still wanted a challenge, wanted someone to break, not a bitch who was already used to crawling around and servicing anything that asked. He cut her in half and tossed her top half into the furnace, deciding to keep the lower half around a little longer.

Kai hadn't always hated women, although it was something that he'd picked up fairly early on in life, cemented as he grew older. However, if there was a turning point, he was fairly sure he could pinpoint it, and even put a name to it. Her name was Becky, he'd met her in college (For a brief time he'd half-assedly thought of going into surgery, dropping out rather quickly when he realized his interests were ending lives, not preserving them). She'd been studying her LPN, clueless as a kindergartener of anything beyond daddy's money and 'art rock'.

Kai had met her when she was 19 and he was 22, fucking around and wasting the money that he'd been born with. He assumed that'd been what attracted her in the first place, the money. His family had been well off enough, and after a string of particularly awful jobs he'd saved up a hefty amount of money and moved out on his own. While still working nights at a warehouse, he'd been left with ample time to dabble in his own interests, particularly painting. When he'd lucked out and sold a few pieces online (there wasn't much market for mutilation art in Binghamton he'd realized early on) for decent sums, he decided to go full bore into it, though he kept the warehouse job so he'd have a constant flow of income. A few months afterward, his family began trying to contact him, deciding that he was no longer a black sheep once he'd learned how to earn money and make a name for himself. Essentially an opportunist, he'd allowed it, if only for the added financial benefit. So, Kai had decided to go college at 22, pursuing the ever popular Liberal Arts degree fucking around more than anything, learning slowly why he'd always been antisocial and more importantly, adopting what he thought of as his 'enlightened' attitude towards women. Becky had been one of the girls to reiterate this outlook.

Kai had known from the moment he'd laid eyes on Becky that she was a moron, the way she carried herself with the false confidence garnered from one night stands and a lifetime of being 'the hot chick'. So when the rest of the college and seemingly the world was fawning over her, Kai occupied himself with things he actually gave half a damn about; his art, learning the ins and outs of the human body, and studying people. He spent countless hours in the food court, watching people and their interactions, the way they lied and loved. He filled countless sketchbooks with them, characitures and mutilations,pretty girls in the most awful circumstances.

It was one of these days that Becky must have decided that Kai was "dramatic" enough for her, as out of the blue his musings were interrupted by a Valley Girl-esque voice, crooning "Oh, can I see those? I just love artists." Kai glared up at her, smirking the tiniest bit and whispered "Of course", pushing the sketchbook out as she invited herself to sit down. He watched her reactions, covering his mouth to stifle laughter as she paged through the strange mixture of intestines strewn about, girls raped with their own limbs, beautifully sketched portraits and strange, gory cartoons. She stopped, blue-green eyes widening on one page in particular, one he'd done a few weeks back. "...That's me" she said, a mixture of nervousness and pride crossing her features. Kai looked over and nodded, shrugging as he sat back. "Yeah, I draw a lot of the girls in here. You must've been sitting in here one of the days."

He couldn't help laughing at the obvious look of hurt in her eyes at what must've seemed to her like rejection. He assumed she'd been waiting to hear some long-winded love rant, how her eyes had been radiant or some such bullshit. Kai could've given a shit, he'd only drawn her because he thought he could use it later. She screamed "victim" to him.

Though the memory of killing Amy was still as fresh in his head as yesterday, Kai had killed two other girls since. One had been on an out of town trip to Montreal, and the other had been a few months back, a woman he'd abducted from under the Susquehanna bridge. He looked up at Becky, cocking his head and staring her down. She was a good foot shorter than him, short spiky black hair framing her face, not at all unattractive. She tilted her head and smiled, pushing her shoulders and chest forward, cleavage pushing against the unbuttoned top of the ruffled black shirt she was wearing.

"What're you thinking about?" Kai shrugged, never leaving eye contact with her. "Not a thing, my dear. Not a damn thing." Of course, he wouldn't have told her that he'd been imaging her with fishhooks in those huge tits of hers, wouldn't have admitted to wanting to shove his cock so far down that pretty white throat that she puked. Everyone knew Becky was a daddy's girl, a rich lawyer's daddy's girl. So he kept himself in check, all the while dreaming and wishing.

Over the next few months he found himself seeing a lot more of Becky than he'd really wanted to, half teasing him and half annoying the hell out of him. He'd ended up in the same anatomy class as her, and of course she'd decided her seat had to be directly next to him, where she could complain and whine on about things he could give a shit about. Kai took down notes, drew sketches of body parts, all the while categorizing it away into his reptilian brain, knowing that it would all come in handy eventually and so, maybe, would all of these interactions with Becky. While his fantasies of killing her never disappeared, he did learn to subdue them, taking to painting increasingly realistic depictions of his dreams. She flirted with him incessantly, never once picking up on the fact that he had no real interest in her. One day she'd ran after him on the way to his car, grabbed hold of his sleeve and almost got slapped for it.

"What the fuck do you want?" Kai snapped, whirling around to see her eyes wide and terrified. "Nothing...I just wanted to you..." she trailed off, looking down at the ground. He crossed his arms, glaring down at her. "Well, talk, I'm standing right here." She looked up, eyes huge and saturated with false apology. "Nothing, I just...wanted to see if you wanted to go out sometime?" Kai sighed and shrugged. "I don't go out much, I'm not" She looked off again, laying on the shy act obnoxiously thick. "Well, I could always just come over and...look at your paintings." She looked up at him, bright eyes huge and lustful. Kai realized that she had no real dating in mind, she just wanted to fuck him and he figured there'd be no pain in that. "You know what, fine. Get in, I've got nothing better to do anyway." Becky started to say something and he stepped towards her, petting the back of her hair. "Do you want to come over or not? I'll drive you back here later." Kai was glad she didn't notice that he was grinning as he got into the car and pealed out of the crammed college parking lot.

