There once was two siblings. One was a fourteen year old girl named Lucille and her fifteen year old brother Jake. The siblings lived up in the mountains of Virginia with their mother, father and two pets; a black cat named shadow and their German Shepherd named Duke.

One day Lucille and Jake took their pets for a walk 1 along the steam which ran near their house. To Jakes utter annoyance Lucille was brooding ,this fact was made worse because Jake and Duke were simply animated that day.

"Come on sis, cheer up, no summer camp this year!"

"That is the very reason why I am mad, you moron. I have been yearning to go to summer camp all year."

"It won't be that bad" consoled Jake, then he started droning on about all the wonderful things they would do this summer.

By the time Jake had finished his lecture, the siblings found them self's in front of a cave. Lucille was looking at it with interest and to Jake it looked dubious.

"We are not going in there" announced Jake.

"Oh yes we are" and with that Lucille ran into the cave after Shadow, Jake and Duke looked at each other, sighed and ran after them.

Lucille and Shadow were staring transfixed at a luster's wall of shimmering colors. 2

"Lets go through it" announced Lucille.

"No way"

"Pleeeeeease" said Lucille starting to goad him.



"No" said Jake downright refusing.

"Yes" and with that Lucille and Shadow plunged through with Jake and Duke having no choice but to fallow.

They landed in the middle of a forest with huge trees looming all around them. Shadow spoke up saying, "welcome to lavokya."3 You can talk screamed Lucille! Jake just sat there looking like a cat had caught his tongue. 4

"Yes I can talk in this dimension and duke will verify that for me but first…"

"Shadow I told you not to bring them here!"

"Shut up duke!"

"You selfish little cat they could die here!"

"Quiet you pampered pooch!"

"You illiterate mongrel!"

"Don't make fun of my education Duke, just because I never went to school doesn't mean I'm not as smart as you. You don't have right to insult me just because your more literate"

"Go singe your tail kitty"

Jake finally got his voice back saying "Duke would you care to indulge us with some information"

"Yes, let me explain began Duke. You see Shadow is a frequent visitor to the Elf Kings palace.5 The royal couple trying to decided were to build the summer place. The Queen wants it by the ocean and the king wants it by the mountains. The Queen sent Shadow to find a human that would be able to out wit an elf.

At this Jake stated cracking up "my sister, out wit an elf, you have to be kidding me." Wrong said shadow "Your sister is very unique there is an ingredient in her that I have not found so strongly in any other human"

"I wonder what that is" Jake added sarcastically.

She is strong willed, with that Shadow launched herself into an speech which she had been practicing all week. By the time she was done Lucille had a grin on her face, "I can do it."

The entire walk to the palace both Jake and Duke were peevish, but Lucille was seething with excitement ,in the prospect of a contest with an elf. When the company finally arrived The King, The Queen and all the court 6 were waiting .

"Come forth Lucille of Virginia" called the Queen gracefully. Coolly as a cat Lucille sauntered forth. Then the king began, "this is a contest between my royal adviser and the human Lucille. Who ever can stump the other first using the best argument as to were to build the summer castle wins; Let it begin."

The adviser launched himself in to the speech that he had prepared.

"My lord and Lady began the adviser, the mountains are so much more appropriate. Certainly the mountains have all the things that we are looking for; lovely weather, beautiful sky's, the perfect place to be out side and the grander and mystery of the mountains. Above all else , the happiness of the king. Now tell me girl what do you have to say to that."

"Let me culminate this quickly, the castle should be by the ocean because the Queen says so and so do I ,any questions."

The adviser was stumped. 7 "I surrendered", he announced at last.

To conclude this tale of fantasy, the Queen was so happy, that she told the two humans they could come back any time they wanted. Needless to say no one was bored that summer. The moral of the story is "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." 8

The End …Or is it

1.Yes you can take a cat for a walk, trust me!

2.Image a perfectly smooth pool of water that swirled with a thousand different colors and it was standing and you have it.

3. La-vO-key-a

4. No pun intended

5.Shadow believes it should be the Elf Queens but there is a king so the title shall remain as is.

6. The court of elves was one of the most miscellaneous that was ever seen. They appeared in all shapes sizes colors and garb.

7.Elves can deal with trickery easily But they are never blunt or truthful so when Lucille was so upright he had no response.

8.By:Robert A. Heinlein