"Damn...And I thought my family was rich..." Becky looked over the cold stainless steel kitchen, spotless down to the counters, even the fridge devoid of smudges. She stood in the doorway, looking around like she was afraid if she touched something it might break. Kai opened a cupboard, pulled out two smoky glasses and reached into the refrigerator, calling over his shoulder "You know, you can sit down" as he pulled out a half empty bottle of Stoli. He poured a glass for himself and looked over at Becky, nestled into one corner of the black leather couch that dominated his living room. "You want anything to drink?" Something akin to unease crossed over Becky's features before she shrugged and forced her smile again. "I'll have whatever you're having." Kai snickered, and poured the other glass.

It hadn't shocked him at all when she choked, her face reddening as she struggled to stomach the vodka, her eyes even watering.

"You know, you don't have to show off for me, Becky" he laughed a bit, shaking his head. She coughed a few times and smiled weakly, responding "Well, I don't want to be a bother..." Kai stood up and pulled the glass out of her hand, drinking it himself and setting it on the counter, and following it with his own glass. Becky stared on amazed and watched as he headed back to the refrigerator, pulled out a bottle of red wine and poured it into the two glasses. He slid back into the couch and handed one glass to her. She looked at him for a moment before taking it, her eyes reluctantly catching his. "What?" He finally asked, for once genuinely curious. She looked down again, apparently unable to hold eye contact with him for long. "Nothing...I just...I like your eyes." Kai raised an eyebrow and snickered, leaning his elbow on the back of the couch. "Is that supposed to be odd to me? I've heard it all my life, and thanks. You've got a lot of fear in your own eyes...why is that?"

Becky looked up at him briefly and looked away again, her cheeks flushing as she emptied the glass of wine. "I-I don't know...weird, isn't it?" She laughed nervously, fidgeting with her hands. "Mhmm. I'm sure you don't, dear..." Becky bit her lip and looked at him, half-mumbling "Look, I don't want you to hate me but...I have to tell you something, Kai..." He nodded, waiting, feigning disinterest. Becky looked up at him, her eyes quivering as she whispered "I have a boyfriend..."

He raised an eyebrow, snorted and leaned back. "And? You came here of your own volition, you invited yourself. What are you telling me for?" And now her eyes were watering, practiced tears threatening to spill over her heavy eyelashes. Kai noted, appreciatively, that they were naturally thick, and she barely wore makeup. "I just didn't want to hurt you." This time, Kai laughed out loud, shaking his head. "Oh, me, you're not hurting me. I assumed you came here for your own...reasons. If this boyfriend of yours is stopping you, then admit it. If you could care less, then I couldn't give a goddamn. I've got no moral obligations." She looked amazed, confused at what he'd just said. "You...don't have a problem with cheating?" He narrowed his eyes, grinning at her as he toyed with his labret. "Well, apparently neither do you my dear...but I will say, you do look awfully pretty with tears in your eyes." Becky recoiled, a mixture of shock and offense on her pretty face as Kai grabbed hold of her hand. "What a cruel thing to say..." His grin widened as he leaned towards her, brushing his nails over her wrist. "Well, I never said I was a nice guy, did I?"

Something about that seemed to set her off, before Kai realized it Becky was wrapping her hands around his head, kissing him wet and sloppy. He slid his hands up the nearly nonexistent denim skirt she was wearing, tugging at the lacy black boy shorts underneath. She pulled away gasping, unbuttoning her shirt off as she looked away, spreading her fingers through his hair. She buried her head against his neck, sucking on his skin and whispering in his ear "I've wanted to do this since I saw you in the food court, you're just so goddamn weird and hot..." She moved tight against him, unbuttoning his shirt, her hips pressing into his. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, staring at her. "Then, why won't you look at me?" He half-hissed, yanking her hair again.

She looked away and kept unbuttoning his shirt, her fingers soft and cool against his skin. She tugged his nipple ring, scratching across his chest lightly. He pulled her hair again, forcing her head back. "Fucking look at me" he whispered, pushing her back. The fear was in her eyes again, huge and unsure, as taunting to him as her body itself. She unhooked her bra, still looking at him, her eyes wet again. Kai couldn't wait anymore, watching her afraid of him had been enough so far and he threw her back onto the couch, tearing her underwear off.

Before she had a chance for second thoughts, he slid into her, hot wetness enveloping him. Becky gasped, grabbed at the couch and moved her legs apart. He stared down at her, thoughts of chains and hooks invading his mind again, the need to hurt seeping through him. He raked his nails over her pale stomach, grabbing hold of her hips roughly and grinding deep into her. She closed her eyes, moaning softly, moving her hips with him, whispering quietly. He grabbed her legs and forced them up against her chest, fucking her deeper, staring down at the mix of pain and enjoyment on her face. "You want it harder? You like it to hurt, don't you?" Becky moaned, shuddered and nodded. He grinned, knowing that she'd likely gotten herself in over her head. He pulled out and growled at her "Get on your knees". She paused for a second, looking at him fearfully and he grabbed her face roughly, strange eyes boring into hers. "Do you have a fucking listening problem? On your fucking knees, bitch."

Becky whimpered and rolled over, her ass up in the air, chest pressed against the cushions. He dug his nails into her back, rubbed the bumps of her spine as he forced himself back into her cunt, pushing hard against her. She cried out, grabbing the arm of the couch while he slid in and out, her legs shaking as he did. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked hard, arching her back towards him and fucked her deep, reveling in her whimpers and the way her pussy tightened around him. He moved his free hand around her front, twisting her nipple until she cried out, slapping her tits, clawing at her face. She took it all, whimpering and crying out but seeming to love it, even when he slapped her hard enough to split her lip. Kai could see tolerating her, if only for this. She felt great, especially when she was scared, her soft little body shaking against him.

He let go of her hair and she fell forward onto her elbows, moaning loud against the couch. He pulled out of her cunt, a stream of her wetness on his cock and he watched her shake for a second before slapping her ass hard. "You like it in the ass?" She shook her head, shoulders slumping as if she knew that 'no' didn't mean a goddamn thing. Kai grinned and forced himself slowly and painfully into Becky's ass, his dick throbbing when she screamed out in pain.

She clawed at the couch, screaming into the cushions how bad it hurt, sobbing out in pain as he slid in and out of her asshole, so tight it almost made his cock hurt. He forced himself all the way in, his balls resting against her wet cunt as he rubbed his fingers against her clit. He bucked harder, gritting his teeth as she screamed louder.

He looked down and realized there was blood on his cock, the sight of it driving him crazy as he pulled out of her ass and grabbed hold of her shoulders, forcing her towards the floor. She fell on her knees , her hands shaking, eyes red from crying as she looked up at him, gasping. He grabbed her head and pulled towards him, rubbing her lips against his dick. She stared up at him, obviously not wanting to do this at all. "Are you gonna suck it or do I have to fucking force you?"

Becky opened her mouth and he slammed her head down, her eyes flying open wide as she gagged. Kai shuddered and leaned down, stroking her cheek as he whispered "You best control that gag reflex of yours, if you puke on my dick I'll cut those little tits of yours off and hang them with the rest of my art." Becky sobbed, shuddered and pressed her tongue against his cock, sucking lightly. Kai sunk against the couch, closing his eyes and breathing heavily, thankful that Becky really was as much of a slut as she'd seemed to be. He pushed her head down harder, shivering each time her tongue flicked over him, the back of her throat tightening around him. He gritted his teeth and thought of Amy, of the other two girls he'd murdered (One of which was still probably floating around Lake Champlain in pieces, he thought bemusedly). He grabbed her head with both hands and slammed it hard against is cock, moving his hips against her head, watching tears course out of her shut eyes. "Look at me, Becky" he groaned, licking his lip rings and trying to keep himself from letting go yet, staring down into those huge, terrified eyes.

He imagined her dying, her intestines spilling out over those ivory thighs, bright red against so much white. He ripped a chunk of her hair and moaned loud, spurting into the back of her throat, his fingers twitching. Becky choked again and tried to pull away, Kai forced her head back down. "You fucking swallow that, bitch. You worked for it, you might as well take it." Still staring up at him, she swallowed him cum, gagging as she did. He leaned forward grinning and cupped her face softly, rubbing his thumb over her swollen lips. "Now, admit that you fucking liked that." Her face reddened as she guiltily nodded, mascara smeared across her cheeks. Kai laughed dryly and backhanded her again, grabbing her neck. "You love this, Becky...You love when your boyfriend hits you, and you especially loved when I fucked you like that." She covered her face and cried, nodding. "Well, good. I'll see you next week then, darling. Now, get the fuck up so I can drive you back to campus."

The entire drive back to campus, Becky wouldn't look at him, her eyes still red-rimmed from crying. Kai kept looking away to hide the smile that he couldn't help, loving this new acquisition of his. He hoped this would become a regular thing, this violent little fuckfest of theirs. Becky had gone from something he hated to perfect for him in a matter of minutes, with the knowledge that she would do just about anything to keep fucking him. He suspected she was one of those girls so in love with drama that they'd take any kind of abuse just to keep feeling like shit. Kai thought it was pathetic but useful, and figured he might as well take advantage of something so easily out in the open. He drove back home and unlocked the safe in his closet holding the pictures from the second and third girls he'd killed, jacking off more to the memory than the photos.

The girl in Montreal had been a last second thing, a club ditz he'd met out one night that he couldn't have kept off of him if he tried. He never even knew her name, never gave a shit beyond the fact that she'd die that night. He fucked her in the back of the Chevelle, gagging her with her underwear and stabbing her with a hunting knife he always kept in the car. By the end of the night he'd split her open and came inside of her organs, pearly white mixing and covering the red and purplish mess that had previously kept her alive. Kai drove out to the woods and rolled her body into a ditch, saturated her in kerosene and lit her on fire. He bagged his clothes, tossed them into the lake and drove back to his hotel room.

Next week came, but not exactly how Kai had been planning it. He saw her a few days later, a huge bruise on her cheek, her eyes never meeting his. "Ed...Ed saw the s-scratches..." He raised an eyebrow and kept walking towards his car, aware that she was still following. He stopped and turned on her, irritation flaring. "What are you waiting for me to say? I don't care, Becky. You're a slut, you know it and I'll assume the rest of the world knows it too. You got what you deserved." Her mouth gaped, offended and angry. "You can you say that? You fucked me! You said you didn't care about cheating!" He leaned forward, glaring at her and whispered "And neither do you. Look, if you want to keep talking just get in the fucking car." Becky crossed her arms and stood for a second, trying to say no. She gave up and slipped into the passenger seat, hanging her head. Kai threw it into fourth and snarled away from the campus. When he hit 90, Becky was getting nervous. "Kai...where are we going?"

Without looking at her, he replied "Don't worry about it" and turned onto a long stretch of road, away from the campus. Becky noticed with increasing alarm that buildings were becoming increasingly sparse, the sides of the road now mainly occupied by trees and the occasional house set back aways.. The sun was setting and through it's glare, Becky couldn't see what road they were on or where they were going, her breath hitching as she began to panic. "Kai, whatever you're doing please don't...Ed is in the military, don't..." He covered her mouth with one hand, steering the car with the other. "I don't give a good goddamn what Ed is or isn't."

He unzipped his pants and grabbed hold of her hair, pulling her head towards him. To his surprise, she actually resisted and tried to pull away. "He'll kill me if he finds out, Kai! He'll fucking kill you!" Kai slid into the shoulder lane and stopped the car, pushing the auto-lock button. "Yes, I'm sure he'll kill you. Listen to me princess, I'LL fucking kill you if you don't listen to me. You understand?"She wiped her eyes and nodded, breathing heavy in fear. "Now, we're going for a little road trip. If you can shut the fuck up for five minutes and behave, I'll let you go home breathing afterward, alright?" Becky nodded, struggling not to sob. Kai smiled at her, a joyfully cold smile.

They drove for miles, Becky couldn't keep track as she stared out the window but she hadn't seen a house in a while. The car finally stopped and Kai killed the ignition, looking over at her. She swallowed hard, sniffling as she looked up at him. "You know what to do, Becky." He spat out her name like an insult, mouth twisting into that cruel grin again. His piercings glinted in the dying light, eyes brimming with a hate unlike anything she'd ever seen. She hated how attracted she still was to him, hated that he was gorgeous and knew how to fuck her. Becky unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over, slipping her lips around Kai's dick, letting his fingers curl around her throat and squeeze, tightening until she felt her head swimming.

He groaned and forced her head up and down, sliding his hand into his pocket as he did so. Kai snapped open a small pocket knife and dragged it over Becky's back, slicing between her shoulders. She whimpered but didn't stop, soft wet tongue coursing up and down his cock, her spit trickling onto his thigh. "Ah, fuck you're good at this..." He gasped, pressing the knife into the back of her neck, forcing her to take him deeper. Thin red lines cropped up over her back, tiny trickles of blood forming off of them. Kai rubbed his fingers over the cuts, licked the blood off and cut her more, deeper and deeper while she sucked him, head bobbing fast in his lap. Becky sniffled again, taking all of his cock into her throat, her tongue rubbing against his balls.

Kai grabbed her shoulder hard and sucked in a deep breath, close to getting off already. He pushed her off and got out of the car, going around the back. Becky began to panic again, afraid he was getting a gun or something, terrified that she'd done something wrong. He came back with a length of rope and opened her door, dragging her out by her hair. He tied her arms tight behind her back, fastened a quick noose and slipped it over her head and retrieved the knife from his seat. " behave yourself and I'll let you go home to see your little boyfriend, alright?" Becky nodded, beyond talking back at this point. He was almost a foot taller than her, a hell of a lot stronger and had a noose around her neck, not to mention the knife in his hand. Becky concentrated on doing the only thing she'd ever been good at and hoped that it would be enough.

Kai ripped her jacket off, cut off her bra and her skirt. He looked her up and down, breathing in her terror, the way her chest heaved up and down. "Such a pretty little whore..." He whispered, brushing the knife over her cunt, pressing the tip against her clit. She whimpered, cringing instinctively as he slapped her. He grabbed her short black hair and wrenched her head close to his, growling at her. "You fucking behave, bitch. I decide whether you go home in a body bag tonight, alright?" Becky sobbed, nodding and crying "Okay" over and over as he tore her underwear off. He grinned, looking down at the spike heeled platforms she still wore, loving how much of a slut it made her look like. He threw her onto the hood of the car and spread her legs, forcing into her pussy hard.

He slammed into her, her cunt tightening in fear around him, knowing this was nothing short of rape. He dragged the knife over her crotch, cut her stomach, stabbed at her thighs. He grabbed hold of the rope around her neck and pulled hard, her gasps setting him off even more. She screamed, shook, clawed at her own hands and the ropes holding them. He rolled her over onto her back and hissed "Look at me, bitch" fucking her hard while he cut her. His cock was so hard it hurt, her blood dripping into her cunt. He stared down at her blood on his dick and shivered, the control over her intoxicating.

He set the knife on the hood and yanked the rope hard again, pulling it back until her face turned red, ramming his cock into her deep as he could, closing in on the edges of orgasm. Her eyes began to roll back and he let go, pulling his cock out and grabbing her by the legs. He pulled hard and threw her to the dirt, pulling her up again by the rope. He slid his cock into her mouth and facefucked her hard against the car, slapping her while he did, yanking fistfuls of her thick choppy hair. Her skull made a loud thump every time it hit the hood of the car, her eyes squinting on each impact, her lips tight around him. Kai's nails dug into her throat as he moaned loud, pulled out of her and came onto her face. "Lick it off, all of it. Clean up your fucking messes, Becky." he gasped as her tongue flicked over him, sucking his cum off, swallowing it again. He stroked her hair, breathing in harsh gasps and laughed. "You're a good girl, Becky. I'll take you home now, just no running to daddy or I'll fucking skin you alive, alright?" She bit her lip and nodded, stumbling to the passenger seat. Kai threw her a blanket and sped back to the campus, not knowing or caring where she lived. He slowed the car and handed her a skirt and baggy t-shirt. "Here, so you don't look like a total fucking slut. I'll see you next week, Becky."

Next week never came for him and Becky, as Kai noticed the next Tuesday that she wasn't in anatomy, and she didn't show up on Thursday. When another week passed and he still hadn't heard from her, he got a bit worried, fearing that she might've gone to the cops. As if to confirm his fears, while he was painting he heard a knock on the door past 9 PM. He took a deep breath, tossed the dirty apron he wore to paint in and shut the door behind him as he headed into the living room. The cops glanced around his living room accusingly, Kai knew he was already looking for something incriminating and silently commended himself for always being overly careful, whether through his almost sterile apartment or the small, innocuous safe in his bedroom closet.

"Mr. Higurashi? We're looking for a girl by the name of Becky Sims, has an anatomy class with you at SUNY?" Kai stood just inside the doorway, more than willing to let the two officers walk through his apartment, confident that they'd find nothing more than some strange paintings and a healthy amount of liquor. "Yes, I know her, an acquaintance of mine. Why, did something happen to her?" The first cop, a few inches shorter than Kai glanced down at a notepad in his hand and shot Kai a strange look. "Sir, we've been told that you two were a bit more than...acquaintances." The second cop, a bit more burly and older looking than the first cocked his head, smirking like they'd dropped some bomb on the Conspicuous Freak. Kai shrugged and nodded, responding "Yes, we've had sex once or twice, but I hardly believe that's a crime, officer. Am I being charged with anything, or is this just a routine inquisition?"

He crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes a bit, adding "If you're curious, feel free to search my apartment, I've got nothing of interest to you here." The younger cop sighed and set the notebook back into his pocket, Kai assumed he was new by his unsure mannerisms. "Look, if you've heard from her or know anyone who has, that would be a lot of help...She's been missing for a few days now and her father's sent out a search."

Kai smirked a bit and nodded, locking eyes with the nervous cop. "You know, more than once she mentioned having an abusive boyfriend...He certainly seemed like the jealous type." The corners of his mouth lilted into a smile at what was almost certainty that he'd be right. Nervous Boy pulled his notepad out again and was all ears, asking Kai what the man's name was and where he lived. "So you fucked this girl even though you knew she was cheatin'?" The burly cop piped up, irritation showing through.

Kai shrugged and replied "I could've cared less. I'm not one for commitment, and I was more than willing to let her to know. Is there anything else you need, officers?" They shook their heads, the older cop still glaring at Kai, obviously mistrusting him. As Kai locked the door behind them, he couldn't help feel a bit of strange accomplishment, though he'd lied about nothing. He was fairly certain that if anything had happened to Becky, it would've been because of the boyfriend. Kai headed back into the second bedroom that functioned as his studio, slipped his headphones on and went back to painting.


Years later, after recalling this particularly enjoyable bit of nostalgia, Kai found himself wondering what exactly Becky had been doing, if she was even still alive. He'd moved since then, owning a house now with plenty of room to 'entertain' his guests however he wanted. It'd been four years but Kai was almost positive that Becky wouldn't have forgotten him or the 'good time' she'd had with him, he thought with a but of a chuckle. He signed into MySpace and ran a check on her name and former college. Kai was pleasantly surprised to see that she still lived in Binghamton, and looked more or less the same-her hair dyed red now, grown out in the front with the back still short and spiky, her eyes still full of the same stupid lust. He grinned, messaged her and signed off, almost certain that she'd respond.

Becky slipped out the back door and lit a cigarette, fishing her phone out of her purse and connected to the internet. She shifted, cursing the torturous shoes she wore to appease her fiance (and, she admitted to herself, to get the attention of everyone else). She clicked on the new message in her inbox and almost dropped the phone, shocked to see him again. He looked the same, a few more rings in his eyebrows and a septum but basically just how she'd remembered him, especially those eyes...Becky shuddered, remembering how she'd felt underneath him, those hateful eyes boring into hers, the way he'd treated her like something worthless had excited her far more than she'd wanted it to. She supposed she'd always been accustomed to bad treatment, going through asshole after douche-bag after jerk, never quite sure why she gravitated towards them but not caring enough to change it.

Maybe it was the drama, maybe it was that the sex was always better but Becky couldn't care less. After five years of putting up with Ed's abuse and bullshit (along with his rage every time her indiscretion showed through) she'd agreed to his engagement without knowing why or loving him, she supposed it was so she'd always have someone to cling onto. But seeing Kai again, after the years, she wondered in vain if maybe he'd decided to actually date someone (Becky didn't intend on settling down with him or anyone really, but it would be nice to have him as her certainty instead of boring, stale Ed). She responded to him, left her cellphone number and slipped back into work.

Kai felt almost giddy he was so happy with himself. When he'd first met Becky, he'd barely known what he was doing, had been too afraid to kill a girl that people knew. Now, years later, pretty dead girls ranging into the double digits, he felt he could finally do himself (and Becky) justice by finishing what she'd unknowingly started in the food court. He leaned back in the desk chair, spinning back and looking at the stains across the basement floor. Oh, he'd have a good time, he was sure of that much. Becky was just what he needed to shoo ensuing ennui that'd settled in. The last thing Kai wanted was to become bored with something he so desperately loved, to become someone who killed out of necessity or impulse rather than for the passion and enjoyment of it. He stood up and set to prepping his basement, thinking out their reunion, smiling to himself the whole while.

"I've got third shift tonight, you'll be here when I get back?"

Becky rolled her eyes and nodded, slamming the book in her lap shut. "Yes, Ed for the third time, yes I'll be here when you get back okay? God, just get dressed so you're not late alright?" He glared at her, storming out of the bedroom and slamming the bathroom door. Becky sighed, wishing he would leave already so she could get dressed and leave to meet Him. Ever since she'd gotten his message she'd waited all week for the date he'd set, planned what she'd wear and what she'd do (which, she hoped, would end up being him). Ed stomped out the door, yelling something behind him that she barely even registered. She waited until his car was gone to pull her pre-picked outfit out of the closet, pleased with herself. From the looks of it, Kai was still a freak and she'd gone for something that she knew he'd like. Pulling on the thigh-high tights, snapping the choker around her neck, fishing out the highest pair of platforms she owned she couldn't help being excited. She knew it'd be a hell of a night.

Kai sat to the back of the club, glad that she'd been willing to drive out to Endwell to see him, marveling at how willing she was even now. He watched numerous girls walk by and eye him, wondering absently how many good times he was passing up for Becky. No matter, he thought, it would make up for all of it in good time. About half an hour past their set time, he saw her come through the door, face splitting into a devious grin. He was glad to see she still looked good, thick eyelashes emphasized by mascara, her cleavage showing over the top of a low cut lacy black shirt, black miniskirt riding up almost past her ass. Kai felt the closest thing to affection as he ever did when he realized she was wearing the same shoes she'd worn the last time he saw her, high platforms that made her hips swing as she walked towards him. He stood up and accepted her hug, ran his hands down her back and whispered in her ear "Glad you could come." He pulled the chair facing him out for her and sat back down, resting his chin on his hands. "So..." She smiled nervously, eyes huge and still so childish. "So...been a while, yeah?" Kai smiled a bit and nodded, staring down her chest. "You've been doing good?" It was obvious that she was edgy, whether from excitement or fear he didn't know.

He nodded, mentioning that he'd given up college after it bored him, going back to just working and painting. "Oh, you still paint? That's were so good..." Kai snickered, knowing she referenced more than just his talent as an artist.

He cocked his head and slid one hand under the table, his fingertips barely brushing over her knee. "Maybe you'd like to come and see my newest ones..." Becky blushed and looked down, biting her lip. "You already know that answer, Kai..." He leaned forward and lifted her chin up, breathing against her lips. "Then say it, Becky." She looked up cautiously and whispered "I'd love to come over" quietly. Kai ordered drinks, a long island for Becky and straight whiskey for himself, noting approvingly that her tolerance had apparently been upped over the years.

"So, are you seeing anyone now?" She asked, toying with the straw in her half-empty glass. Kai thought of Karyn's lower half rotting in his basement, of the bits and pieces of various girls left down there and forced himself not to laugh, shaking his head. "No, still...antisocial, I suppose. Yourself?" Becky sighed, forced a sad, fake smile and held out her hand. Kai laughed dryly when he saw the thin gold band on her finger, shaking his head. "Still the same girl...if you've got that, then why pray tell are you out here with me? I'm sure your significant other is missing you." She rolled her eyes and leaned forward, pushing her chest against the table. "Ed's an ass, he always has been, I don't even know why I agreed to it..." Kai rose an eyebrow, genuinely surprised now.

"The same Ed? Mister Abusive?" Becky looked at the ground, something like guilt edging into her face. "Yeah, that same guy..." subconsciously she grabbed her hand and rubbed her wrist, staring into her glass. Kai sighed and leaned back against the chair. "I'm surprised, Becky...I thought you would've found someone less...violent." His voice lilted at the end, the hint of a laugh hanging there. She glared up at him for a second, seemingly about to say something and dropped her eyes again. "Look, I'm more than happy to reminisce with you, but wouldn't you prefer to do it elsewhere?" Becky looked up at him, holding his gaze this time, maybe even reading into it and knowing what would soon come. "Sure."

She slid into the Chevelle, marveling again at his wealth and wondered what kind of warehouse it was he worked at exactly. Through a mixture of extreme frugality, saving up money, selling paintings and the cash he took from his girls, Kai was able to live a very comfortable life, one he was sure was attractive even now to Becky. He learned that she'd taken a cab to the bar, leaving her car back at the house in case Ed drove by to check for her. It was obvious that at much as she loathed him, she was still terrified of him, something that made Kai feel even safer about the ensuing events. Once again, Ed would take the fall and leave Kai to look little more than mildly suspicious. They pulled into the parking lot, Becky looking up at the two-story brick house approvingly as he opened up the passenger side door, hitting a button on his keys that locked the car.

Becky was surprised to see that with the exception of new paintings and brick walls instead of white, Kai's home looked much like the other had, last time she'd seen him. She stood in the doorway, feeling much like she had last time. She'd been just 19 then, she realized now she hadn't even known Kai's age at the time, had barely even known his last name. She shivered, looking at the couch and remembering so vividly four years ago, aware of the sudden heat between her legs. Kai handed her a long stemmed glass of red wine and held up his own to hers. "Oh, what shall we toast to tonight..." Becky, leaned towards him, her leg pressing against his. "To...memories?" She suggested, obnoxiously adding the upward tilt that drove him insane. He simply smiled and looked off, adding "Ah, life." He clinked his rim against hers, gave her a strange smile and drank down half the glass. Becky sipped at her's, having acquired a liking towards wine over the years.

"This is good, what is it?" Kai topped his glass off again, leaning against the sink counter. "Just a Merlot. I'm glad you like it..." He watched her brush the hair out of her eyes, all of her false confidence melting away under his scrutiny. Kai had always been headstrong, had learned at an early age that he had a naturally commanding nature and had milked it for all it was worth. He tilted his head and looked down at her.

"What're you thinking about, Becky?" She shrugged, dropping her eyes down and looking at his hand. "Nothing...just, I noticed the tattoo on your hand. Is there more to that?" Kai looked down at this arm and smiled, setting the glass down on the counter. Becky looked afraid for a second as he unbuttoned his shirt, sliding his arm out to show her the full thing, deep red and black spirals crawling up his arm and over his chest, spidering out at his neck and back. She stared at it, tracing her fingertips over the lines, asking quietly "It's beautiful...did it hurt?"

Kai ignored the fact that this question always irritated him in it's obviousness and nodded, replying "Of course it did. Why else would anyone get them?" Becky pulled her hand away, still staring at the hypnotic patterns and shook her head. "I always figured because they looked nice..." Kai chuckled, slipping his arm back into his sleeve. "Well, I suppose that's part of it too, but the experience itself is as important as the result...pain is far under appreciated these days, something so vital to us and yet regarded with so much...disdain." Becky shook her head, Kai's philosophy passing over her shallow thoughts. "I don't get is pain good?" Kai smirked and pressed against her, trailing a finger down her side. "Maybe you should tell me, Becky."

She breathed in, cheeks reddening as she looked up at him, hungry eyes locking onto his. "You're still a freak" she gasped, grabbing his head and pulling it towards hers, tongue brushing over his piercings He squeezed her hips, pulled her close and kissed her back rough, biting at her lips. She pulled away, gasping and grabbed his ass, saying softly "I've thought about you a lot over the years, Kai, I hope you know that..." He pulled the wineglass out of her hand and set it on the counter, running his hands over her front, fingertips brushing over her cleavage. "Is that so? Then why'd you disappear on me, dear?"

Becky looked hurt, her eyes dropping down again, her body getting rigid against him. He cocked an eyebrow and leaned towards her, whispering "I'm waiting for an answer." In response she slipped the shoulder straps of the lacy shirt down and turned around, showing him a mess of long scars across her back. Kai knew instantly that they weren't his, he'd never used a belt on her. Amongst the scars were fresh bruises, pockmarks on her skin that he was almost certain were cigarette burns. She turned back around to face him, eyes shimmering with tears. Just like the old days Kai thought in amusement. She held out her hands to him, showing him the thick horizontal scars across her wrists and the spot on her left hand that looked a bit lumpy, like a badly healed break. Kai stroked the scars, staring down at them. "I was in the hospital for a month after he found out...He gave me a concussion, almost broke my spine...broke my wrist..." Becky trailed off, sniffling. Kai trailed his fingers up her forearms, pressing his thumbnail against her veins. "You should've been more careful, dear...learn to hide your indiscretions better..." Becky started to respond and stopped, sighing and leaning against Kai's chest.

"Oh, Kai...I wish I could leave him, I wish I could..." She looked up at him, starving for some kind of affection, seeking for a love in his eyes that simply didn't and wouldn't exist. "Then leave him. What, do you need him to live?" She stammered and whined, trying to explain that she did when she didn't. "I need...someone" she finally responded, staring up at him. Desperation, need, addiction...all words that came to Kai's mind at the moment. Love was never one of them, not something that seemed to exist in Becky's world either, at least not in a truly romantic sense. Kai believed in the notion of it, assumed that it existed somewhere but doubted he would ever find it, definitely something he wouldn't seek out. He couldn't imagine meeting a woman who could both accept and respect his violent tendencies, a woman with her own mind and opinions that didn't revolve around shoes, drama or her cunt.

He stroked Becky's cheek, licking the side of her throat. She grabbed hold of his hair and pulled his head closer, breathing out "I need you." Kai stopped, the pure stupidity of the comment almost shocking him. Yes, I'm sure you need a man you haven't seen in four years, a man you don't even begin to understand, a man that raped you and made you love every second of it. Kai shook his head, for once in his life almost unable to think of a response. "You don't know me, me, you've got no idea of who I am." She grabbed his hands and pulled him against her, her eyes wet and wanting.

"Then show me. Let me know you, Kai, believe me I want to..." She pulled his hand to her mouth and sucked on his fingers, looking up at him. He shivered, grazing his nails over her neck. He pulled his hand away and sighed, finally asking "You want to know me?" He laughed and shook his head, a mix of amusement and bitter disgust rising as he walked away from her. Before she had a chance to cry or complain again, he looked over his shoulder and called "Come over here. I'll show you my paintings".

In a room surrounded by mutilation, Becky began to feel a twinge of unease seeping into her chest, the first prickle of fear teasing her mind. All of the subjects were girls, some which looked almost familiar to her, some which vaguely reminded her of herself, all being subjects to various tortures or looking as if they had been at one point. What struck her almost more than the subject matter itself was the way it was all painted, a mix of almost life-like softness and jagged, angry strokes. It was in a way, she thought, like looking at a visual representation of bipolar disorder. He slipped his arms around her, leaning his head down against her neck.

"You like them? This is my passion, Becky. Not art, not paint itself but pain... the beauty of torment, the way a person's fear is so visible, so...tangible before they die." Becky stiffened, her breath quickening. "You say that like you've seen it..." She laughed nervously, turning to face him, the fact that he was grinning scaring her even more. "And who's to say that I haven't? You wanted to know me, Becky? Here's your introduction. I've killed more girls than you can fathom, most of them in this house, in a basement you'll be seeing soon yourself. I abhor women, the frivolities you obsess over, the double-standards you wear like designer labels and the disgusting lack of self respect that you've swallowed down over the years to be an acceptable little slut." Becky took a step back, shaking, eyes huge in fear.

"You're lying, you've got to be lying, stop being such a fucking freak, Kai..." He grabbed her shoulders and threw her against the wall, holding her there. "I don't lie, Becky. I've got no point to, what can the dead say? Silent secrets rotting into the ground, that's all. Maybe they share their stories with the maggots, but maggots can hardly arrest me, now can they?" She screamed and struggled to free her hands, trying to shove him away and failing. Kai set his full weight against her, his hands sliding up around her throat. He leered in close to her, their noses almost touching and laughed. "Just like last time, isn't it? You pretending that you don't like it, my hands around your neck...Oh, this is too perfect, isn't it?"

Becky tried to scream and he caught her hard across the face, her jaw popping loud as he did. He forced her head back against the wall and bit down on her neck hard, teeth grinding against her soft skin as she gasped, whimpering in pain and terror. He slapped her again, slipping his hand under her skirt and rubbing her cunt. "Don't bother lying to me, Becky, I know you've been dying for this..." he slipped his fingers into her underwear, brushing against her freshly shaved lips and pressed his nails against her clit. She clenched her legs, biting down on her lip hard against the noises he knew she wanted to make. He hooked three fingers into her wet cunt, rubbing his thumb against her clit as he did, laughing when she finally moaned.

"See! You love this abuse, you fucking love the pain as much as I do,'d rather receive than give, yes?" He grinned, watching her squirm as he pulled his fingers out of her. She looked up at him, her eyes tearful and horrified. " don't really kill girls do you? You're just trying to scare me, trying to make this more fun for yourself...right?" Kai smiled and shook his head almost apologetically, taking a knife out of his pocket. "No, my dear, I am being quite serious. I've killed quite a few pretty girls, not many as pretty as you though. I've waited for this for four years, Becky..." She covered her mouth and sobbed, trying to inch towards the door.

Kai snarled and threw the knife at her, embedding it in the wooden door a few inches next to her face. Becky screamed and fell, sliding against the wall to the ground. In front of her, Kai shoved some canvases aside and pulled out a gun, slid the safety off and walked towards her. "Are you afraid, Becky? Are you still pretending that this isn't happening?" He grabbed her by the leg and dragged her towards him, holding the gun in his other hand. "On your knees, and I suggest you don't move much." He slid her panties down and pressed something cold and metallic against her pussy. He leaned over her and whispered "No sudden movements, darling" into her ear. Becky realized in horror that he'd slid the gun inside of her and was fucking her with it, his finger lingering near the trigger. She covered her mouth with one hand against the sobs, trying to convince herself it was a horrible nightmare she'd wake up from soon. Kai slid the gun out of her cunt and rubbed it against her clit, pushing the hole the bullet came from around it, the rough metal edges painful against the sensitive nerves. She shuddered and cried out loud, body shaking. She heard him snicker and put the gun away, then unzip his pants.

"You may as well enjoy this...after all you did say you needed me." Kai hissed the words at her mockingly, sliding into her cunt, relishing the way she tightened up in fear around him, her body seeming to both reject and want him at the same time. He slid in deeper, holding there for a second while she shook before moving in and out of her, pushing her onto her face. Surrounded by paintings of his conquests, his newest acquisition playing her part, Kai felt almost ecstatic. The night was going better than he'd expected, Becky still as desperate and horny as ever. He dug his nails into her hips, pumping in and out of her, gritting his teeth as he did, ever aware of her quiet moaning. "Come on Becky, don't be so quiet, I know you just love this..." He pulled out and threw her onto her back, forcing his cock into her mouth. He stared down at her tear-stained face, the runny mascara and smeared lipstick, forced himself deep into her throat and pushed. Grinding his hips against her face he tore at her hair, ripping chunks of it out and letting them fall like red feathers, the back of her tongue pulsing against his tip. He shuddered and moaned, holding her head still for a moment until his climax receded and kept going. He pulled her eyelids up, staring down at her, wanting to take in every bit of her terror, her lips tight around him. He slapped her again, and again, loving the way she jumped each time he hit her.

Kai's eyelids fluttered and he felt his fingers tingling as he came in Becky's mouth, cum burning the back of her throat. He stayed there for a second, closing his eyes while she sucked the last bits of semen off his dick before pulling out. He stood up and zipped his pants back up, watching as she wiped her mouth and covered her face, crying harder. "Oh, don't think that it's over honey...the party hasn't even started yet..." He pressed his boot up against her throat, choking her until she stopped clawing at him, passing out. He threw her over his shoulder, shut the studio door and headed down into the basement. To his surprise, Kai felt like a kid on Christmas morning, anticipating the oncoming festivities.

The first thing Becky realized upon waking was that she wasn't naked, the skirt, fishnets and shoes were still on. Her legs were held up by chains attached somewhere to the ceiling, her hips a few inches off the ground. She tried to sit up to see where she was and found herself unable to move her head more than a few inches in any direction, the collar she'd been wearing replaced by a thicker one attached to something behind her. As her eyes focused more she realized someone was standing in the shadows in front of her, watching her struggle.

"Isn't it funny how quickly some people trust? Without knowing anything about someone, barely even knowing who that person fundamentally is...they open up so much, pouring their entire lives out for display..." Kai stepped towards her, arms crossed over his chest, looking at her with a vague sense of amusement. "Is this everything you wanted Becky? Is this what you've waited years for, because I've been wanting this since I first laid eyes on you...You're every bit the American Dream, darling. Beautiful, empty-headed and fucking clueless." He pressed his boot into her cunt, grinding it against her pelvis. "You're a fucking whore!" He jammed his heel into bone, a dull wet noise. She cried out, legs shaking in their restraints, her hips wriggling. "Kai, stop, please! Just fucking let me down, please god just stop!" He threw his head back and laughed, kicking her again. "Stop, now? Girl, you're in for a hell of a night. I haven't even gotten fucking started." He unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it to the side, crouching down next to her.

Becky stared up at him, his eyes feral with a kind of hate she'd never seen even in Ed, the bad lighting only emphasizing the hollows in his cheeks and under his eyes. He was a monster, she realized, something horrible hiding under a beautiful mask, and she was terrified that she'd die for not realizing that sooner. She clenched her eyes shut and sobbed, turning her head away from him. She flinched as she felt his fingers on her cheek, stroking the tears away in a nearly tender way. "Don't look away, now...don't let all this suffering go to waste, dear. I've worked hard for it, let me at least watch you break." Becky hesitantly turned her eyes back to him, her chest hitching with each sob. "Why are you doing this?" she whispered shakily, wishing there was some way she could flip the psycho switch in his brain. He stroked her cheek and grinned, no happiness or warmth in his smile. "Why? I already told you, darling. I hate you. I hate all of you."

She clenched her eyes shut, wishing it was a dream, hoping she'd wake up soon. When she opened them again, even through slits she could see him already, leering at her like some godawful beautiful nightmare. He leaned in, lips brushing against her ear and whispered "It's going to be a long night, dear." He threw his head back and laughed, echoing throughout the basement, terror shooting through her.